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  2. Most of us worry too much about what others think of us.
  3. Yes, and the Virgin Mary too. + 3) Abbess : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abbess 4) Fides (Faith) virtue 5) The spirit of papacy 6) papacy caricature 7) Pope Joan (Ioannes Anglicus) aka Popess Joan 8/ fake (nothing...just like a parody of hypothetical „pope’s wife”).
  4. One of the versions says that №2 Popess is the personification of the Catholic Church. Allegory of the Church. In many images, the "allergory of the church" is painted the same way as the Popess in Tarot (looks like).
  5. Same story. I just finished reading this book, and I want to say that this theory from the author is a complete absurdity. Peter Mark Adams – another science fiction writer in the community of tarologists. Good thing, I found a buyer for this "book." (for resale).
  6. Queen of Wands into №9 Hermit egregore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqneqHdELr8
  7. Because 99 % of tarot-decks from Kickstarter is real cheap trash. imho.
  8. I look at these Tarot projects on Kickstarter, and I want to cry ...)) It's all like a farce. Circus.Tarot egregor turned into....hm...tasteless, cheap pop-trash. Like a tatooed Justin Bieber.
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