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  1. Thank you @Marigold and @Raggydoll for helping me understand the card better. The aspect of 4 elements is very interesting. I want to practice 1-on-1 readings, and inputs like this truly help convey the interpretation better.
  2. Hi, I was studying the world card for my new deck ‘tarot for Everyday’ and I was just picking random cards, so one of the cards that caught my attention was the ‘world card’. The woman sits on a swing and looks outside, there is no wreathe or other objects that surround her. She does look content and relaxed (not sure happy). How would this be different from a RWS meaning of completion? Thoughts please attaching image and the meaning from the LWB
  3. @Saturn Celeste and @JustPeachy in my home country, no body actually buys yoghurt from the market, everybody makes it at home. Warm the milk a bit in a metal container and inoculate it with leftover yoghurt of the last batch (make sure it is not tangy; then output will be tangy) and cover it with a lid on the kitchen countertop overnight, morning it would be ready to use. In summers you don't need to cover it with a cloth or put it in an enclosed space like microwave.
  4. Yes it’s perfect now (image attached)...am waiting for the fall sale🕰 ...yayyy
  5. Hi @Saturn Celeste congratulations!!! It looks great. Since I access a lot of websites through my phone, I did the same for your site. I tried opening the packages section. The X (cross to close) comes right on the packages tab, so I had a difficulty accessing it. I am not sure if it is just my phone, but thought I should point it out to you if you face the same issue. attaching the image
  6. Thank you @Grizabella this makes so much so sense..The interviewer was in touch with him till the very next day of the interview and suddenly has now disappeared on him. Seems like this isnt moving forward for my hubby Thank you very much
  7. Yes this method taught to me by @Saturn Celeste has been a bit effective but am yet to fully practice the same and get a good grip on it
  8. Somehow I have had very little success with yes/no readings, and I have tried both one card and 3 card spreads. Some 3 cards spreads have even got me excited to an extent as to what best could I hope for, and the eventual outcome is the just opposite. Just my thoughts. Am sure I still didnt answer your question.
  9. I keep my tarot decks in a box, and when I take them out I usually get to see the last card at the bottom of the deck. Somehow I always feel that last card always has a message for me. Does anybody have any such experiences?
  10. While I don't have many decks, but whatever I have I keep them in boxes they came in...I feel it keeps them intact. Additionally it helps me spot the deck I want to use easily.
  11. Hi everyone, Here is the update on this reading: So this interview happened yesterday and my husband met the person (Lets call him JP) He reached 30mins early so JP gave him a test to do, which he finished (some personality test) His meeting was with JP whom if he gets role, my husband will replace. JP moves to a new role within the organization to US. My husband was a bit shocked to hear that, as he thought he will report into JP. It turns out that if my husband is selected will be responsible for the functioning of the business of the entire country (so the role is quite big). The company has decided to per se have no office in the country but my husband will have to work from home. The role involves full ownership of the functioning of activities in the country, and the sole responsibility will be his. Role is a bit different from what he has done earlier, but he can learn what it entails if he wants to. My husband asked him a lot about the role, travel needed etc. For some JP had answers and some questions he did not, and he confessed that he doesn't have much clarity Anyhow JP said to my husband that he is good fit, and will get back to him but you never know, things change a lot when companies hire While whatever pointers you all mentioned came out to be true (too many promises, too many asks, aiming too high etc), another interesting thing that came out was the aspect of Hermit that @Barleywine had mentioned. It probably also meant working alone, sole ownership. My husband is a bit worried on that part. Let's see where this goes now. Regards
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