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  1. In your circumstances, I would put 3 of cups as a third person or another factor being involved in the entire scheme of things and 6 of swords as mentally moving on to another stage. The card indicates you to let it go, and move forward. And if I look at it from his perspective, it is the same. So I fear the answer is not really positive. I have had 3 of cups turn up upright, but basis the surrounding cards (and/or position) felt the need to be read reversed. I didn’t know about this way of reading, until I read a thread on this forum. Personally I am someone very optimistic, so if you strongly feel otherwise for the interpretations others have mentioned for your reading, it’s fine. But sometimes there is fine line between reality and living in denial. It’s a choice you have to make where you want to stand. Good luck!
  2. @Starlight when i I got this deck, it felt weird to have this extra card, and I checked if other cards were in place in the deck. Maybe there was a message for me which I ignored. As such I have no such association with Venus Goddess, I just decided to use this extra card as a bookmark for the LBW that came with the deck..not sure if I should carry her around with me. What would u advice?
  3. I recently had this with my moon oracle deck where there were 2 cards of Moon Godess Venus. If this is a message for me, then Venus is good luck..should I carry this extra card with me always?
  4. This is a tough one..just a guess..The Chariot
  5. The Bodyguard on Netflix..so far, so good
  6. hey do you have positions for each of the cards you pulled?
  7. I always feel it’s best to mention a full reading becuz cards around can also influence the meaning of the card based on their position. I’m not sure if you did a 3 card spread or Celtic cross but would be good to know the complete picture
  8. I have always wanted to get a past life regression done and know what I was doing that time, and what makes me who I am today. What I did right and what went wrong? On a lighter note, in my next life I do want to be a Panda, be loved and I will get eat sleep and play all the time.
  9. I certainly will! Have been trying to juggle a lot between work and home..but will keep u posted
  10. @Eamane such a great idea..thank you ! will certainly activate this
  11. Hi @Decan thank you for your response. Yes my mom stays in a different country. She is no fan of winter in India, let alone Canada, primarily because of her knees. September is still better here, so maybe yes ! regards
  12. Interesting @DownUnderNZer..thank you for your thoughts. Am not very sure if she would like to visit Canada in Winter, but who knows ..she changes her mind frequently. Do you have any book recommendations to study lenormand timings?
  13. Hi, I have been trying to learn timing with Lenormand. Am a bit confused on the attached one. The question asked was, when will my mother visit me? Should I consider the bear or the ship? If Bear it will be 13 weeks or 13months or if ship, I'm certainly not seeing her in 3 weeks so most probably 3months Suggestions please
  14. @joyabsolutely right the juggler
  15. Thank you @Joe and @Decan will certainly check out the decks suggested by you both.
  16. Thank you @LoveLightPeace congratulations to @Lee3 and @joy
  17. Oh sorry @LoveLightPeaceand @joy I have many lives, my work, my passion, my quirks, my fanstasies..I’m a juggler now
  18. Thank you @KatMoonI will check out these. I saw the images of Sun and Moon Tarot shared by you for the reading done for Moonscooter..the deck is really pretty..
  19. @ilweran..thank you..I will check it out. I like clean images, simple to understand and relate to. Probably focus on a single entity..something like white Sage Tarot. Not sure if it has a good handbook with it to understand.
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