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  1. Hm... this is quite a question. The way I see it, the abrahamic edifice is built upon Egyptian, Sumerian, Babylonian (especially the angels and demons bit), Canaanite, basically from the levant and its environs, myths and stories. So, given this angels and demons don't belong to the catholic church exclusively (heresy!) they are part of it as the Catholic Church picked up from its surroundings as it built its foundations. So, as a witch, a spiritist, and a magician (I feel iffy about categories, this is the best I could do) it is totally ok to work with angels. In caribbean folk traditions of spiritism, the archangels are seriously worked with and blended with other spirits of the mighty dead, et al. And, from the other side, I do not think most angels themselves have qualms with categorizations and who can pray to them and who cannot, in general. that's my two cents.
  2. Amen! And another amen for Prof Trelawny as the patron saint of tarot readers! Also, I haven't voted yet, it's too hard!
  3. Thank you for all the resources, currently going through them and reading little by little. I realize the deeper I go in that what I'm looking for, I think I mentioned this, is for differing planetary associations because I'm looking for one that clicks with me. I've begun to feel a need to get more occult tarot study under my belt, especially since I already magically play with the decans. I thought, what better way to mold tarot (my love) with astrology than finding a system that coheres it all? I'm very intrigued by the continental tradition and its differing associations. Normally, I just stick to the GD, I love the Hermetic Tarot. Once again, thanks for the links and resources. Lots to plumb through.
  4. I agree here, it's an excellent habit to keep cycling through decks and using them to answer all types of questions. Of course there are decks better suited for specific questions, but keeping them all in use and accountable really does help weed the gold from the dross. I usually end up realizing I can discard a deck after I realize it's not hardy enough to be put in all situations. Then there are the exceptions, like the Victorian Romantic for example or LXXXI The Magician's deck which are very specific. The VicRom I use for writing and creating narratives. LXXXI I use for specifically spiritual and magical questions etc. But in general, all my decks have to usable all around, if not I cannot justify keeping it. Even it is a rare deck. I admit, looking back at what I wrote and thinking on this approach to decks, gives deck using and collecting a utilitarian flavor that is distasteful (at least to me). But the way I see it, how I make peace with myself, is that I don't have unlimited funds to be amassing decks I will not use. If I had unlimited funds and space I would definitely 100% be a fancy deck collector. But I am only a "cobbler" working and living a regular life. So my decks have to conform to how I live and my means. Until I have space for amassing and collecting this is my approach.
  5. I guess, following up with this encouraging message, I would like a Wooden Tarot study group. I will add little by little what I find, and maybe others will pop in and add their bit as well as time moves on.
  6. Thank you! This whole search began because I have contentions regarding the planetary associations in the Majors. They don't fully jive with me. I know that in one deck I have, the Piatnik Wein TDM, the astrological associations are different. For example, Jupiter is linked with The Pope or Hierophant. Which makes sense to more than the Wheel of Fortune. I also have issues with the whole hebrew letter associations, which I find superfluous. Hahaha. Maybe I should create my own astrological deck? Again, thank you! Will review the links you shared.
  7. Ok, so the saga with shadows continues. I've been using the Albano, and I have to admit there's nothing terribly wrong with it. Despite the shadows, and a couple blurry lines here and there, I do love the coloring. I bought this deck because of the coloring. Thinking it would be a refreshing and vibrant twist to the already beautiful Centennial RWS. I'm finding that as expected the deck reads similarly to other RWS decks. I can expect the same voice and tone to come through as the Centennial. The caveat being that the coloring adds a touch of moodiness that colors the responses to questions nicely (not sure about this word if it fit here but going with it). All in all, I'm loving reading with the deck.
  8. I'm interested in a Wooden Tarot study group but not sure if there are others interested in this as well. I know there used to be a study group for the deck around somewhere, maybe Aeclectic, I've also heard FB has one or there was one. I have the deck, and since it doesn't come with a guidebook, and some cards require deeper insight into what is depicted in the image, I thought a study group a good idea. Where we could talk about the cards and in that way get better acquainted with the deck's imagery.
  9. I've been reading the guidebook to Tarot of the Holy Light and finding myself liking the system. At least what I understand of it since I do not have the actual Tarot of the Holy Light deck! I was wondering if besides that deck, The Gran Tarot Esoterico and The Crystal Tarot, there were other decks that followed the same astrological system. What I'm looking for specifically is astrological associations in the majors that differ from the Golden Dawn and its derivatives. Any leads greatly appreciated! Also, I hope I posted this in the correct subforum category.
  10. Oh definitely, decks I'd like to invest more time in... I would have to say The Dreamkeepers Tarot. I was part of the kickstarter and received the deck, fell in love, then put it away. It's a beautiful decks, some of the court cards feel flat, especially the male courts, which is a shame, but I would love to use it more and read the guidebook to really get a feel for the deck. Another deck would be The Medieval Scapini. I love that deck to pieces and would never ever get rid of it but I hardly ever use it. Lastly, I add The English Magic Tarot. It's just been sitting in my tarot drawer since I got it a couple years back. I appreciate the art, the theme, and everything, but I just haven't had the time nor the inclination if I'm honest.
  11. So I know this is a little late in response, but as I am part of MM Meleen's newsletter I've been catching the updates on the Majors for the Pharos deck. All I want to say is that I love the theme and the vision behind the majors and admit that I would love to see this come to fruition, if only in a majors only form. I have a huge soft spot for nautical topics/themes and seeing the concept and idea of a lighthouse explored in the majors is really enticing. The art is beautiful and I love how you've adhered to the specific colors schemes for each card.
  12. Joining this one as well, missed the early sign-up! So, no more Tabula Mundi. I'm thinking that the Albano Waite, the current US Games reprint, is the deck for this week for me. I purchased this deck after falling in love with the colors and sitting with the choice of purchasing or not for months. I decided to purchase the current reprint but found that the lines were slightly blurry in comparison to my elegant Centennial edition, and there is an especial mark on the 9 of coins that really makes me grumble. The beautiful lady in her garden of pentacles, has half her face smeared in shadow. I now call her, the shadow lady. So, in an effort to get past these silly bumps, I am going to use it exclusively. My partner says I'm silly for paying attention to those little details. That the deck is perfectly fine, despite the lady's face in half shadow.
  13. Yeah, I definitely feel she's striking.
  14. Hm, a personal deck? Well, yes. I have some decks, especially my playing card decks, that are very personal and only used between myself and particular magical things. And I have to say that my Noblet TDM is quite personal for me, even though I have used it for one other person. In general, I like to keep the illustrated decks for personal use, and the TDM for general public use. So if I'm reading for others a TDM is my go-to. For personal readings, I stick with the fully pictorial decks including the RWS, and its variants.
  15. Hm, this is real hard for me to answer. I have a thing for the Queen of Wands, especially in the TDMs. I love that her hair is loose and she looks so free, and wild, and strong, everything I aim for everyday. From the majors I would have to say The Star, I love the Star and it's one card I always look at in a deck that a deal breaker. If I don't like it, I will most likely not be able to work with the deck. The Tabula Mundi Colores Arcus has a beautiful star car, one fo my favorites.
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