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  1. Yes, you are right, it is regional, and where I live, indeed, summer is hot with not much rain, but a few severe storms can hit during the second part of August often.
  2. Absolutely, it's my view too!
  3. I also saw this news yesterday. At first sight I thougth... hmm not a good sign for him. But immediatly... well he must get along great with Donald Trump, so he will use all his influence and power (and he has) to favor him; of course it's already the case because he publicly supported him. It's my opinion, cards apart of course here!
  4. Yes but I don't want to reduce this interesting topic with my simplifications Here is something which can be of interest for you (Deborah Houlding's website and online resources offer a lot of valuable information, the basics and all!) http://www.skyscript.co.uk/zodiachistory.html
  5. Well, there is a great deal of wisdom woven into the deeper structure of astrology too of course, but we say astrology as if we have just one, but it's not the case, everything depends on the particular astrology we are talking about. For example someone who deals with modern astrology doesn't speak the same language than someone who deals (or speaks) traditional medieval astrology; vedic astrology is as well something different and an horary astrologer doesn't deal at all with an astrological chart like a natal astrologer. But they all say that they practice astrology, and it's true, and all speak about the Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Aries, Virgo, and so on. Well, yes it can be confusing, I recognize. "the sky has changed over the millennia, but the system for interpreting it apparently hasn't" a short answer could be yes here; it's a system (there are systems) based on practices through a very long time.
  6. Decan

    Card Backs

    @katrinka yes, poor Sibilla della Zingara, even with this edition! And, if a card from this deck was an idea for the back (I don't think though), I would choose Superbia/the peacock because this one is a talisman. Well, I should open a dedicated thread to ask prayers and a lot of candles too (also the black ones they are selling at Lucky Modjo for the hopeless cases concerning this matter particularly, lol). Otherwise, I'm restoring for my own use this Sibilla because I don't think someone will do it for me, so... DIY!
  7. All the technical background is important, that is what is the ecliptic, what is the Tropical zodiac, what is the Sidereal zodiac and so on, but at some point it's as well something nice "for memory only" because this could become cumbersome; actually a lot of things in astrology can become cumbersome (in my opinion). What is real, what is not (or less)? Hmm... not an easy answer because things are mixed between astronomy, symbolism, and abstract constructions anchored in beliefs and practices; just my view here of course! Here in the west we favor the Tropical zodiac; the Sidereal zodiac is mainly used in Vedic astrology (which is a very interesting astrology that I don't know). Western traditional astrology is predictive, the same for Vedic astrology. Modern psychological astrology focuses on the querent's personnality and it's all about choices and personal development somehow (not predictions). You have Natal astrology and Horary Astrology (horary deals with precise questions and is predictive). It's a broad picture (not exhaustive though) in a few sentences
  8. Decan

    Card Backs

    The card backs are important for me, and an ugly back can ruin a deck! But sobriety is as well important for a back; it's difficult to find the right back for a particular deck, and very often it's not fit. It should allow to read reversals, wether we whish to read reversals or not.
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