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  1. I went through a Tower moment recently, it has always been collapse of hopes, all seemed good and one news or something happened and it all came tumbling down. Death card for me personally has been about complete change, new people, new city, it depends wrt to the situation you are asking about. Yes I do find tower moment more shocking than death. Tower moment can be about change of facts or a sudden realization that you have completely missed the other side of the story. It could be suddenly coming across a new point of view, I don't see it as a very positive card (in my readings), so one could be dealing with the repercussions as a result of this new discovery.
  2. I just saw it, looks interesting since I have been wanting to learn Lenormand My question is that the one of the pdf's in the course says 3 card spread to be used for 1-3 days reading..Is it true, what if I want to know about next 3 months or so wrt to a specific area of my life? is the spread not suitable?
  3. Yes perfect..I understand it is a mental blockage. I need to work on it. thank you!
  4. Hello @Raggydoll and @DanielJUK I finally received the deck yesterday and here was my first shot at it. Am not sure if I read them well. I just asked the cards to give me a message for next 1 month. . Interpretation 1:- I feel in entirety the message was I need to believe in my self more, and while I may not see it currently and feel stuck, change is coming my way. This change will help ease of things for me. Interpretation 2:- Another way of looking at it could be:- I need to be more confident and trust myself, I tend to undermine myself and this is blocking the good things to happen to me. This is making me resist the change. I need to have trust and confidence to make this change happen to my life. I am more inclined towards interpretation 1 . But somewhere I could be wrong with both of them. I think the issue is if I am reading the second card ie ‘blocked’ correctly here. Please do let me know your thoughts. regards
  5. Please share your explanation
  6. Thank you both @Raggydolland @DanielJUK. I will update as soon as I have the deck and am able to try my hands on a reading.
  7. Interesting..and was it the same deck each time? As I mentioned it was the above mentioned 3 cards that showed up twice on this deck. When I use RWS, it is the page of wands, I must have had it at least 3-4times..not sure what’s happening?
  8. @Raggydoll When I saw the reading for me using this deck, I was floored. And then in the last ROC @DanielJUK referred to it and then used it to read for me. I absolutely loved it. Despite my husband's resentment, I have ordered this deck and hoping to have it in my hands soon. I will definitely need you and DanielJUK to help me work better with it. Hope it is okay if I reach out to you for some help on it? Thank you very much for this. Regards Ashwsh
  9. @stephanelli this is Tarot for everyday life by Sami Main & Marisa De la Peña (Urban Outfitters Exclusive). I bought about a month ago and found it to be very cooperative.
  10. Oh got it..I didn't know that..thank you for letting me know :-). I was just stumped to see the same cards and at the same position. Anyhow, could you tell me how do I move this thread to another section?
  11. Sure @Raggydoll I will write down my interpretation. My objective was to understand if any one has had any such experience. I have heard of one card showing up repeatedly but with 3 cards it seemed a bit odd to me.
  12. I had an interview today and I did a cc spread before the interview and horseshoe spread after the interview. Coincidentally outcome, fear and environment in both the spreads has come to be the same. Outcome- Chariot Fear- Strength Environment / Attitude of others - 6 of swords I don’t really feel good about how the interview went, obviously my hunch on the Recent future is right with the Tower. But I wonder why these cards are chasing me?
  13. Thank you @Ninalii and @Czenzi I live with hope each day that things will improve. Strangely today morning I wondered I hope I am not living in denial. but have left things to god to sort out
  14. Oh thanks @DanielJUK...this makes sense. I was really intuitive as a child but somehow intuition doesn’t have words, so when someone asked my why I didn’t want to play with another kid (whom I didn’t get good vibes from) I had no answer. My mom says I was a really chatty baby but on the last day of my father’s death, she says I didn’t speak to him a word. I was just quite. May something inside me told me that he was going away. And if this was god talking to me, I want him to be there with me. What happened today wasn’t good but somehow me being aware in the morning made me more ready and prepared to handle it. In fact I was surprised to see the way I handled it. I was a bit proud of myself.
  15. Hi everybody, Morning today when I woke up something was off. Something inside me said either the day will be really good or really bad. I felt like dressing better than usual for work. The feeling inside urged me to say my prayers to my lord (usually do that night). I duly did. It was like a calling from within. And as it turns out, day was bad (I won’t get into the details). However I don’t know what to call this feeling that gave me an indicator that something special will happen today and I must pray to my lord. Has anyone experienced such a thing before? What should I call it?
  16. Thank you @Marigold and @Raggydoll for helping me understand the card better. The aspect of 4 elements is very interesting. I want to practice 1-on-1 readings, and inputs like this truly help convey the interpretation better.
  17. Hi, I was studying the world card for my new deck ‘tarot for Everyday’ and I was just picking random cards, so one of the cards that caught my attention was the ‘world card’. The woman sits on a swing and looks outside, there is no wreathe or other objects that surround her. She does look content and relaxed (not sure happy). How would this be different from a RWS meaning of completion? Thoughts please attaching image and the meaning from the LWB
  18. @Saturn Celeste and @JustPeachy in my home country, no body actually buys yoghurt from the market, everybody makes it at home. Warm the milk a bit in a metal container and inoculate it with leftover yoghurt of the last batch (make sure it is not tangy; then output will be tangy) and cover it with a lid on the kitchen countertop overnight, morning it would be ready to use. In summers you don't need to cover it with a cloth or put it in an enclosed space like microwave.
  19. Yes it’s perfect now (image attached)...am waiting for the fall sale🕰 ...yayyy
  20. Hi @Saturn Celeste congratulations!!! It looks great. Since I access a lot of websites through my phone, I did the same for your site. I tried opening the packages section. The X (cross to close) comes right on the packages tab, so I had a difficulty accessing it. I am not sure if it is just my phone, but thought I should point it out to you if you face the same issue. attaching the image
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