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  1. Okay @katrinka absolutely you can change your previous choices if you want. I will update this!
  2. Duly noted Reall! Thanks! Guys, you won't believe it! Possibly some spiritual protectors of deck-diversity are there behind the scene, because we have now 9 decks among the top 3 (because of the exaequo decks!) You can still make this "weird situation" change before the deadline (or not!) it’s up to you guys! The power is in your hands with your votes!!
  3. Okay Bastetly, yes for an honourable mention! And the back is really lovely!! But yes I checked and you already voted for 3 decks so for a 4th it's impossible unfortunately, except if you change one of your previous choices for this one! Still possible!
  4. I took a look at that deck and it seems the Astro-mythological or Grand Lenormand in a pocket and shorter version, but it isn't the classical petit Lenormand I'm afraid https://www.cartes-production.com/fr/3791-le-petit-lenormand-jeu-de-37-cartes Below is a pic/example of a petit Lenormand deck (actually the Dondorf):
  5. Hello and welcome on board Lucifall!
  6. Hi and welcome @Lucifall ! Yeah this one is a very nice oracle (and I have it!!), but unfortunately it isn't a petit Lenormand deck which is a little deck of 36 cards.
  7. Hi guys! The week to come will be the very last if you want to vote here; after that you can't with regard to the list in the first post but it still will be a good thread to say what Lenormand decks are your among favourite. Hope that this thread will bring more interest on Lenormand on the forum, it was my goal here!
  8. Actually I’m proud of myself for my last posts here, I think that I was very wicked towards the materia prima oracle!
  9. Actually I agree with you but I was thinking that for a lot of people it is likely the same (maybe not for me though).
  10. It depends very much on what we call "faith", commonly I would say the Pope (agreement with the book and customs)
  11. Hope is there, as well possibilities to heal the current problems while the Tower could be still harsh. My 2 cents!
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