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  1. Two weeks ago my cousin wanted me to read about his upcoming increment. He said boss had fleetingly mentioned to him on 6th May (Monday) that he will get the increment letter on 10th May (Friday). So I asked the cards about the situation and I got: Mountain, Woman and Bouquet. At that moment it didn’t make any sense to me, as there was no mention of any lady in the conversations I have had with him hence I decided to drop the reading and I never got back to my cousin on the interpretation (I am sorry for not responding to him and he never asked too, guess we both got busy). Today morning when we spoke, I checked with him on his increment. He said he still hasn’t got the letter. His boss is waiting for his wife (CO-partner) to come back to work from her travel and will share then. It then struck me, mountain- blockage lady:- co-partner bouquet- increment Am learning everyday!!
  2. Thank you @HermitWriter Usually, I do ask a question before pulling a card, what my next week will be like (and specify dates Eg: May 20th - May 24th 2019), last week I had "wheel of fortune"...but nothin big or drastic happened. Great Idea, getting a spread end of the week will help and analyze. But maybe morning cards are not my thingy, but a night before I certainly can for the coming next day or 3 cards is also great, just as you suggested. Thank you very much again.
  3. Hi, I like to pick a card for each week and at the end of the week track it back to how it went, however sometimes I have had majors turn up for a reading like ‘wheel of fortune’ or ‘Devil’ but nothing really significant happened in those weeks. It becomes difficult for me to do daily card reading, hence weekly method is preferred but does anybody have suggestions on doing a better spread for this kind of a weekly reading to get better insights?
  4. Hi @Decan Thank you for your response. Am very new to Lenormand, so still getting a hang of it Interesting to see how you have simplified this reading for me. I really appreciate it. It works perfectly well for me if my spouse finds something before me, will help a lot with our finances. Thank you very much Regards Ashwsh
  5. Hi, Both I and my husband are actively looking for jobs (while I have one, and am looking for a better opportunity he, on the other hand, is still unemployed). Am still in the process of learning Lenormand (am very new to it, so please pardon errors) and decided to give it a shot to know about timing for our job search (2 spreads), when will a new job come our way. Reading for me: I did the 3 card spread and here is what I got: 36. Cross 30. Lillies 31. Sun To read them individually: 36. Cross- I have been facing issues and obstacles in finding a right job for myself. The process is really delayed for me. This process has caused me lot of emotional and mental grief 30. Lillies - This means I will need to work under someone, get mentorship which will help establish a long term career for me 31. Sun - Success will come to me and I will get what I desire Cross + Lillies:- This situation has been causing a sort of anxiety in me, almost on the verge of depression Lillies + Sun :- I will interact with a man who will be really successful...Maybe he will be my mentor? Cross + Sun :- It says that success is destined for me and will reach me soon Now what has got me confused is the timing as the intent of the reading was to know when the event will take place: I feel 2 indicators of timing come up in this, Lillies and Sun: Lillies indicate winter, while the Sun indicates summer, both are very different, could it mean something in between - like Fall or spring..am not sure. Reading for Husband: Same question: When will a new job come to AW? He has been driving Uber currently Cards I got was: 9. Bouquet 15. Bear 33. Key 9. Bouquet - Things are working out well for him (I dont know how though, he just got a job rejection yesterday, he was quite hopeful about getting this job) and a great opportunity is expected soon 15. Bear- He has the strength and fortitude to overcome any obstacles that stand in his way 33. Key - Something significant should happen soon, and in order to do well he will need to take some steps to reach success Bouquet + Bear : This job will help improve our financial situation Bear + Key - He will need to take charge of the situation and reiterates financial success Bouquet + Key - Will experience good time and success If I bear card as the time indicator in this- 15 days, 15 weeks, or 15 months (15 months is a very long time) and If I put key card as the time indicator -this should happen very soon So am not sure what to expect and especially the timing (when)? Thoughts and help with this interpretation and timings, please Edited: Added pictures of the spread
  6. Hi, I'm offering a 5 card reading with my Moon Oracle Deck. Do let me know if you would like to take one Please tag me if you would like to sit for this (sometimes I miss some posts) Thank you regards
  7. My Bad..I meant an 'Old thread'. Am PMing the link for it
  8. Hi @gregory I had sent a note yesterday on the support centre with an an old I couldn't relocate. Please help with that Regards
  9. Hi, Am struggling with the PM issue too Please help Regards
  10. This is so cool..such a great job..big thank you for this new cool look. I have the same problem as others..I'm unable to send PM's.and also it says my inbox is 310% full...please advise
  11. Thank you very much! It has been a great pleasure learning from you. Thank you very much.
  12. Great news..I usually operate the site using Tapatalk on my mobile, and just can't add smileys that forum recognizes and nor can modify font (Bold, Underline) etc. I'm looking forward to the new avatar!
  13. Thank you HOLMES[/member] I did struggle within my mind limiting myself to Toronto, but have gradually started to open up to other places lie Montreal, Quebec, Calgary, Vancouver. I feel now is not the time for me to be inflexible. Lets see where this goes :-) regards
  14. Hi HOLMES[/member] thank you for taking out time and reading for me. I love this deck, I have my eyes set on it and will purchase when I progress towards learning lenormand. Between 18-20 years of age I did spend my time doing not so meaningful thing when I should have focussed on my career. I didn't understand that time that being an MBA would make a lot of difference to my future, and I was looking at best ways to cut corners. Secondly finances were definitely an issue, so going abroad to study was out question. I could not see my mother who grew me up singlehandedly borrow money, so I did settle for something that was cheap, close to home and made some difference to my life. With companies like APPLE and GOOGLE now dropping degrees gives me hope ;). The realization to do something more came in pretty much when I started working, however I could never overcome the addiction of monthly salary coming in. I landed in last week of October last year in Canada, met some people for networking. One of them offered me the role I am in January. I joined this place in March. Between from November'17 to March'18, I would have applies for many jobs, but not even a single call. It's like my resume was going in a black-hole. I did join this place with a very heavy heart. I was in advertising before (till 2014) but the reason I moved from it was to learn more and expand my horizon. Being back in the industry that doesn't challenge me enough is stopping a child from growing. I am still actively applying each day for jobs. I understand there must be a reason why I am here in this country, situation, role etc and maybe years down the line when I will look back and fathom why all this happened. I am happy to learn, new things as long as something comes my way. Roles I am applying for are below the level I should have been at in my home country. I know I will have to re-learn the process, terminology, ways of functioning etc of the new country and new place. I am waiting when this role will come my way. In year I turned 31, was the year I shifted from advertising to marketing. A lot of people did not approve of the shift and said many bitter things about me. I still went ahead and picked the role as it was something I knew would benefit me in the long run. I am relying heavily on LinkedIn to open up something for me but as u suggested let me open up the avenues more. Hopefully I get something new soon so that my struggle comes to an end. Thank you very much for letting me sit for the session
  15. Thank you HOLMES[/member] It resonates a lot with my situation. I will share a detailed note with you by tmrw. Thank you very much again for your time
  16. ashwsh

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  17. Ace of Wands Yes yes yes! (And base card was that QoC again, so you just wait and be nice to yourself) Will the paper I will give after Easter be a success? I got the hanged man..so maybe Is M considering me for the role? Yes they are. Page of pentalces Is S seeing someone these days? Q pentacles I am feeling that yes they are seeing Should start today the k Program Yes certainly, page of cups Is R going to better now? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. Hey, Are you taking any more sitters? Please do let me know Regards Great thanks :-)
  19. Ace of Wands Yes yes yes! (And base card was that QoC again, so you just wait and be nice to yourself) Will the paper I will give after Easter be a success? I got the hanged man..so maybe Is M considering me for the role?
  20. Hey, Are you taking any more sitters? Please do let me know Regards
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