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  1. This is a great idea! I believe the Luna Sol has some POC and LGBTQ representation: https://liminal11.com/product/the-luna-sol-tarot/ VERY excited for the Modern Witch Tarot: https://liminal11.com/2018/04/25/the-modern-witch-tarot/ Bridge Witches Tarot is Pittsburgh-specific, but has POC, LGBTQ representation, different body shapes and sizes: (the old tumblr is a great place to see and read a lot about it): https://bridgewitches.tumblr.com/ Also a Kickstarter for the This Might Hurt Tarot launched today! Also has POC and LGBTQ representation:
  2. I also don't know anything about Osho, but I've a fun story about coming to the deck. I've been with my current therapist for over 4 years and never noticed some of the trinkets/books/etc sitting on her shelves. When I told her I started learning tarot, she told me she doesn't read, but has a Zen deck "over there" and I thought that was cool, but didn't look at it. Months into me learning tarot and learning a lot more about decks, I realize that the deck she has is the Osho Zen, so I shuffle and draw a card. I get the Page of Clouds ("Mind") which, frankly, I felt kind of offended by seeing as though I was sitting in therapy! ;D But...I did feel connected to the card and have been drawing a new card in each session since.
  3. I started feeling like I was learning a secret language when tarot started to click for me. Not secret in the sense that no one else knows it (though no one else knows it quite like *you*), but in that I've so far kept my tarot to myself...so it's like no one else knows that I know a secret language! Agree that it might not make one smarter, but definitely a better thinker, and, yes, I like the word cerebral. There is so much knowledge associated with reading tarot over multiple fields and disciplines...I like that I feel like I can just keep learning more and more. We're all perpetual students!
  4. It's nice to see how others feel about this. I will also read a card intuitively and if I feel the need to go back to a book may find that I was "wrong." I'm trying not to think of it as wrong, though, but as the cards speaking to me in that particular moment.
  5. Thanks, everyone! Happy to be here. :) AJ-ish/Sharyn[/member] Your 3 week rule is a great idea!
  6. That mermaid cat deck! I didn't know I needed mer-cats in my life, but apparently I do. I don't have a cat deck yet, though I've wanted one. Someone mentioned wanting a great black cat deck and that's my dream. The humanoid cats of the Black Cats Tarot don't do it for me. I said goodbye to my beautiful black cat before I started reading tarot and I'd love to have a deck in her honor. <3
  7. Hi everyone, just wanted to introduce myself! I'm AnnaInWanderland, or just Anna. My pronouns are she/her and I've been reading for a little less than a year. I use it therapeutically and to help me journal--something I used to do religiously but got away from in the last few years. My undergrad degree is in English lit and my MFA is in nonfiction writing--so naturally I enjoy reading, interpretation, and connecting with others through words and story. Tarot seemed like a totally new and different way to do these things I already love. And when I become interested in new things, I get a bit obsessive--I read about it constantly, watch Youtube videos, talk about it nonstop. Tarot is a little different because it's felt very personal so far. I haven't talked about it with anyone other my partner and a few close friends. But I would love to learn more and to learn from others and a forum seemed like a good way to start! So hello!
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