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Deck Wishlist


Antiquarian Tarot with gilded edges

Aquarius Tarot

Australian Contemporary Dreamtime Tarot

Babylonian Tarot

Cloisters Tarot

Daughters of the Moon Tarot (78 B&W "color-it-yourself" cards)

Deva Tarot

Dodal TdM (Flornoy)

Fantastical Tarot (printed in Belgium)

Golden Botticelli Tarot  

I-Ching Tarot (Cheung Kwong Yin)

Ironwing Tarot, 78 cards Maat Tarot,

Ravenswood Eastern Tarot

Red Deck Tarot (tarotbyseven)

Sakki-Sakki Tarot

Tarot of Delphi

Tarot of Inspiration (Berenika)

Templar Tarot (Allen Chester)



Any Lenormand deck by Karin Dalton-Smith (Etsy: TeaWithKarin)

Arthur Rackham Oracle

Björn Meuris' Geûens-Willaert Lenormand c. 1903*

Celtic Lenormand

Esmeralda Lenormand

Heraldic Lenormand

McLoughlin's Lenormand c.1882: Mystic Cards of Fortune*

Mystic Blues Lenormand*

Paris Debono cards!

Gypsy Lore Fortune Telling Cards, vintage

Vintage German Lenormand KALEIDOSCOPE Edition (Etsy: tarotbyseven)


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