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  1. I'm pleasantly surprised to see so many people here say they still use CC. I remember at AT people used to say they felt it would be easier to use 3-5 for most queries. I sometimes got nagged for posting readings with too many cards... I like 3-5 cards, but only if I just want the gist of it. Also I like old numbered readings laid out like a line... 3 card in particular, I find my Mind's eye likes to break it down to be like a Tarot sandwich. The meat in the middle and the bread slices... so it'll be [1] [2] [3]... I'll sometimes read card 1 + 3 together as reflected elements and treat the middle card as the main subject...
  2. You could ask for link-backs to your store from bloggers, etc. It helps with SEO the more you have linking back to your main digs. If it's something that you're truly passionate about doing, then it might even be fun to collaborate with others for their feedback. It would be up to you of course. Honestly, I watch so much more YT than I do real TV these days. I've gotten all sorts of products that I've seen used there and recommended by people. So much talent on there.
  3. It's pretty normal to black out. I'm used to getting information constantly outside of reading, but say I've been reading very intensively for several days in a row non-stop, it will inevitably bring on a black-out if I don't break. I know when it happens too, because the cards will come back garbage and the spread will be very literal and parodic. It's like my cards have put up a sign that says "Out of service" and are letting me know I lost signal. If you've also been developing your gift rigorously lately, that's also normal and healthy to black out in-between growth spurts. They become less common as you open more and get more "bandwidth". It's like you're making more room for the higher volumes of information (or energy) that you're taking in. If you can tell it's going out, be careful not to force too much prior because it can trip up your accuracy. Maybe you've heard of stressing the 3rd eye, it's like that, but really short-term. I've found when I push through, I get crazy stuff and then it just goes out. It should come back feeling nice and shiny, robust, etc. I find that it helps a lot with improving accuracy to know when the cut off happens and to let it run it's course. It also helps with telling the difference between gobbly-gook (bad stream) and when you're actually picking up something legit. So that comes with time I think, but it will come. It's like it learns from your most recent readings how to pick up more and has to make room to accommodate, is how I would describe it What libra describes I also agree is way to avoid a total black out when you least need it. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming and make you really question your skill-level, because what comes right before can be pretty jumbled (that's why I call it gobbled-y-gook). It's so bizarre too when it happens to me, a total black out, and I feel really refreshed and everything feels new. It's just natural for me to feel things, and when it's off it's like I'm off the leash. People are a blank slate. I can normally feel quite a bit around letters, in voices, things like that, so it can be noisy. That is all gone. It's actually really wonderful when it happens. I treasure those moments because they let me forget those things exist for at least a few days and I can really wind down... I can just savor life.
  4. I agree with you, libra, about the Death. I think there's a lot of lessons of nature that it very cleverly wrapped in with its appearance. The other for me would be Tower, of course. I try not to assume automatically the negative meaning for cards when they are drawn. Tower for me has come to mean that I will get a sudden realization, and yes can be shocking at first, but it's something that's desperately needed in the moment at times.. we need those shocks to dispel things that may be holding us back in life. I treat Towers in my self-reads sometimes as a freak accident, like it is happening for a reason... it's not a coincidence that we experience upheaval in our lives, there's some reason behind that is my belief. So I view it as a blessing. Devil I treat as a 'the strange one'. He shows up in fairly mundane positions in some of my self-readings. Sometimes I'm not really sure what he is conveying because it feels dettached when I read it, because there doesn't really seem to be anything major going on at that moment... so I take it as a sign that I need to check i's and t's, maybe I forgot to do something or maybe just look at my reversals closer as there may be something missing there. I use reversals almost exclusively for "read more", here are some elements you are unaware of, etc... similar to Tower, there is something that is either about to go off or being missed, but it's not going to be as obvious as Death/Twr... and it may even be an actual fluke. But I connect this card with ignorance, sometimes cognitive dissonance. It's easier to connect it with something major like relationship-toxicity, but I think he covers a lot of ground as far as more mundane things in my readings as well. I remember reading at AT someone mentioning he was a good omen for being more relaxed with our sexuality or learning to let loose a little... I have to agree :shhh:
  5. I don't see how anyone could realistically stop someone from using the cards. Some laws have been known to be a bit impractical. For example, homosexuality. @Protesting Why in the heck would I do that?? Then that would likely let everyone know that I am a card reader. It would be much much harder to continue doing so in peace. I don't generally make big fanfare of my beliefs and what I do that is taboo, though, but as I'm getting older I'm finding myself becoming more sentimental and wanting to make those themes in my life more front and center while I can. So it's a possibility. It would be easier if the thing that caused it to be become taboo were to taper off, I think I would see a lot of sense in petitioning a change in the laws. For example, homosexuality didn't really become a public affair until religion started to suffer a decline.
  6. The decks with no real imagery on them that they used to sell for cheap near the front of the Barnes N n Noble. I've seen them as basic as roman numerals and maybe some color variation. There was one with card stock so thick and heavy it was sort of impossible to shuffle them. They felt like pieces for a board game than a deck of cards. I did find the Hanson Roberts that way though and the cards are quite small but still highly detailed imagery. I preferred the size at the time for lack of space and the fact I tend to run larger when it comes to my spreads.
  7. A prediction is only an estimation. Tarot reading isn't a precise venture. It's using the tools at hand to detect/predict outcomes, but the interpretation with those tools is by no means a guarantee. A weatherman can use tools to make predictions. Satellite data, a history of our climate, knowledge of general weather patterns, an understanding in climate science in general, access to weather models and computational predictive data from 6-7 sources around the world describing what may happen. He can estimate the weather based on all that, but still he cannot say for sure that a storm is going to occur over Main st and San Jacinto Avenue and create a torrential downpour. He can just say it may rain, it may not... it may be stormy, it may be cloudy... but he can't guarantee when it will rain and where. Like Tarot, the closer it is to the date of prediction, the better the accuracy of the prediction Maybe because there's fewer balls in the air that have not dropped. I guess. So if we were to put a disclaimer. I think it's clearer to say it's not an exact science. To some degree, it's dependent on the skill (and intuition) of both the Tarot reader and the weather man. There's never a guarantee and predictions can be goofed.
  8. For me it is Celtic Cross by far... but I will do 3/5 carder for quick stuff, especially if it's something I don't want so much information back on. The "Very Bad Day" spread I amusingly use quite often on my Tarot app (Galaxy Tarot) even though most of the time, it is not a bad day at all. I just find the energy it gives back sometimes to be quite well... awesome. It cuts through the nonsense and lets me know what my priority should be for the day and what really isn't and the other spreads in the app are not so good for this.
  9. I don't know that I'm right (or wrong). I just thought that was such an interesting connection and I would've never thought to have explored that for Tinnitus. I ended my long health crisis going through Amazon reviews for supplements as a last resort. That is where I discovered the Magnesium-link for my issue when I was getting desperate. I'd always suspected a vitamin-deficiency and my little voice in my head said as much, but with how sick I was, it was hard to believe and I didn't even know where to even begin to look for answers. It's how I finally resolved my Fibromyalgia as well, a label no one wants to be cursed with because it offers no explanation. Ironically enough, I also started with Magnesium because of Kidney stones, but it helps IBS-C as well. Now I'm just dealing with the little things that went unnoticed in my back after I was rid of those muscle spasms. Tarot was a real comfort for me during those years. That's probably why I never cared to "go pro" (not the camera), it would've interfered with what became my most intimate practice. It's interesting the salt does that for you. Salt causes your body to retain more fluids, so maybe it is fluid-related? For HBP related to Afib, they will prescribe a diuretic like Lasix/Furesomide to protect the heart from the excess fluid. Fortunately my ears are fine, except for pain every now and then related to my jaw... that's grinding my teeth at night, probably because I struggle to find a good sleeping position. I'm starting to get better sleep now finally. I understand what you mean though by meds that can make you sicker. I just got off an anti-depressant/Elavil for sleep&bladder, and it was a very rough withdrawal. Some people take a few years to wean off and I had read some are even prescribed droppers to taper off at a very tiny doses and it can make you quite ill. That's crazy to me...
  10. bookshop[/member] This beautiful card setup would last about 10 minutes in my home until my cat realizes I've put something on the table for her to both knock over and take a nap on. It never fails. For some reason my studio/work-area is not considered fair-game if I run my cards there. I think it helps I built it to be a really long+deep worktop and she gets to take one end of it for herself, so we've compromised... :D I made a Tarot-only area, but right now it's covered in books+papers until I finish up my storage so I can put that pile away. I have a big mirror setup over the top of it with a "leafy" frame and it has a very cute laptop desk and an artist' chair. It hasn't gotten much use yet. I'll take a picture when it is finished. But for now, my tarot area is my desk...
  11. Pretty much like Padma, we did a civil service at the court. I did buy a dress (not white). It was off the rack though :shhh:. Still gorgeous nonetheless. My husband also wore a suit. We made good impression on the people there as well as the judge (apparently). The only non-romantic part was having to go through the metal detectors to meet with the judge, but they had a room with pews setup with a archway for the couple. We had an intimate get together with family afterwards and then another later that night with family and everyone else. Everyone important to us was there at the ceremony and at our dinner which was all that was important. What we saved in not paying for a wedding, we used to move back to Texas and plan our roots. Now we have a home that we're doing work on to prepare for a family. I took up wood-working/DIY and have become more handy so that I could start to update things. The house itself is fine, just needed some fresh paint and TLC. Most we had to buy was an air condenser, everything else is up to date. It has a big fenced in yard for the pups. One side the husband and I did together (the fence) and we're about the do the other side at the end of the month. This time I'll probably be more helpful since I've gotten better (and more comfortable) with power tools since the first time.
  12. I have it in both ears, non-stop. It sounds like a swarm of cicadas. Some days it's louder than others. Wouldn't be so bad if I lived in an area where cicadas were native, but they don't live in Maine so it's an unnatural sound to hear all the time. It's less noticeable during the day at least. Drives me buggy in the dead of the night in the middle of winter. Like, there are NO bugs of any kind alive this time of year outside to be singing like that. :bugeyed: Yet, I hear them anyway. Forever. In the summer time though, my parents' pond has those peeper frogs that sing at night - LOUD - and they do a pretty good job of drowning it out. Really not so bad then. Although, if I had to listen to that 24/7 I think I'd go batty. Last night it was 3 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Will spring ever get here??! I'm freezing over here. :'( Toadie, I heard some medicines can make this happen (the tinnitus)...Im just on thyroid meds ,but have it tuned up just a tiny bit...so Im just a tiny bit out of the norm range, which is different in every country...(figures, hey?) I had slightly high blood pressure, but dropped the coffee and do decaf...and trying to down size with salt (that's harder to do)...I walk hills, and Ive always been into some kind of fitness for many years...so blood pressure went back down...BUT, tinnitus can be from that BP....and if i do more salt than I should, then that one ear gets louder (too weird, huh?)...Mine is kind of like when a radio station goes off air...or a tv channel goes off air for a few moments, but this is continuous..grrrrrr Yeah, meds can cause it or make it worse. My existed before the meds I'm on but it got worse after (the Topamax). I'm on a blood pressure med for my anxiety (the Proprananol). They tell me that my blood pressure is really good, but my family has that otosclerosis that runs in the family. Me, both my sisters, and one of my first cousins that I know of. My father has the same symptoms but he insists that it's because he's worked so many years on air bases. ::) My symptoms have reached the point that it's now in both ears and I have pitch loss. I can no longer hear parts of the soprano range. :'( That reminds me. I did some health searching recently. I was looking into Turmeric+Ginger supplement (mainly Turmeric) for my upper back inflammation to maybe replace my NSAID. I read a review and somewhere it said it relieved Tinnitus(??) ... they suspected it could be inflammation-related. I have no idea really, but I thought that was such an interesting revelation. All of us have inflammation to some degree, especially with stress. I'm on an NSAID right now to correct my posture as I am having a problem with my neck. Desk work/computer work is so bad for our health... and so I am realizing... I'm doing better now though.
  13. I don't think I have a phobia exactly. Maybe an aversion is more accurate. Roaches gross me out (especially German-type *shudders*), as an example, but I'll gladly murder them and their entire family without a second thought... after I finishing shrieking, anyway.
  14. Sure, the themes vary quite a bit. I studied the default theme because it's the first "page" anyone sees and would effect conversion rates. I didn't think it was necessary to critique every theme available. The only idea I have there is if they will give multiple options on the next plat, consider keeping some consistency so that the feel of the site will be the same across theme settings.
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