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  1. This morning I had time to sit outside in the morning sun with the shamanic Oracle. I sorted all the cards into things shamans do, things shamans use, places of Power the directions the elements all our relations I have to now put it away - onto the family Altar. .... and wait, until eventually get my own! ♥
  2. @Katie Love and hugs to you and Healing Blessings to your dad!
  3. Thank you, @Madame Squee! This summer I wanted to just go through my small collection of playing cards. I have 3 more decks, but in 2 of them the card images repeat for/ in every suit and the 3rd one is another Bird deck, but they are 3 dimensional and stiff and plasticy and - I do not enjoy touching them or shuffling them.... So I will not use them,
  4. I am delighted that for this week a friend borrowed me her Shamanic Oracle I will have lots of fun looking through the deck - tomorrow and then getting to now them closer, doing daily draws and reading the booklet, that comes with it.
  5. Your tree of the day : 3 of Hearts = Utah Serviceberry Safe the prettiest for last! Although on my card this tree is just represented by a rather uninteresting looking twig, I KNOW how very beautiful this small Tree is, in spring in full bloom, covered in white Flowers, and in fall with golden yellow foliage. The fruits is an important food source for desert bighorns,elk, and mule deer, as well as many birds and domesticated livestock. This bushy tree is a true 3 of Hearts: With its nourishment it is the meeting place for wide variety of desert dwellers, that forge relationships beneath its slender branches.
  6. Your Tree of the day: Jack of Spades = Pointleaf Manzanita the Jack of Spades is often sen as a bit of a miscreant, a bit immature, often rather self important with quite a few strange and outlandish ideas. The small tree / shrub presented here as the jack of Spades however is none of,, these things. It is rather petite, with small with slightly woolly twigs and small leaves. It has quite pretty whitish- pink flowers and later in the year these grow into berries, that are much appreciated by Birds and small Mammals. They like this Jack – and so do I! ♥
  7. Your Tree of the Day: 10 of Spades, Catclaw Acacia This is more shrub than a large Tree The flowers attract butterflies and numerous other insects, especially bees. They are sweetly and intensely fragrant with a wonderful floral honey-like scent. Plants in full bloom can be smelled from 10 feet (3 m) or more away. A few seconds after being touched, the leaves start to close and “curl up” but wait a minute and they open again. But also, watch out: The branches have wickedly sharp, curved, cat claw-like thorns that can easily scratch skin and snag clothing. Close encounters with this plant can leave you looking like you were in a cat fight. The 10 of Spades indicates the end of a rather troublesome period. So it is only befitting, that we see it paired with the”Wait a minute Tree” Take a breather , after all these challenges, you deserve it. It is time for a cleansing, washing out all the old bitterness and also prune and clean off all the prickles you accumulated, not only on your outfit, but also on your soul.
  8. Wow! @Madame Squee!! That is a beautiful little story and makes the Spirit of this Tree come alive for me and everyone, who reads it! @Bodhiseed! me too!
  9. Your Tree of the day: 3 of Spades = Silver Buffaloberry Oh, they look sooooo delicious! So you try then – and find, that you have the 3 of Spades right in your mouth! Have you looked into the mirror this morning? NO? Well, you would have found out, that you are NOT a Bear or a Buffalo or a Beast of any other configuration, but a puny human, that can eat Blueberries, but should stay away from Buffaloberris. They ate SOUR and were used to alleviate constipation, so....!!!!! However, cook some up for a troublesome business partner – it will fix your problems with him – for at least a few days.....
  10. Your Tree of the day is the 6 of Hearts, the Southern Catalpa This Tree provides the sturdy fence posts for your garden of love. All things are possible – with a little effort on your side. You may have to make some compromises, but you will be rewarded with steady growth, protection from rainy weather and beautiful fragrant flowers. (Teas and poultices made from the bark and leaves are often used in herbal medicine as laxatives and mild sedatives, and to treat skin wounds and abrasions and infections)
  11. Rooibos/ Orange is right now steeping in the kitchen and I will ad a generous spoon full of freshly harvested honey
  12. ♥ @Madame Squee!♥ I would loe to hear about the adventures you had! Your Tree for the day = Jack of Diamonds = Emory Crucifixion Thorn Holy smokes, maybe I should stay in bed today! This one sounds like a doomsday Tree! Luckily it grows only in the Sonora and Mohave deserts and is actually endangered. As the Jack of Diamonds, it has its strong sides, like when it provides shelter and nesting habitat for desert Birds and its sap is an insecticide against termites and other parasites. The sharp thorns were used as needles by the Tohono O'odham People The thorns are impenetrable and any invaders are stopped in their tracks. This however makes it a good prickly place to build a nest and raise some baby Birds
  13. Disclaimer: I hereby honestly confess, that I do know almost NOTHING about any of the Trees shown in the Southwest Trees I got this deck when we were in New Mexico. I was a bit disappointed, when I first opened it. Now I am trying to familiarise myself a little bit with many of these Trees, that I have never even noticed in the wild. I am goooogeling the ones on the cards, to find out more. I however saw the blooming Palo Verde! It is VERY beautiful! This is my own picture from the Sonora Desert:
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