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    seems to be work in progress http://portfolios.scad.edu/vivianillustrates
  2. Today I am grateful for my friend H who got me to start a bullet journal (bujo they call it) Fast and easy way to plan and keep track and be a bit creative. For me it helped me in starting small new habits.
  3. oh I really want to read that one!! I am reading a so much right now, mainly horror and sci-fi, too many to list. But I am gonna mention one. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/33670466-paperbacks-from-hell by Grady Hendrix (such a rocking name too) End of february is annual book sale in Sweden so I been getting so many new books. I always splurge a little this time of the year.
  4. wow that Emperor sold me!!
  5. heh, i started the first book but got sidetracked. I never seen the TV show either apart from a few minutes here and there. Right now I am reading 'The road' by Cormac McCarthy it's on audio so it is going well so far. Also have to mention I am totally enchanted by Seanan McGuires fantasy serie starting with 'Every heart a doorway'
  6. When Dimpl met Rishi was quite horrible, but then I am not the target audiance. Right now this minute (almost) I got a book about 70:ies and 80:ies horrorbooks called Paperbacks from hell. Delightful packed with covers. Horror is my little guilty pleasure.
  7. John Bauer. It's so cool that I wished for a John Bauer deck almost a decade ago on the purple forum and now it is coming! I wish I could afford the True Black too. I might squirrel some cash away for my birthday. It is stunning.
  8. I just finished Andy Weirs 'Artemis' and it was so-so. Now I am digging in to booklists to find things for the Book Riot Read Harder challenge. Things like romance and YA, i never read it... But found a book called When Dimple met Rishi on audio, i love to listen while cooking and baking need to find a book on nature too.
  9. The boxes looks just amazing! I have a few decks living in really poorly made bags, like those silk ones from LoS that I really hate. Also bags, unless you had the same deck in the same bag for years, they get mixed up and it can take me an hour to find the deck I want. I have a few nice bags i croched myself and quite a few of Sulis bags that are great. But now I wanna make boxes!
  10. My goal this year is 75 books. I know how to read fast but prefer to read slowly, drift off in thought while getting more tea, back to the book, decide i need to start a dough, read, forget about the dough, listen to a podcast, read, bake the buns etc... I just finished The Wolves of Winter by Tyrell Johnson and it was good, better than I thought. Also it was audio to I could actually bake my buns AND read at the same time. Anyway, the book is your basic dystopia with a bit of romance thrown in. The interesting was that it takes place in winter and the descriptions of everyday survival. Now I am starting Artemis by Andy Weir
  11. I picked up Furiously Happy https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23848559-furiously-happy at discounted price for my kindle and it really is... I laugh so hard my cat thinks i lost it.
  12. it's nippy outside and i am hibernating! Even told my brother to go get me fresh supplies in a few days .
  13. I might be posting a bit now and then here - when my mood strikes. Like now, New years day at 5am and no sleep due to fireworks. Stars in the sky - but oh too loud! I prefer this one: edit to add - Ostara
  14. I am not always a fan of the most stunning decks, My heart goes to the ugly ducklings most of the time. But there are exceptions. I love and adore the Alice deck. Soprafino is so beatiful too and the Robledo TdMs
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