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  1. I totally agree. The Darkness of Light Tarot is another one with clear seasons in the suits, it follows this pattern as well linky to deck
  2. Congratulations @LoveLightPeace, thanks for joining the team of mods who make this such an wonderful place.
  3. Etsy https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Phyteasana?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=269041349&section_id=16318782
  4. I love the suggestion of alternating and getting a headstart for slow readers. two months seems doable? We can see how it goes with the timing, especially with the headstart that would give me 4 month for esoteric book 2 if I don't read fiction book 1, that is plenty I think. I love the idea of the sections as well, I think that would be a reason to keep me going and a good reminder. I've never been a member of a book club, I'm quite excited!
  5. Love the idea, would love Tarot or other "esoteric" related books, cause if I read by myself I tend to give up after so many pages, so a group might be helpful. Am a slow reader tho, especially non-fiction books.
  6. It depends. If I do single card pulls for myself for example for daily read or meditation help or journalling promts then I just shuffle and pull a card. If I do bigger readings for myself or any readings for others then I like a bit more drama around it: I like to light a candle, burn incense, clear the table, to a ten minute grounding meditation. While shuffling the cards I drop in on myself, I check how I feel, acknowledge if there is something going on in my body or my mind that could distract me. Then I focus on the cards and the question and draw the cards.
  7. @LoveLightPeace @gregory and @rixis thank you so much for all the amazing advice and ideas I can't wait to try them all out Especially looking forward to a de-stressing bath with lemonbalm in it. I felt bad for not using it for anything else but the occasional cuppa tea and scenting my garden waste bin when it came to winter and me cutting it off, but that will definitely stop now
  8. Happy Cake-day Raggydoll, have a fabulous day
  9. Dear all, I got a lelmonbalm bush in my garden, it is happy and huge. I don't use a lot, I put a few leaves into tea mixed with fresh peppermint, but other than that I don't really know what to use it for. Anybody got some good ideas?
  10. Here is my 2P: Personally I'm absolutely ok with $35 a year, you are doing a great job and I'm more than happy to support the time and effort in order to keep this site going. I can afford it, luckily and I'm happy to do so. But I'm aware that for some this might be a big lump, many people live on a tight budget these days. I would personally prefer the option to pay monthly to be honest, but your monthly subscription is $10. And whereas I understand that this should encourage people to commit to an annual subscription, I think that for some people it might be easier to commit to a smaller amount and in shorter intervals, and $10 a month is too much. I'm a bit confused as previous subscriber: you said that previous subscribers are ok until the end of the year and asked for a donation instead. But I see that the new subscription system is up. So my previous subscription runs out in June - can I join with the new subscription now or do you still want me to hold off until the end of the year? Alternatively, I'd happy to donate half a year and then in the new year start a new subscription. I just don't understand the reasoning behind this - sorry if I missed anything here The donations tab is a supper hidden btw, I could not find it on the phone or the tablet at all, and I was trying really hard to find it. I had to use the computer to find it tucked away. Is it available at all on tabs and mobiles? If it is there somewhere bright and open and I'm just blind - forgive me, I might just have a moment Last thing: maybe it would help to promote the subscriptions a bit more? The deck trading part and the monthly deck raffle as main features (and very attractive ones too) could maybe be more advertised. Are there any other perks that could be added to make a subscription more attractive? This is not criticism in any way, as I said, I do appreciate the work put into this forum and I think it definitely deserves support.
  11. I am one of those who needed to know the traditional meaning first when I started learning the tarot. My brain is not very visual, I used to get flustered when I tried to just describe what I see and come up with an intuitive story. It's just how I work. I'm finding that it took me several months (depends of course how much your work with the cards) until I was able to make up a story from a card and read more intuitively and I am getting better. I don't think it is a problem to do it this way round. Intuition is a thing you can practise. Also, for me it depends on the deck a lot. Some cards overwhelm my brain by having too much on it, some stump me by having too little on it. Some decks I look at the cards and go AHAAAAA! I know exactly what you are trying to tell me, other decks fill me with emotions when I look at the cards but I can't describe these emotions for whatever reason using words and language. Strange If you feel it is easier to learn the meaning of the cards first, using whatever source you find helpful, just go for it.
  12. Happy Birthday @PathWalker I hope you are having a fabby day with lots of yummy cake and lots of sunshine!
  13. Aw man! Sorry to hear that! Happy Birthday @truthseeker65!
  14. I think I've also already been moved to the subscriber's group
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