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  1. @Nordica De Spell Hello there dear! Sorry it took so long to respond life got ahold of me and I never returned from the void! I absolutely believe in past lives, and I believe that it's possible to be connected through out your life-times to other people. I have had multiple experiences with past-lives, but at some point I'd like to go to a formal medium of Past-Life work, outside of my own self, and ask for more confirmations. I'm very particular about the information and would like to get a second opinion! (I always recommend one of those ) I've found there is a long-term interconnected or interwovenness with certain people that you just find yourself drawn to. Even if it's for a shortwhile, there was a reason you got to meet so-and-so who had a profound outpouring into your soul!
  2. I don't really consider myself a beginner, I've been doing Tarot for a long time, but I had to teach myself. And learning things from someone else might be nice! If there is space in a class I would love to be included!
  3. Hey there! I'm very interested in what people think about past-lives, and if your spiritually has connected you to them, or awakened them in you. Also whether or not you believe in them? If you do, and feel you know of, or understand a past-life/soul connection, what is your experience with it? If not, outside of "Unable to empirically prove it", what makes you doubt the essence of past life experiences? I have some experiences with past-lives! Am more curious about your story though!
  4. I love making recipes for my craft work. It's part of my favourite stuff to do. One of my favourite treats to make is Soda Bread! It's so versatile that I can't help but make it for everything. I also love substituting things! So great!
  5. Thank you to you both!
  6. -Name: Hakenensenu!! -Pronouns: He/Him or Xey/Xem -Do you read Tarot or other Card systems?: I do Tarot, Oracle, and other diving systems. -How long have you been reading if so?: Oh gosh...uh..at least 10 years -Where did you find Tarot, Tea, & Me?: Littlefang! -What would you like to learn here?: More ways of interperting things, other people's unique relationship with cards and other divination types. Senebty!
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