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  1. Thank you! Yes, it's from a limited edition of 50. The Antiquarian Tarot is a deck I already have (standard size and large). And after many years of collecting back-ups, I finally stopped a couple of years ago. But... Gilded edges!
  2. At long last!! A pristine Antiquarian Tarot Gold landed on my doorstep this morning! This one is number 12 of 50. The card stock is smooth and the edges are gilded gold. Honestly, I didn't think I'd ever have one since I missed out on Maree Bento's issue of it in 2017. But eBay and my youngest son came to my rescue. Woo hoo!!!
  3. I'm in with the Antiquarian Tarot and Destroyed Dondorf Lenormand this week. Thank you, VG
  4. The Steele Wizard Tarot has been around since 2006. I found my deck about that time in a metaphysical book store that no longer exists. I hadn't seen it before and bought it based on the grand heavy 2-piece box -- the bottom in particular. Over the years, I've wished the cards weren't so large and thought about trimming them. But I do love a black border and so never pull out the scissors. Today, I'm trying a corner-riffle technique that is working very well. This is the first image I've uploaded in awhile. I thought we were limited on size, but the system accepted the whole 2.4 mb. I'll be interested (with a little trepidation) to see what it looks like...
  5. @Katie I got rid of the Faerie Tarot by Nathalie Hertz three times before I finally realized that I love it. Now, I really can't remember what was bothering me about it. The scenic borders are fabulous. PS: And I never realized that all of the ladies in the 4's have their eyes closed. Great observation!
  6. I'd like to jump in with the Steele Wizard Tarot this week. It has been a year or two since I last worked with it. Thank you, VG
  7. Please sign me up: TdM - Marteau Grimaud and Flonz Lenormand I am (anxiously) awaiting delivery of the TdM Millennium Edition deck. If it arrives this week, I will switch tarot decks. Thank you, VG
  8. Please sign me up with the CBD Tarot de Marseille and Dondorf Lenormand (1878, unrestored). Thank you, VG
  9. For those who love Duck Soup's Tarot of the Zirkus Magi, like I do, I just discovered "American Experience: The Circus" on Netflix. Admittedly, I'm only 5 minutes into it, but I'm hugely happy so far. https://www.netflix.com/title/81076042
  10. Please sign me up with the Daveluy Lenormand deck. This week, I'm focusing on getting through The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook (Caitlin Matthews) and completing all of the practices. Thank you, VG
  11. I really like to have a playing card insert or at least a notation, because I don't know if I will ever have all 36 cards memorized. So, if it's a deck I like a lot, I use a silver or gold Sharpie to make the notation. Thank you for sharing your research and comments @HOLMES The Mystery Secrets Lenormand Oracle is one I'd love to have, but this is the one I'd want first (from the same studio)... https://www.etsy.com/listing/612146287/victorian-lenormand-vintage-oracle-cards?ref=landingpage_similar_listing_top-3&frs=1 I just can't pass up Victorian engravings! Or Victorian anything, really...
  12. It arrived Monday aboard the blue Amazon van: The El Goliath Tarot Deck (kit). (Now, I have somebody besides the postman to stalk...)
  13. Thank you again @DanielJUK and for explaining the rationale behind the placement. I can't imagine how I would've found it on my own. And Happy Birthday to You!
  14. Thank you @DanielJUK!!! You are a scholar and a prince!
  15. Thank you @Jewel!!!! Call me stupider. I've literally been searching for my pm box all morning! PS: I've found some pretty interesting stuff along the way...
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