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  1. Awesome! I'm so glad to hear it worked out for you.
  2. I would recommend trying https://www.printfriendly.com I clicked on a random blog post and input the URL, and it looks nicely formatted on there, to me. It doesn't always format ideally, but when it does it's really handy for making the most of a printed page.
  3. I guess I'm not the only one who might have got excited too soon in seeing the thread title! No video games here lately. I really would like to try and finally get through Super Mario World. I did try it out on a Raspberry Pi, but it stopped working properly. Too bad because I was playing through Pokémon (Red?) as well. I do have Sims 2 and Civilization V on my Mac, but they haven't held my attention. I imagine Civ must be better multi-player and with the expansions. I think I'll give it another try shortly. I just remembered I also have Twilight Struggle (board game) through Steam, but I've found all the FX overwhelming. I have almost bought Stardew Valley many a time. My recent resistance to video games has faded a bit, but I'm still not sure there's anything out there I'd really like enough to take a risk in buying. I've always been one to get bored and/or frustrated and quit. Interesting. I'll have to look that one up! I still need to finish reading the books, but have watched the films many times with my husband.
  4. This looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing! Do you happen to know the name of the book you had that used this method, @AJ-ish/Sharyn? I was thinking of getting a Marseille and Thoth deck and doing this myself, but have so far decided against it as I'm not actually that interested in all the esoteric stuff or even divination. I think it might be intriguing, nonetheless. Some day, perhaps.
  5. *hangs head* A used copy of The Mythic Tarot Workbook is on it's way from the UK. Tomorrow we've got a nice little drive to pick up a used copy of the deck/book/cloth set. (For those from the de-enabling thread, it was not a fail. I did not buy the $90 CAD copy I'd been watching for weeks (months?). After agonizing for so long, and almost giving in, a $35 copy showed up. And we've been looking for an excuse to go for a drive.)
  6. You do make good points @Raggydoll. I did just notice that it was only rated 3.5/5 on Aeclectic and the first review is not too fond of it. Definitely should still do some research before I paid much for it... It's more that it's expensive for me. Even at full asking price, it's still cheaper than most indie decks I've looked at. Yup, no denying that. Hehe. Naughty, naughty. PM sent!
  7. Nice to see you again @bookshop! I really enjoyed browsing your updated collection! I love the style of the Etruria Minchiate and the Minotarot sounds fascinating. I can see why you are excited. I hope you enjoy it! EDIT: That Dark Mansion Tarot keeps getting mentioned and I am sure I am going to have to cave at some point!
  8. Ditto!! Whether it worked more towards de-enabling or enabling, I can't quite say, but it was indeed marvellous!! Now I won't be able to look at the Magician without thinking of the misheard lyric "there's a bathroom on the right" [CCR - Bad Moon Rising]. Ooh, I thought someone had recently posted that that had fallen apart. Hmm! I have done that with at least one board game in the past. Wasn't ever going to be reprinted, paid a bunch to get a copy, and it ended up being reprinted not much time after. Thankfully I quite liked the game! No, I haven't got the New Mythic... Looking up a larger image of the Seven of Cups brought me the image from that deck as well, and I have to say I still prefer Ms. I-Gotta-Pee over the New Mythic. I did just remember that the [Old] Mythic Tarot is available as an app, so there is that. Thanks guys. Lots to think about.
  9. Not sure you're harsh enough. Thanks for trying! I will keep reading to learn more about the deck and check back with the pictures again a couple times. It's too expensive (for me) to make a mistake on, if I can help it.
  10. Hi @Halcyon, I had posted in one of the other threads that I was looking forward to the series you were planning on doing. I haven't looked at the website yet. @Raggydoll, the White Hare Oracle is really neat looking. Thanks for sharing the photos of her decks! Jealous of y'all getting the SKT.
  11. Would love to hear your best de-enabling for The [Old] Mythic Tarot! Have had a hard time resisting posting in the enabling thread instead. Price is pretty de-enabling itself, but I'm tempted to ask if the seller would consider a lower offer. It's new in shrink though. Also thinking of looking for a used copy if they won't reduce their price. I've been hemming and hawing over the listing for a while now, and then one of the people I'm subscribed to on YouTube did a walkthrough of this OOP deck the other day, which seemed a weird coincidence. Please help.
  12. Hehehe. My husband and I both got a kick out of that. Thanks!
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