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  1. What is that ?! 25 of August 2019 : https://www.amazon.de/Tarot-Marseille-1760-Limited/dp/8865275758/ref=sr_1_14?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=Marseille+tarot&qid=1565190438&s=gateway&sr=8-14 8 of Febraury 2020 : https://www.amazon.de/Tarot-Marseille-Antiqua-Lo-Scarabeo/dp/073876468X/ref=sxbs_sxwds-stvp?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&keywords=Marseille+tarot&pd_rd_i=073876468X&pd_rd_r=b9b1237b-953b-4c10-ac62-5c1768be75ec&pd_rd_w=sOl3c&pd_rd_wg=XvG1l&pf_rd_p=6d84c7ba-ae72-4e53-b9a4-5df18ccb370e&pf_rd_r=CGNAEY4JBP02BHR8EVB8&qid=1565190438&s=gateway
  2. Probably, for “Le Batelleur” card, „sci(a)ence” means “skills” or/and “savvy”, as I wrote above….but, for “Junon” (Popess) „science”means “wisdom” or some special “knowledge”… Anyway, thanks for your work. The most interesting topic in this forum.
  3. On the “Le Batelleur” card, „sci(a)ence” means “skills” or/and “savvy”. This is not “wisdom” or some special “knowledge”… On the “Le Mat” card, „folie inconscience” means “lack of skills” (an idiot who can't do anything)
  4. Trums JUPITER(5) and JUNO(2) fom TdB (Tarot de Besançon). Not from TdM. These are close patterns, but not the same … Papa was replaced by Jupiter and Papessa by Juno for special political reasons ... Accordingly, if you are doing fortune telling on these decks, then the meanings will be different. Jupiter is not the pope (and vice versa).
  5. What JUPITER doing here ? Jupiter on trump №5 in Besançon pattern decks, not in TdM !
  6. Italian and Swiss and France types - the canonical. And nothing "fake-occult". Here is information about all Tarot trumps symbolism, but in Russian ( can be translated by simple google-translater : there is an option below the list of tages) https://tarot76.blogspot.com/2019/05/blog-post_14.html
  7. Absolutely perfect deck. After all that "esoteric-occult BS fake decks", this one is REAL CLASSIC.
  8. D76

    The Lovers

    Lee3, +1
  9. Most of us worry too much about what others think of us.
  10. Yes, and the Virgin Mary too. + 3) Abbess : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abbess 4) Fides (Faith) virtue 5) The spirit of papacy 6) papacy caricature 7) Pope Joan (Ioannes Anglicus) aka Popess Joan 8/ fake (nothing...just like a parody of hypothetical „pope’s wife”).
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