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  1. The Nosotras Tarot just arrived in the UK from Brazil, hopefully I'll have the deck before the end of this week.
  2. Benebell is so very generous with the amount of material she shares for free. I love the way she sets up the pages for each card, so super detailed. I think it would take me years to fill it in for myself lol I do like in her readings diary part that there is a page for past reading reflections, a thing i know i should do but tend not to. Because I'm lazy. I will definitely be using that part of her journal. Thanks for posting @Starlight
  3. Benebell Wen posted on the instagram today/yesterday that the SKT has sold out! Congratulations to her
  4. Sounds amazing @Grizabella, how lovely to know that you are happy and settled in your home, it sounds like a stunning place. Enjoy
  5. I'm gonna stop for now and then restart again in autumn. The summer is so lovely here, I've got so much going on, I'm gonna put everything to the side and come back to it again when the summer is over, my visiting family has been and gone, and I got time to get into it properly. After I was a bit put off by the "rules" and the regulated weekly plan at first, the more I think of it, the more I actually really enjoy it, I find it helpful to have a certain day dedicated to for example think of my personal progressing. Looking forward to getting back to it.
  6. Ooooh what a fascinating topic @ashjey, thank you for asking that question! I have to say I love the exploring the personal past spreads from @Grandma and @Raggydoll - that is very interesting. There have been a few things happened in my childhood that would be worth to explore. ... I think.... hmmmm....
  7. Yes please! That would be very helpful. Shall we keep it within SKT tab or move that to the general spirituality forum?
  8. Rupicapra


    Hello @djellyfish, lovely to meet you
  9. Hi @cyrilgreen lovely to meet you
  10. This is the end of my week one. Overall I managed most days according to the plan, only Saturday I spent with family all day and did not have time for cleansing/grounding. The Tuesday hour of silence is a bit difficult and took some explaining to the cohabitating other half. He is very patient with me indeed haha. I do like the different prompts for the different days a lot, after week 1 I will pay more attention and thought on things like the progress of the pursuit of my aspirations and so on. Thursday prosperity day was difficult, I ended up using a short prosperity mantra - however as I believe that I get what I deserve and have to work for prosperity, I'm finding it hard to come up with prosperity rituals. Weekly forecast was: 1) The Grotesque: My feeling of missing out on things I had wanted to do was quite bad this week, but I had a nice time anyway even tho because I did eventually find a couple of cups that were still full (it takes long to explain, it's a thing I struggle with). 2) Stronghold of the Vale: Lots of meetings at work, involving my progress amongst others. 3) The Contender: a coworker fell out with me for not agreeing with him and he is still trying to make me feel as if I did wrong and should apologize, of course I'm stubborn. I've done the big 9card General Diagnostics Reading today, but I need to mull it over a bit more.
  11. Oooooh thank you so much @KaiNO! Interesting how different the white tops and bottoms make the cards appear, much friendlier. I have to say I think I prefer the dark one. But oh yes, borderless would be amazing!!!! Thank you for sharing
  12. I'm in! VE arrived with me last week, and I'm slowly finding my way around the huuuuuuge amount of support files. I had no idea that there was so much! Medium White Book 200 pages, 22 week work book 160 pages, and then on top of it the book of maps with a good 700 pages?!?! I love how generous Benebell is with all her materials. I've always appreciated how much she shares as downloadable files, videos and so on, but this is a whole course on it's own. That is what I wonder too!!!! She whipped up a deck of cards and a good 1000 pages of accompanying material in what, a year and a bit or so????? I wish I'd be able to read that many pages in that time, let alone write! I have to admit I am at this moment not entirely sure how I feel about it all, on the one hand I like the tick-lists and weekly study plan, on the other hand it is a bit very regimented for my little rebel soul. I found that also with her previous book, there were too many rules for me. I guess I'll be able to pick and choose what works for me and go with it and see how I feel. I think that if I had all the time in the world, I'd happily go with it, but that's unfortunately not the case. I think I'll try and follow the 22 weeks plan, however, it might take me 44 weeks instead. Or longer. Will see how it goes, I'm looking forward to the journey
  13. Don't mind me, I'm just bumping this thread mods: sorry if that is not a thing we do on this forum, I just felt it is important for this one.
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