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  1. The three owls only. Dondorf is beautiful, but I don’t feel called to it.
  2. I love the Owl decks. All of them. I don’t find them “beautiful” per se (that’s the Dondorf), but they feel right. I actually use the Red Owl as much as anything since I don’t focus on playing card meanings necessarily.
  3. I’m working overtime to pay for those decks!
  4. Me three. And I don’t have the Zillich . . . Yet.
  5. Since you are all tracking down the origins of tarot, I’d like to meet Mme. Lenormand and see her actual deck. Maybe even get a reading off her.
  6. Cold reading is an interesting kettle of fish. I think there is probably a whole spectrum there. Surely it can be a cold reading technique and can even be used fraudulently. However, I don’t think it’s fair to say all cues lead to “cold reading.” Some cues are natural to pick up on, we all read body language. And, sometimes it is *not* color reading but getting an empathic feeling and then relying on that, which is still psychic/intuitive reading, just of a different type. Thing is, the latter two may not be bad in a reading, but I am really trying to learn to read the cards. I already can pick up things pretty easily empathically. The cards, however, are another story . . . And that’s what I want to isolate and learn.
  7. @Raggydoll, @Barleywine and you have interesting perspectives here. I am probably closest to yours. I actually think I read better if the client isn't there as I have no “cues” to pick up on other than the cards themselves. Maybe this because I learned online and have done most of my practice reads online for strangers. When I read in person for someone, I usually know the person and situation beyond the question itself, and I also know the person’s body language, voice, etc. I kind of think this serves as “interference” in a reading, especially if the querent is looking for a particular answer. I intuit *that,* not just the cards. I’m a Cancer. Picking up people’s emotions is what I do well, but it has drawbacks. Remote readings help filter that out for me a bit and helps me learn the cards better. That said, I’m don’t exactly consider this me being psychic in my reading, per se. It’s more just focusing on the cards and and on my intuition. I do think of the cards as a window onto things in the universe we don’t normally see, and I do see intuition as connected to psychism. But, I do not think I am particularly psychic, though my readings probably skew toward that more than some people. This is just me though, and I’m still learning. I am sure my reading ability will get better and change this perspective a little over time.
  8. I keep my decks shuffled. Periodically, I have gone back through them and put them in order to “reset” them, but this is usually only for a day or two and I don’t do it often. I will also usually sage them at this point, but I also sage shuffled decks and keep selenite near them all the time. So, I feel like they are pretty “clean” generally and I only reorder the decks if I somehow feel they *really* need it. I have considered reordering the decks that I don’t use too much so that they can hibernate, but I am really not that organized a person and just haven’t ever really felt the drive to actually take the time. I don’t read reversals often, so I don’t really worry about that. If I am reading reversals, I do make sure they are all upright at the end. When I use reversals, I generally will reverse about a quarter or a third the deck. I do this as I cut the deck. I take some of the cards off of the top of each cut pile, reverse them, reshuffle thoroughly and cut again without reversing. At at the end of a reading, I don’t riffle shuffle but I will often overhand shuffle them slightly. I only riffle shuffle at the very beginning. I like the overhand technique as I feel like the cards tell me when to “stop” better. My hand that receives the cards gets a little warmer and even tingles sometimes. I really like the idea of putting a positive card at the bottom of the deck. I may start doing that too. That pretty much my whole shuffling philosophy right there. I do try try to keep my cards “happy.” Though I am sure I could do better.
  9. I was raised with a father who has very strong narcissistic tendencies as do other members of my extended family. Boundary setting is a huge thing for me and I am still learning how to do it. It’s definitely impeded some of my potential romantic relationships in a way, but I need to be very secure in what I will and will not allow. Tarot has really helped me, but I don’t know that there’s a single card that to me demonstrates the qualities you are discussing. A lot of times it is very situational based on the question that I am asking to facilitate my own inner work. That said, I connect strongly with the hermit because it signals to me that I am doing the inner work that will guide me. Similarly, the high priestess teaches me to trust my instincts. Sometimes the seven of wands is a good indicator that I need to stand up for what I believe. The strength card also makes sense as a reminder of my own strength and worth. The ten of wands has taught me in the past not to carry someone else’s burdens. The four of pentacles is usually a good indicator to me that there is someone who is emotionally distant, miserly and selfish. The devil also shows the addiction of ego and codependency, as I think someone above has mentioned. I’ve had to do a lot of work recently with the idea of moving on. I have been pulling a lot of cards associated with that like death, the five of cups, the eight of cups and the six of swords. Moving on has always been very hard for me because I’m the type of person that wants things to work even when I know that the other person is emotionally unable. Seeing those cards can sometimes be very difficult, but I know it’s a lesson that I need to learn. These are all my personal readings of the cards, and most of them have been dependent on a particular question or situation. I also realize that there are far better readers on this board than me. Still, I hope this helps answer your question a little.
  10. Oh, I’d still get it slightly off center even with a paper cutter...
  11. I have this deck and really like it, but can see your issues with it and have a few of them myself. I love it mini! I am scared of cutting my cards as I don’t have a steady hand, but this looks really nice!
  12. You’ve sold me. I put it on the list! I just bought it and am waiting for it to ship. I plan to edge it in black. It’s a gorgeous deck. I do like Thoth so far. It’s honest and pretty dead on for me. A little blunt at times. That is exactly the Marseilles book I settled on reading and learning from. Do you have a preference for the paper or Kindle version? I need to use my kindle more, but sometimes it doesn’t format book with lost of pictures well.
  13. Oh, @Raggydoll this is so good. She is like an icon for me. Be sure to buy some shades.
  14. I need all the fashion help I can get. Can you do a reading, please!
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