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  1. Thanks for the heads-up @Katie! I've been eyeing the Dark Mansion for a long time. I just ordered a regular edition. This after just deciding that I wasn't going to order any more decks this year....But it's so gorgeous!
  2. I just ordered two books that I borrowed from the library. Now I know I need to own them: Tarot Correspondences, by T. Susan Chang Untold Tarot, by Caitlin Matthews
  3. I wish my whole house looked like that -- so nice and well organized, @Raggydoll
  4. Happy anniversary! Thanks so much to @Little Fang and all the mods and contributors. I continue to learn so much here and I truly value the friends I’ve made. Two years really have flown by. I loved the interviews!
  5. You are definitely missed here. Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy your day (and new year).
  6. Such beautiful poems here! I love that Mary Oliver one so much.
  7. Belated birthday wishes, @CharlotteK It’s good to see you around the forum again.
  8. Happy birthday, awesome mod and friend!
  9. I think I'm going to use the Tarot of the Sidhe. I haven't taken it out in quite a while, and I miss it!
  10. I have always wanted to have a set and play too, but I never have. All those pieces look so intriguing! I hope you have fun with it, Grizabella.
  11. Hi Delta. Nice to meet you! I am currently obsessed with yoga! I had practiced briefly a while back, gave it up, and then a few months ago I started again. I'm going to Iyengar classes. I'm pretty old, so I'm currently taking only gentle classes, but I hope to progress to regular ones soon. I'm only really doing the asanas, but I have read some books about the other aspects. It's very early in my learning, but I have noticed that I'm more flexible, my posture is better and some of my aches and pains are alleviated. Mentally, I think I'm a little more balanced, but, as noted, it's early days.
  12. I’ve been looking forward to this! I’ll be away at the beginning, so I might be late in posting, but I’ll pull my cards each day. Thanks so much, Raven!
  13. Thanks for the encouragement, both of you!
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