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  1. I think that in this case the hermit might have represented that he was indeed looking for answers like the hermit does. So he was interested in what the cards would say.
  2. Alizon

    Lucid Dreaming

    Interesting. Did you ever use your dreams to experiement with it? Like asking questions to dream figures? Trying to find out what they represent for example ...
  3. Alizon

    Lucid Dreaming

    Hey Libra, sorry for the late reaction. I kind of forgot I made this thread ;) Some time ago I also used to make the reality checks all the time in the hopes of doing it in a dream again, but I did not have any luck and I have almost forgotten again to try to get lucid and dont do reality checks anymore. I envy you for your ability to notice that you are dreaming and what you have experienced. I hope some day I will get to this point. Since you said "This is my realm" - I read that dreams cannot always be manipulated completely and that there are still unexpected things happening and even that some of the dream figures seem to be kind of concious. I find this very fascinating. Did you have any weird experiences with dream figures? Also, do you meditate? I thought that this might be helpful when someone is trying to become concious in a dream.
  4. hey, I was wondering. Does anyone of you ever have lucid dreams? What is your favorite technique to induce a lucid dream? Do you meditate? I had a few lucid dreams at a time when I also meditated a lot, now I don't have any lucid dreams anymore. I also read that there is a connection to meditation practice. I love it when I get lucid in a dream. I think its absolutely fascinating how one can lay in bed and feel if flying through the air or having someone touch you and feel it or smell. One time I was thinking while I had such a dream: "wow,.. this is like having a hallucination. Its as if this is happening in "real life" ". What are your experiences? :)
  5. If I had to connect this card to "friend", the only way would be to see griefing and crying as your friend. Some people don't like to cry and always push worries aside, but I think it really helps if you sometimes just let it all out. Its such an important part of healing. The message for me could be "crying is your friend" cause you might feel better and consoled afterwards. OR one of your friends is in trouble at the time, and this is some sort of message that got to your subconcious?
  6. I think that if your intuition tells you something and it makes sense for you personally the meaning is right for you! I think as long as it makes sense to you it can't be "way off". When you go inside and ponder what moon means to you and the things you see in the card is there something that reminds you of being protected? If I had to connect the moon to protection I would think about how the moon card also shows part of the universe (just like the star card) and one might feel protected by "the universe" - in a spiritual sense... Also this card shows nighttime so in the dark things are not to be seen so clearly, in a sense this can mean a sort of protection. Imagine you got something to hide, or something you just don't want others to see. The soft moonlight won't illuminate all and reveal everything (like the sunlight would), so it could be protection from a disclosure.
  7. This. I will not even suggest anything else until you’ve gotten yourself checked out. I am sorry if this sounds harsh but I want you to take this seriously! <3 I agree with the others. Get well soon! <3
  8. Thanks everyone for your replies. :) good to know there are people from all kinds of places :))
  9. Hello Raggydoll :) that sounds great! I still have to look around a lot, but I am sure its a great place. :heartz:
  10. its not Slim Shady .. its Alizon :-) .. and I'd like to introduce myself. I am glad to have found such a lovely forum with active users <3 -Do you read Tarot or other Card systems?: I read Tarot and Lenormand cards, mostly for myself but also for my friends -How long have you been reading if so?: I have been reading the cards for a long time but spent more time on reading cards only during the last years. -Where did you find Tarot, Tea, & Me?: I just typed in Tarot Forum into Google and voila ;D -What would you like to learn here?: I would like to share opinions, gain new insights and perspectives on the tarot and I would like to practice reading the cards for strangers <3 oh ... and by the way english is not my first language just in case my english doesn't sound right from time to time.
  11. Ideally I get the feeling that it is time to stop. Sometimes I am just very sure of that feeling and thats when I also think that I can rely on the reading. Other times it seems like I just don't get that "stop"-feeling, which I kind of see that it might not be the right time for a reading or that I am not in the right mood. For a while I only used the cards that jumped out of the deck while shuffling and only when single cards jumped out. But I prefer the feeling that it is time to stop.
  12. When I read for myself I try to set the intention before the reading to find out the truth about a matter. I kind of ask the universe for the truth to make sure I am not shown something I just want to see (the truth is what I order so to say :-)). When interpreting I try to keep in mind to also think of the possible negative interpretations of a card. I think that your intuition will often tell you what it really is about. Thats why I think its important to also be in the right mood for a reading and to be relaxed, calm and open. Some time ago for example I had the death card come up in a reading and I just had a strong feeling that it is meant as a new beginning instead of a definite ending in the sense of "to start over" and to "start back from zero" - it turned out to be true.
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