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  1. I don't have a huge collection but the Fey Tarot is my go to. I'm trying to branch out a little now but I just love the imagery on the Fey.
  2. Bit late for OP but for anyone coming to this thread for suggestions I have a flourite palm stone that I find very soothing. The texture is smooth and glass like so nice to hold in your hand and the colours are gorgeous.
  3. I must admit I laughed when Bran said he was going now. Like "Later Dudes" and then just noped right out of there. Lyanna Mormont, what a way to go out. Horrible but epic at the same time. Really showed her grit and determination to the end. I assume Jamie is still around for the showdown with Cersei, not sure about Brienne, her story seems like it's finished but maybe she'll accompany Jamie? I can't see both brothers surviving, maybe one but not both but we'll see. I'm not sure how they are going to top that episode to be honest.
  4. My garden. It might not be as private as I would like or as large but at least we do have a garden; not always possible with a flat.
  5. Looking good. I like the profile editor and it's nice having the option to add a cover photo to our profile. Just one thing, the YT video in your signature Saturn is humongous. I don't mind signatures but I'm not too keen on sigs that take up half a page or the whole page in this instance. Any plans to slightly limit signature sizes in general?
  6. No I don't do this. I do sometimes doubt myself when I start to lay out the cards; whether I shuffled them enough, that kind of thing but then I read the cards as is otherwise I'll learn nothing. It's a bit like asking your friend for advice and then sticking your fingers in your ears while they are speaking. Don't ask the question if you are only prepared to accept one answer.
  7. I'm pretty happy with my tarot journey. If anything I could say I should read more as I don't feel like I've learnt that much compared to the amount of time I've been reading for (over a decade) but I'd rather not force it or it may stop being enjoyable.
  8. Not yet but I am debating whether to chuck out the boxes for the Shadowscape Tarot and the Tarot of the Dead as I'm trying to keep the clutter down and they are too big to keep assembled and too ugly once folded flat. The other boxes are mostly fine as the decks are either stored in the box or are only the size of the deck anyway so easier to store.
  9. The only problem I can see is she may become attached to what now feels like "her" deck and may not want to give it back and seeing as she is a new friend you don't actually know how reliable she is at giving back things. If you don't mind the possibility that your deck may not come back to you then feel free to loan it out, otherwise I would wait.
  10. New neighbours and a niggling feeling that we can't trust them. We live in a house that was converted into flats. Shared driveway, allocated parking and garden for each flat but not fenced off. An old bike of mine that was broken but we were going to strip down for parts went missing within a week of them moving in. Not outside the realm of possibility that someone just walked into the garden and took it because we've had that before (and why I should have remembered to lock it up but I was rearranging things and forgot to lock it back up.) but other little things are bothering me. My partner has said the same thing. Not really anything we can do about that other than be a bit guarded (and maybe buy a CCTV camera) but it's a bit unsettling when we have to live in the same building.
  11. It was such a wholesome episode in a lot of ways but where GOT is concerned that is such an unusual thing you know it's because they are going to rip our hearts to pieces next week. Tormund was hilarious throughout and I loved his reaction at the end clapping for Brianne although my face during the giant story must have been a picture. :bhehe: Arya and that scene. For the character it totally made sense. She wanted something so she went out and got it but watching Maisie Williams the actress did feel a bit like I was watching my younger sister suddenly getting it on. (Both she and my sister are adults but still it felt uncomfortable.) I thought it was shot in a more subtle way compared to most GOT scenes of that nature probably because they knew it might get a bit of a reaction because the actress does look young. (I think she's actually 22 now) My favourite theory for next week is to do with what lies below and I think that may be why Arya was running in the season 8 trailer. It's bound to be horrifying whatever happens. It's all been building up to this for so long I think it's going to be pretty unrelenting.
  12. You can't really go wrong with a 3 card spread. It normally has enough for the general feel of the situation although if it's something a little bit more serious or in depth I am trying to branch out into larger readings. I don't tend to have a lot of big burning questions though.
  13. Sometimes this but most of the time I prefer to leave the deck shuffled. I often leave the cards from the last reading on top just in case I want to look back over them later in the day and then next time, if I remember, I'll insert them randomly into the deck before shuffling unless the last reading was just a daily draw, then I don't bother. New decks I absolutely put into the right order so I can check they are all there and also to get a good overview of each suit.
  14. Thoth tarot. I think the deck is visually stunning and feel like I should at least look through the cards once in a while for comparison sake but I have zero interest in the symbolism used, it's just not my cup of tea at all, for various reasons.
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