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  1. Ah, thank you. That article is fantastic.
  2. >There is a spiritual wisdom (prudence) and a worldly wisdom... Interesting! Could you clarify how you're seeing the contrast? In Taoism, there would not be a distinction.
  3. I remember reading long ago that Prudence was World.
  4. Greetings! I am honored to announce that JustPeachy has done a magnificent job in the Mentorship Program, and has far, far, far exceeded the requirements. I would like to be the first to congratulate her, and I look forward to many future interactions as she becomes the youngest Wise Elder in our community
  5. Some old decks call the suit Coins. It makes sense to me so I use that.
  6. Cool deck! I've never done (or even read) a deck interview. I love what you wrote and I'm not quite sure how to chime in, so I'll just offer some random thoughts if that's okay. 1. Important characteristic: 6 of Swords - interesting twists on the RWS card! The three figures, 2 in hoods with their faces hidden. The pusher looks at us. It's night rather than day, and in place of the water, we see a whoosh of energy (which seems kinda watery, because it's flowing). Presumably it's autumn, with those leaves? Overall it feels somber. For important characteristic, what pops out to me is that whoosh and the person's face which seems to look right at us, maybe hinting: if you want, you can connect with the energy on a personal level. 2. Strengths: 2 of Coins - Also an interesting twist (on RWS). The figure looks at one coin like the Page does (in RWS). Normally 2 of Coins feels like a simple, low-stakes, down-to-earth card. But here, the infinity seems to raise the stakes, as if to say, "you can study the Universe." 3. Limits: King of Swords. I wonder if limits implies "strengths reversed" or is sort of a reversed energy? The king is inside that room, which seems like a study. Maybe there's a hint of needing to get out into the wider world? 4. Teach: Magician. On a simplistic level, it wants to teach you magic, LOL 5. Best Learn: What a great card for this position! The image seems to show a classroom with a lesson. If you consider the king to be the deck, and the cat to be us, maybe the king/deck is saying, "Just watch, I will teach you." The cat seems to be keenly interested. 6. Outcome: World. Wow, I can't imagine a better card for this position! I agree with your interpretation completely. You make a great point about the symmetry, the 2's and the HP. It seems auspicious as she has secrets to reveal
  7. Yay! Iona has been a joy to work with :)
  8. Grizabella, I'm glad you're feeling better and I wish you a speedy and full recovery! Hospitals are no fun but it sounds like you'll be out soon.
  9. Greetings. I am willing to be a mentor for someone interested in RWS.
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