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  1. Happy Birthday FCP! Wishing you an amazing day and celebration!
  2. no I think we all get the same landing page, but two suggestions..... - at the top is your saved default feed, like unread posts or a custom one. In the forum theme I have it's top right of every page and you can put any "feed" there you want, so you can just go straight to the threads and forum sections you want to see. There are other threads about this in help but you can custom filter and also have one default which is always at the top. - you don't have to enter at the landing front page! on my mobile version I have the forum index saved to save time. You just need to bookmark https://www.thetarotforum.com/forums/ or https://www.thetarotforum.com/notifications/ or any page you want as your landing page.
  3. yes @Chronata's Minute Tarot and Lenormand read so beautifully together, they are the same size card and same style, so really match well There isn't a tarot deck but the Mystical Lenormand and Mystical Kipper work really well together, the artwork is slightly different between the decks, like same artistic style but different images but they work together. I think doing mixed readings is experimental and it's great to try any decks together to see how they work! Sometimes completely different decks work really well, I like contrasting rather than being similar in a reading, it gives a better message (in my experimenting with mixing it up ).
  4. I am sure it's fine to post about it here @theoijonitamat because you are asking about it generally and not promoting your own business I think you have to make a decision if you want to tell friends and family about it or not, some professional readers do not tell their loved ones and some do, you can also tell some people and other people they don't. It's up to you how you want to do this and who you want to share with. If you don't want to tell your close ones, you might also want a business which doesn't have your real name on it. So I think it's a series of choices you have to think about, how open do you want to be with your business? Some pro readers do not have their real person details on their services, it's something to think about. Plenty of readers have a tarot business name and just say, hi I am "first name only" and nothing else. It's what you feel comfortable with and locally with your clients. I personally think it's a great idea to make a brand for your business, like a logo and name, make a website (like one on wix or other sites), link to your platforms where you do readings, make social network channels of your brand, instagram with pics of readings, maybe twitter, maybe facebook brand page, have a blog. You want channels where you are giving updates and examples (of your not actual client readings obv), you want people to follow your brand and get updates because it might trigger them to get another reading Some readers use etsy, you can get good reviews of your services there but I believe they take a cut of your sold items, but good for getting readings from people searching on it across the world. Word of mouth works really great but have your website so it's easy for people to find you, like mytarotcompany.com or a wix name if you want to go cheaper. Make business cards with your business and details, share them anywhere you think would get you custom (like yoga studios, bookshops, esoteric places, ask before leaving your cards). Give them to your friends. Do special offers to customers, cheap first reading. Do referral offers to your clients and friends, if they pass you on to someone, they get a free 3 card reading for example. Give reduced or free readings for a review or recommendation. Make word of mouth pay back to you! Final idea, take out a pro reading area of the forum here, it's $20 a year. I look at this forums readers first personally. If you don't want to take out a pro reading area here (called clubs) you can promote for free in the promotion thread here. Just some ideas and hope you can increase your regular clientele
  5. sounds a wonderful celebration @TheFeeLion Belatedly Happy Birthday!
  6. grateful to see @Chronata join the forum! so glad you got all your stuff back!
  7. great to see you here dear friend
  8. Have you ever come across the Pearls of Wisdom tarot tagi? It is a deck which is a ray of sunshine and colour in my collection. The pics are almost exotic and so busy! I personally love that but know some people prefer more minimalist but there is so much in each card. The cards were originally painted paintings. It's webpage is here. It's one of my faves, especially for intuitive reading.
  9. oooh Jung, good choice AfternoonTarot mine would be Madonna, I am a big fan and she has esoteric links, she has used tarot and astrology in the past and also used their symbolism in her video / photos / artwork. I am sure she gets professional readings to make choices about things. So I would like to read on her next era / phase of herself
  10. I want to travel back to when Pamela Colman Smith was around to find out the truth about her. I must get Stuart Kaplan's book on her sometime. I know Mary Greer has a wonderful post on her blog about some of the internet tales about her are totally romanticised, we just don't know, it's not recorded in history! The reality is that there are many aspects of her we don't know the truth about. I want to know the real her! Also I would tell her to make sure she got her share or ask for a percentage of the copyright That would be changing the course if history though!
  11. I agree with Mary Greer about tarot used as psychology therapies. In the UK and probably in other countries, you cannot be a registered counsellor or therapist with licensing and certification and use tarot in your work, the counselling licensing organisation here does not allow people to practice "unproven techniques" in their standards but I think it's not really been given an attempt to be proven. Using it for therapy (non predictive) is a very different way of using it. I think the therapeutic use of it should at least be experimented with. The UK org only in recent years forbid conversion therapy and therapists who had their certification, they cannot argue that is a proven therapy by any stretch, it only got changed as a policy because a journalist did a hidden investigation of all the conversion therapy therapists using it with their official certification So fully agree, it should at least be tested as a mainstream tool especially as it is so popular at the moment culturally.
  12. okay so are the reading exchange areas viewable to people not logged in or not now? Can people see the threads, even if they cannot see the section? on AT all the exchanges were not public (hence we had to save everything for archiving). The divination discussion areas were public and you had to be careful about posting personal stuff like in talking tarot and using tarot card sections. I need privacy in exchanges from google indexing the threads publicly and people reading it later, I am fine with forum members viewing it, just not the outside world. If exchanges are available to people able to read, I will have to post all mine (outside of circles) in the subscriber only exchange
  13. I should say also, if someone is left handed, they will probably deal and have the cards in their dominant hand. I know that I would put the top of the card to the left as a right hander but left handed people may reverse this, upright to the right, just something to watch out for My dominant hand actually changes with different things I am doing but I know I can only write well with my right and deal with the cards in my right.
  14. also to add to what Saturn said, if you want to post a reading for interpretation, that section is now here welcome back to the forum @Daphn3 we have a new forum software and look! The area where you post readings for interpretation used to have a subforum at one point but was moved into the first area of the exchanges section to make it easier. Just remember you need to give your own interpretations of each card first and then we will give our ideas
  15. no @Decan your English as always is excellent like gregory and Raggy said, it looks like an ethical decision against all tarot with their new beliefs @gregory I think you are right, they should have been honest that they are having problems, this was a project with very complicated logistics in the printing perhaps. It would be better to update the backers and delay it. @DownUnderNZer great point in that it is always a funding risk! I have always had no problems with backing decks but others are still waiting on decks from years ago. I am perhaps a little too ready to back decks on it and need to be careful of the risks.
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