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  1. Hi @DanielJUK and thank you for the feedback. It's the day after our marathon return flights so I'm still a bit ungrounded and woozy, but I will come back to you. I really enjoyed our exchange this month, and I liked the challenge of needing to go deeper and try to find the messages in the cards. It's like taking my ability to read cards to the next level. I hope June got off to a good start, Daniel, and look forward to catching up with you again on the boards!
  2. This is definitely something that I am working on right now, and have been since the start of the year. Old patterns are not working, and I'm becoming aware of them only now, taking a much harder look at myself. Cool! It is good to focus on what is helping my growth and try to let go of anything that is just getting in the way. It's funny, I drew the Death card the other day (before this reading was posted) from the Deviant Moon deck. Synchronicity, methinks! Just as a matter of interest, with the plant cards drawn below, do you think taking these as foods/supplements is part of the "treatment"? Do you know, I strongly suspect that I was shown this leaf as a young child and how to recognise it and how it was safe to eat. And it was DELICIOUS! I can see this plant and how you have interpreted it as being accurate. I do cope with tough challenges, I keep going. Stopping is just not an option. I like to think I can be a good friend, and it's lovely to see this coming up in that way, but I do know that there's something about me that throws people a little. I dunno. I just seem to operate on a different wavelength or something... I certainly care a lot about the people in my circle. And perhaps part of the issue is that I am more comfortable offering help than asking for it. In terms of nourishment, I certainly have so many ideas and thoughts about how best to care for my family, and this is my number one priority. It's good to know that there is a path of service to others, particularly in terms of healing. I do have the feeling that I need to work out some "kinks" in my own character/ego/shadow so that I can be better able to help others. Until now, I never even considered my shadow or any shadow traits I might have, but something in me has brought different things to my awareness, which I'm grateful for and which I would now like to work with more. Yeah, the bit about self-care. See, the thing is, unless I'm convinced that someone competent and able is taking over from me while I'm having down-time, I'm not likely to leave and take the time out that I need. If I see that the person who will be taking over is tired, or grumpy, or a bit spacey, then I won't leave. It kinda ties into the Plantain card, too - I just. keep. going. Hmmmm, interesting. What am I holding on to that I would be better off letting go of? On a practical level, I know it would be better to let go of my smart phone. I would miss it HORRIBLY, but I know my quality of life would improve. Me and EMFs are not a good mix. The other thing I think of are relationships. We're heading home to the NH to visit family and friends we haven't seen in 3.5 years, and some of those people have been quite difficult for me to get on with. Some of them have revealed shadows that caught me off-guard. Perhaps it's not necessarily about letting these relationships go, but about letting go of any romantic, rose-tinted notions I have about them. Perhaps holding onto the Plantain energy while I'm with them - being down-to-earth and focusing on nourishment (my own as well as those others) - is the way forward with these people? I love your story about the dog-on-wheels. I mean, it's creepy thinking about it, but I can see exactly what you mean about crossing over into unhealthy territory by holding onto some things. Nettle is interesting, isn't it? One thing that comes to mind (taking into account what's going on in my life right now, and the other cards in the reading) is the ability to say sharp words to others whose shadows have taken over. Here's the thing: the other day I was trying to come to terms with the fact that the people I love without reservation had reservations of their own about me. Which was an utter shock. And I wanted to be able to deal with these people without "hating" them, or making them into "the bad guys". And the way forward that came to me was realising that what I was dealing with was their shadow aspects. And everyone has a shadow aspect. EVERYONE. And that means that they are just as worthy of my love as ever, and that it is ok for me to deal with the shadow that presents without falling into hate. This might relate to what I said above? Taking something negative and turning it into a positive? @DanielJUK thank you so much. This really is a lovely reading. I feel that I've only scratched the surface with it and that if I reflect on it further I will have more insights. Or perhaps I need to have the experiences first to understand the messages here? Either way, if I do think of more, I will share it with you. Letting people go from my life is sad. I get it, sometimes relationships just don't gel, or people change, but I don't know. Everyone is so valuable. They hold within them worlds of wisdom and experience and insight. And how do I judge who to let go of? How do I judge when something is taking too much effort, or just the necessary amount of effort to maintain a friendship? These are questions I ponder as I think a bit deeper - if you can answer them, please do! But I'm not necessarily asking them of you, just "writing out loud" LOL. Do you think I've grasped the reading correctly, or have I missed something? Thank you again, Daniel. It's lovely to have a reading with a deck I've not had experience with before, and perhaps I'll bring my Hedgewitch book with me on holiday!
  3. Hi @DanielJUK Yes, this was what I'd done with our exchange thread, but wasn't getting notifications. And when I clicked on it again to see why I had a dialog box tell me that my settings were not set up to allow notifications on new threads. Or something like that. I can't remember the exact phrasing. (PC issues yesterday so I couldn't even get a screenshot.) Today is different. When I click on the Following button and see the drop down menu, it all looks fine. I suppose I'll have to see what happens when you post. There are so many ways to get notifications, that it's quite possible what I had in one place was interfering with settings in another.... Yes, I have email notifications switched off but I don't automatically follow content I post in or reply to. Further down that Notifications window are other settings to do with posting and replying which I have switched on. So, in summary there are three places that we can change notification settings that I know of. There's the Follow icon on a thread; the Notifications window you showed above, and also the Manage Followed Content window: It's possible something somewhere was interfering with something somewhere else. I'll wait and see how it goes from now on. Thanks for helping, Daniel!
  4. Sounds wonderful! Is that the road that becomes the Nullarbor in WA? How are you getting on with your list? Have you found any things you can do to help with your next step?
  5. This is such a beautiful reading, Daniel. Lots going on here - something has been stirred up. Let me try and make sense of the emotions and thoughts and I'll come back later this evening. Thank you!!
  6. I have my settings set to receive forum notifications when there are new posts in threads I follow. The notifications appear here in the forum, not via email. My most recent threads however don't show notifications even when there's new content in threads. When I go to the thread and try to set up notifications to correct this, I'm told that my settings aren't set up for it. What option shoud i be clicking to get this to work? Screenshot to follow shortly when I'm back on my pc.
  7. @DanielJUK thank you for the reading. I'm so sorry for not replying sooner, I never got any notification about the new post! I shall read it now and come back to you ASAP.
  8. Thanks, @Arabella! That's an interesting idea and I'll have to do some work around that. I can relate to the disdain part and sometimes I am aware that I am not answering someone but turning and walking away because what they've said doesn't deserve a response, but those times feel very different from the freeze and disappear times. But I will work with this idea and see if both issues have some relation to each other. Thank you for sharing this with me. I hope you're feeling well rested after your trip. Starlight
  9. Thank you, @McFaire! I have successfully managed to set up a stream called My Unread Content, set it as my default, and now I can find it again thanks to your pointing out where it is at the top and bottom of the site. Many thanks!
  10. I may be misunderstanding, but does the annual sub only last till the end of Dec? If someone subs in Sept, for ex, do they have to renew again in Dec?
  11. @BrightEye, I've created a thread for your reading here.
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