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  1. @Bodhiseed I've been a huge fan of Esmeralda's Silent Tarot for years. (I have two large decks and one standard.) Unfortunately, I missed out on Insectorum Divinorum, but I'm excited to see it in action this week.
  2. Thank you for the thread, VG. Please sign me up with the Otherkin Tarot and a cleromancy set (of trinkets, coins, and bits of jewlery).
  3. @Mi-Shell I've been loving your wonderful Bird readings. What a lovely note to end the week on!
  4. @Katie That would be my favorite Tower card if I had this deck. I thought I could live without it. *Deep sigh.* You're making it very hard on me.
  5. Totally understandable. Also, I've signed up with two tarot decks in the past. I'm pretty sure others have, too.
  6. @Katie Do you have to drop out? Can't you just switch decks? I've done that before.
  7. @Bodhiseed You're right -- they've been around for a long while! I've been a huge fan of "The Playing Card Oracles" ever since the book and deck set was first published in 2002 by Two Sisters Press in Denver. C.J. Freeman's fantastical artwork grabbed me first. Then, the well-written book by Ana Cortez sealed the deal. Sometimes, I wonder why I keep dabbling in tarot. For purposes of divination, I have to admit that the PCO deck and system is really all I need. In addition to all the content on reading playing cards, the PCO book includes a method for using playing cards to figure geomantic calculations. That impressed me so much and still does. Photos below... The artwork in three of the PCO cards incorporate a geomantic figure: 6 of Diamonds -- Fortuna Minor 3 of Diamonds -- Caput Draconis 2 of Clubs -- Conjunctio https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geomantic_figures
  8. @VGimlet Thank you for this week's thread and everything you do to keep us on track! Honestly, I'm awful. Last week, I kept forgetting to check back in. I wasn't able to take much time for cards at all. I'm in this week with The Playing Card Oracles deck. I started re-watching the Oracle School videos on youtube this morning. If anyone else is interested, here's a link to the playlist (click on Oracle School):
  9. Thank you for the thread, VG. This week, I'm in with DRAK Cartomancy Playing Cards. This deck came from Jorge Cuaik at the Wandering Oracle a couple years ago when he was still offering them. They are scanned from his own antique deck. I am crazy about these cards! They are bridge-size, made from high-quality SMOOTH card stock. And like the original, every back is unique! I marked them with titles and keywords from "The Playing Card Oracles" by Ana Cortez.
  10. Wow! @Mi-Shell the Stone Tarot artwork is really striking. I love those cards.
  11. Thank you for the thread, VG. Antique Anatomy Tarot, Ed. II and Oracle of Oddities, 1st & 2nd Ed.
  12. @Mi-Shell I am so sorry your Stone Tarot deck is making you feel like crawling back in bed and hiding! I've been there, and I think you were right in the first place -- use your intuition, respond to the artwork in your own way, forget about the rules, or even make your own rules.
  13. Hey @AJ-ish/Sharyn Three reviews is great!! It just takes me way too long to write and edit, write and edit to even think about doing another one anytime soon. It's quite a chore. Yes, the CM appears on all of the cards. I made peace with Ciro's monogram years ago. In my mind, it's part of the artwork. Now, I enjoy finding it in new images in a new deck. However, it must recede and blend when I'm reading, because I don't see it. In fact, when I read your observation that CM was flying out of the Tower, I thought, no way, and scrolled up to look. Yep, there it is, flying out the window as if it were a puff of smoke. It took me a long time to re-locate it in the 4 of Coins, however. My favorite King and Cups...
  14. Tarot Grand Luxe speaks to me in a way that very few decks ever do. Here's one of my favorite combinations...
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