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  1. I do have a certain amount of decks I use for reading face to face in public or for clients that come to my home. Then there are my tried and trusted all time favourite decks I love to read with for myself. Then there usually is a new deck I got, that is there to challenge me and teach me something new. to keep my fresh outlook on Tarot and learn new things from cards and about myself. Often I do my daily draws with them, but private deeper readings are for Greenwood or Ironwing or the Origins....
  2. I am here as well, this week with the Stone Nature Tarot. My musings / findings will be on the Stone Tarot thread.
  3. OK, another job done I updated and also put up my official press release into the "about me" section.
  4. Thanks Fire Cat! ♥ I posted in the June and July threads, that are still open. It is a bit of a repeat, since I usually stick with a new deck for several months. March through May, when we were travelling I just had my mini Greenwood and the Songs for the Journey home with me. I sorely missed the Medicine Cards, as several people on the Wind River Reservation asked me for readings with it.... Next time....
  5. This month: Anieth Nature Deck My everlasting all time favourites are: Greenwood Tarot Ironwing Tarot Tarot of the Origins a Family history deck since the time of my maternal Grandmother (~ 1890) and dear to me: Soprafino Tarot DruidCraft is my RWS Style go to deck and I often use it when I read in public.
  6. This month: Anieth Nature Deck My everlasting all time favourites are: Greenwood Tarot Ironwing Tarot Tarot of the Origins a Family history deck since the time of my maternal Grandmother (~ 1890) and dear to me: Soprafino Tarot DruidCraft is my RWS Style go to deck
  7. None of the decks that are important to me and that I use often are on that sorry little list: Nevertheless I do have a few of them - that apart of the DruidCraft I do not use. Is this a list of what is popular right now - or what is sold mass market?
  8. Well, Today I just shuffled all the cards and did my very first daily draw with it. 1 theme/ card of the day 2 a challenge 3 a Guide/ outcome As I see the cards in a reading before me my very first impression is, “They are beautiful! My heart goes out to the little Bird, my challenge of the day. And the 2 Salmons? They are both going in the same direction, upstream to their demise. It is their fate, their nature to do that. Inevitable...... A bit of a sad thought though... ...................................................................................... So for my card 1 I am looking at IX of the Trickster path!!!???????!!! It's the Hermit and he is the last card of the Trickster Series which is supposedly very closely follow the the story and spiritual Energy of the ??Air Shaman???? As you all know, I come from a family of shamans, medicine people, work in the field with clients travelling 100drets of miles to see me for help with... whatever... BUT In all my 63 years I have not ever seen or heard of an Air shaman – other than in Tarot..... Trickster??? What makes the Hermit a trickster?? OK the Salmon of Wisdom in the old lore and legends was a shape shifter. Yes, Salmons shift shape at the end of their life: Their body proportions change, the head gets bigger, the snout transforms into that crooked open hoop form we see in the image. With that they can no longer eat, just bite opponents on the spawning grounds. They fight wear themselves out and then die by the thousands, to become food for Bears, Eagles, Seagulls and fertilizer for the forest. Maybe in a futile attempt to eat the salmon swallowed that magical Hazelnut and thus lived forever = escaped death and decay. The card for me today: Yes, today I will be a Hermit, staying home instead of being at the Muskoka Summer Craft show, where we used to sell for the previous 27 years. Today I also have to cut some of the branches of the Hazelnut bush right beside our deck. The Bear trying to get up onto the deck has broken them and made a mess. I will put the branches heavy with unripe Hazelnuts into water and hope, the nuts ripen, so I can fed them to my Squirrels. The card reminds me of this job and encourages me to “eat of the fruits of wisdom” = stick my nose into a book about Ogham and share my thoughts with others. Be a light in the darkness – shed some light onto the Stone Tarot The word Cumhach means something like lonely. OK, I am alone right now. Does that mean my client to come will cancel his appointment? We will see. 2 The Challenge of the day: V Sna'tha Well, THAT'S a challenge right there!! I am stepping into the realm of the unknown. Funny to think, that right now, there is only 1 person in the whooooole World, that KNOWS what this V Sna'ta means! - A.E. Stone On the image I see a very cute little Turfed Titmouse♥ She has he back to me , head turned left – it feels to me, that she looks into the past or the Spirit World. She is sitting on a sprig of Mistletoe, the poisonous white berries clearly seen on the pale green branches. Do Titmice eat Mistletoe??? Some Birds, like my beloved Phinopeppla do. Then they pooooop the seeds out onto a branch and a new mistletoe plant will grow. With many of them on one plant, the plant will be sucked dry and die. Did you guys know that? We see it often is the arid South West. 5 of something in Tarot usually means some kind of conflict. Her I am wondering, if it is a spiritual conflict – or maybe my personal conflict with the deck?? The outcome and my Guide to get there: 4 of Batai' The OTHER Salmon of Wisdom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy smokes! Illuminated by light devoid of any background = that in this situation is irrelevant to her, she is focused on 1 thing and 1 thing alone: Get upstream against the rushing waters of the cataract, up to that quiet pool, to spawn deposit the eggs that are bloating her abdomen – and then -die....... Single-mindedness , going against the flow is not, what I am used to as the 4 of Wands. 4 of Wands is coming up a lot in my readings – (see the moon group reading I just participated in) It reflects my current situation: Enjoy the fruits of hard work, peace and balance, but also the quiet before the big happening..... Here with this deck however I am enjoying my peace and quiet time by voluntarily swimming upstream against everything I know to gain some wisdom. So Titmouse, tell me what you know: She points he beak towards the LWB and here I show you, what I find there: Now, THAT is depressing! It tells me my whole endeavour is based on a bunch of idols instead of Spiritual Guides. I have to be aware, that I am trying to make sense of something, that is a sacred Cow to someone I do not know at all. This is A.E. Stone's vision of a Tarot deck, with Ogham instead of Golden Dawn and the Kabbalah Tree of Life, no Thelema and Christianity based allegorical imagery..... But ifffff that little Titmouse does eat Mistletoe seeds and like her cousin in Arizona poooops them onto another branch, am I just looking at the first attempt to give birth to a brand new Tarot system and another improved 2.0 version will follow? THAT is, what I am interested in! THAT is, why I will work with this deck and share my findings, with you and ultimately maybe with its creator. Looooong after my Salmons are dead and Bears pooooped “Salmon Life Energy” deep into the forest to fertilize the Trees, there will be little Salmons hatching, swimming to the oceans and the cycle will start anew.
  9. I had an interesting week, doing my daily draws with the Anieth Nature deck and starting to explore the Stone Tarot from the same artist with ~~ 16 cards featuring the same - or almost the same image, but in different positions in these decks. I am strugggggeling a bit and am curious, what the next week, trying to do daily draws with the Stone Tarot will be.......
  10. Well, I have been meaning to write to her and tell her, in what condition the deck arrived here. The simple padded envelope is just not sufficient to protect the box, which is not very sturdy at all and mine did not close well.....
  11. Well, that would make 2 Canadians plotting around with this deck. Just saying: The Anieth Nature Tarot is on the site as well and it is very beautiful ♥ the third deck with the people is all scenes taken from her fantasy world books. You can see/ read them on line. I have not looked at that one yet. I was intrigued by these 2 decks being all Animals.
  12. This one here is quite the opposite and WAAAAAAAAAY the most wildly painted, almost garish looking image. Well, to me anyway. Some people love popping colours But yet again the background is missing somehow and I have the feeling this image comes from some different body of artwork and has been put here.... To answer AJ's question, I personally have the feeling, that this is the weaker deck of the 2. As a Tarot deck???? I am struggggeling with a whole slue of things, from the Gaelic to the missing information about why this Animal is in this position. And the 4 Journeys thing and the Snatha suit..... As an Oracle? Well, maybe, that would take all the problems I am having of the table. You however may not have any of these issues.... It may just be me..... Ilweran, do not put my words onto a golden scale! YOU are definitely culturally much closer to this deck than me. Honestl, I was hoping YOU can help me with some of this!! I think, this is a totally different system, A.E. Stone is trying to create. Like the Greenwood, it stands o its own. But then she is taking stuff from Robert Graves, who invented a lot and is NOT well looked at be Celtic Scholars and people who know, original sources..... It is still waaaaaay too early for me to say anything definitively. But, ifffffff I was very busy and it was not waaaaay toooo hot to be outside and .... I would just put this thing into a box and - yea, nothing..... I am glad, you guys are here and asking me questions, that encourages me to keep going....
  13. Then here is the 3 of Cups - yet again very dark - and to me - sad looking. These are not the 3 elated positive Beings we know, these look like 3 starving Deer on a fogy November morning, hiding from the hunters. The LWB explanation makes some sense, but the card is just simply missing a bit of colour, It is supposed to be a baby Deer- that would mean the season is Spring...?? What do you guys think?
  14. Honestly, AJ, I do feel jerked around as well most of the reworked images are OK, but what I feel, is that forcing the cards into the colour scheme of the 5 seasons, messes with an otherwise nice image and makes some - drab and dark and others kind of "sterile". What I am trying to explain is maybe better shown in these images: The 2 yellow ones are somehow missing something. An Eagle in a yellow sky feels weird to me. The Deer also are from another Anieth Nature Deck, where they are in a whole forest environment, Trees in the background, clouds, Birds, the works.... OK, we see stuff like this in other decks, but here, among all the lush ones, they sort of "fall through" Then the blue gray cards are Aeon, which looks like a dark Doooooomsday and 2 - oh well what are they anyway??- hard to recognize Seagulls stealing food from each other - or feeding each other and Why is this the 9 of Cords??? I still have to sink my teeth into that Snatha suit. Yesterday I just read through the description for the cards in the LWB, but there is nowhere any explanation, about ANY of the Animals at all.....????? for the 9 S It says fate and determinism and everyone refuses to change or acknowledge change is needed?? THAT sounds like D.Trump On her web site she just says, these are seagulls fighting over a Fish. Well, Seagulls will always be seagulls I guess........
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