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  1. Nanook

    Madam Clara

    Just saw this on Kickstarter and wanted to share.
  2. Aaaargh! *feebly shaking my fist at Saturn Celeste* Why do you torture me with this cuteness? *putting deck in cart*
  3. I just got mine and haven’t had a chance to open it - should I return it?
  4. I’ve been watching this one. It’s beautiful.
  5. Hi I’m still here thanks
  6. Mine arrived today and it is taking every bit of self control I have to not open it right now. I'm at work and don't think studying tarot is in my job description :-)
  7. Thank you! It’s been a lovely day. I love birthdays! <3 <3 <3
  8. The Magna Veritas. A girl can dream...
  9. https://www.daniellebarlowart.com/green-wheel-oracle Worth looking into, I think. The art is gorgeous.
  10. I love the sepia tones but do I love them enough to buy the deck again? Hmmmm....so tempting. So very tempting.
  11. Hope you’re feeling better, Grizabella. Sending healing thoughts and prayers.
  12. I found a partial Roots of Asia at one my favorite metaphysical shops while talking to the woman helping me look through their excellent deck selection. She was going to sell it to me for $20 since several cards were missing - and then another person said, “Wait, I think we have a pile of miscellaneous cards here, may be the missing ones are there!” And sure enough they were - and they still only charged me $25 for the complete deck. It is beautiful and peaceful and I cherish it.
  13. I was 14, it was the 1960s, and I was searching for answers, peace, something to quiet my thoughts. My local mall had a funny little gift shop, full of glass figurines, candles, stuff like that and they had the University Press RWS and the Aquarian . Also an I Ching set. It’s amazing they carried these things in my conservative town, but there they were and I snatched up all 3 and then went to the Pickwick Books - oh my goodness how I loved that bookstore! - and picked up a copy of Eden Gray’s Complete Guide To The Tarot. I studied and absorbed and got fairly good at reading. The cards calmed me and became a comfort. Then I met and married a man that had studied astrology quite thoroughly, along with the Bible and some rather strange interpretations of it. He also thought Tarot was entertaining but silly and possibly evil. He encouraged me to become Christian and at some point in my born-again zeal, I threw out my decks and book. I regretted it shortly thereafter but the damage was done. A few years ago, again in a cycle of searching, I was browsing my Barnes & Noble on a rainy Sunday and bought the Steampunk Tarot because I found it beautiful and a new RWS deck and and Eden Gray’s book. I discovered the AT forum and loved finding many kindred spirits there, study groups, questions & answers - not to mention many wonderful decks to purchase. I had no idea! My bank accounts are somewhat lighter now but it’s been a lot of fun. I love the art of tarot and am especially drawn to nature decks. I re-acquired my first love, a University Press RWS, through the AT forum. I will always be grateful to Rodney for making it available to me. The minute I received it, it felt like coming home.
  14. Nanook

    Jeri Totten?

    https://jae-larson-designs.myshopify.com/products/the-second-nature-tarot-coming-soon Looks like the Second Nature Tarot is available - and quite beautiful!
  15. You are not alone ;). Yeah, you’re definitely not alone! Perfectly stated.
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