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  1. @Cookie, I've heared some governments use prophets but all it is gossip. But there was a documentary on Reagans and they basically ran the presidency on numerology. The documentary went into details that Nancy actually selected the "right" dates for scheduling important events. Ah why not ? I did a reading for Brexit some time ago and 8 of cups came up for "results in new referendum". Well there was no new referendum but May left. So that was interesting.
  2. Where is the section to make adjustments? also, do you know how to change background behind avatar?
  3. @fire cat pickles and @DanielJUK - you guys missed the drama? I had to wait until **** finally hits the fan. The you all know usual "I told you so" ... aside from that had to fix other things. Good to see you guys! @Saturn Celeste - hi! missed you guys! The updates look good, missing that green background leaves on top though. They looked good.
  4. A tour cruise through Caribbean. Queen of wand & 3 of cups
  5. Waiting for the crusader to come home. Emperor & 6 of cups
  6. Accepting the status of friendzone. Ace of Wands & 10 of cups
  7. Note to self: buy m a good bottle of whiskey. I owe m one!
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