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  1. There is a similar discussion about this over here. Whilst you can filter certain post types in activity, I am not sure it's the same as the ignore function and it's possible that you cannot do it with this forum software
  2. Thank you @joy for sharing I wanted to ask because you grew up with those beliefs, are Angels the Saints or different? and they were never on this earth is that right? so different to say ghosts which died and did once live on the earth? I think I get it all. You ask a specific Angel for help for a specific thing I thing? It's a fascinating topic
  3. I only drink tea, I just don't like coffee! But I drink a lot of tea
  4. @Emilija you started such a great spiritual debate which has made me think. @PathWalker and @Raggydoll your replies were so beautiful and share my problems as well I see Angels as a concept as relating to the Catholic Church where believing in Angels is important and they are named after the Saints. I was brought up as Church of England and so I have never learnt this structure or concept, I don't fully understand Saints and their names and different roles / functions and Angels but all I know as a concept is they are spiritual beings that help us. Since I have been into divination, I have become much more open minded spirituality because I talk to and read for, people with different beliefs than mine a lot. So I listen to what they tell me about their beliefs and some believe in Angels. I think taking this into my own spirituality which is now Pagan / Wiccan, my belief is they are spiritual helper and protector beings on this earth, many religions and spiritual beliefs have them but don't call them Angels which for me is specifically Catholic dogma. I think a lot of different beliefs call them different names but they are the same thing, spiritual beings. If you were strictly Pagan / Wiccan I think you would not follow the concept of Angels, you would probably see them as nature spirits on earth, tree spirits, anything like that. But my belief is open to whatever is out there and whilst I don't believe or fully understand the Angels as Saints concept, I think there are those beings around. On my spiritual journey, I welcome in concepts and ideas from other religions, I take what I need for me and so I don't want to restrict myself to one system. I am open to it even if I don't fully take it all in yet. I think you can make your spirituality however you want because it's personal to you
  5. I am not sure if you need an admin to do it like on the old forum software but try this out because I think we can do it now ourselves. Go to your profile at the top and account settings and see where it says "change display name" type your new one in! You can only change your name a certain amount of times and also on your profile it will have a history of your old name (which is useful really). Hope you can change it to Pixie Hart, give it a go yourself and post if it's not possible
  6. yes not seen Blue Lagune a while, hope she returns! Saturn is right, Great Dane takes regular forum breaks but comes back feeling refreshed. miss them both
  7. No hurry, Starlight we have plenty of time left I do like to sit on a reading because things come to me and I think about it after I do the basics of writing it out first as a first structure of it. But the risk is you just think about it and change / edit your reading and so I always have a cut off point of a few days so I am just thinking about it for that I had meant to do your reading this weekend but my Brother surprised me with a visit from his young family. It was a spur of the moment decision and he phoned on Sunday at 8am and visited (they live about 2 hours from London). It was really nice, all my family met up together, so it was sort of like Mother's Day for my Mother again But the nice quiet time I had planned for on Sunday to start it, turned into screaming under 5's having a nice time. It was really lovely and just what I needed this weekend. I will start your reading in the early part of this week and hope to post at the weekend at the latest Most countries in the world have their Mother's Day yesterday but other countries have different dates and for some obscure reason, the UK and Ireland and oddly Nigeria always have Mother's Day linked to a Christian Sunday traditionally called Mothering Sunday and it's the 4th Sunday of Lent before Easter. So it's nearly always in March for us. It's very confusing in the global world online, I worry I missed our one but I did remember this year. I am glad your family gave you some peace and quiet time to yourself yesterday Hope you had a wonderful one! I was worried if plants and hedgewitch themes would fit you even though I felt pulled towards it, so that is great with your book The Oracle set is very sweet but you get a HUGE book with it which is like a plant encyclopedia. You find out every fact you ever wanted to know about each plant, it's properties and even recipes hehe! I have used it before on ROC for whisper and will do the same technique, I did a paragraph of a summary of the plant from the huge essay for each card in the book and then the divinatory part below. Hope to start on it today or tomorrow. No hurry on my reading, take your time!
  8. I just want to add that a common mistake people make (and one I often make) is that if you do a reading and get the most wonderful reading for love coming but then don't do any action to make it happen and materialise, then the reading will change and it won't happen. We have to do a part as well, we have to take action and so for example for love, you have to socialise and get out there to meet new people to give the best chance of it happening. One of the biggest mistakes people make in wanting something to materialise is they don't do anything to make it happen, the tarot is not a magic wand to make things happen, it just gives us advice. Our part of it is making it manifest, not the cards. I know you said about planting seeds but it's worth asking the tarot in readings about advice about the best chance of making it happen, to welcome in opportunities. The other annoying thing about divination is having faith, this will happen one day! I hope you do get some good things coming your way Truthseeker
  9. Welcome to the forum @Tagi I have a really similar story to you about my tarot journey and I think for all of us it is a journey, not an instant thing! I bought a RWS deck at 13 from a bookshop chain here (WHSmiths) in the UK, they had a policy in their stores of not selling certain books and items to people under 14 for "sensitive topics" like occultism and so my parents bought it for me. I messed around with it in my teens and looked up the meanings in books. In my twenties, I packed it all away. I didn't seem to need divination at all. But in my 30's I came back to it! I was going through a really depressive time of my life (and I don't really suffer from depression as a person) and came across my stored old decks! I really studied studying them and then found a lot of resources on the internet. I am convinced that tarot comes to us when we need it and also as we get older, we get perhaps more spiritual and want to go deeper in ourselves. Anyway I am sure you will get a lot out of the forum here to help your journey
  10. Well this is a really tricky combination and you are doing great Tarotnewbie Welcome to the forum The 3 of Swords is about hurt and pain, in most card images there are 3 swords piercing a heart. So there is an emotional aspect to this, feeling broken hearted or emotional turmoil. You were spot on to notice the 3, often the 3's can be (but not always) 3 people, a love triangle! This situation is painful but in your case a friendship triangle between you both. But an important aspect of this card is it is Swords, so this is all about thoughts and thinking and communication. The pain you experience is mostly mental or thoughts which lead to emotional turmoil, you can make choices and decide what to focus on here, with jealously making things worse. People can become obsessed with the emotional pain and miss the good things. Also I think this card is a process of pain, it will heal your heart and you can go on. The 3 of Swords can in the end be a learning opportunity and a release of pain. The Empress is so different as a card, it's a major rather than minor which had less power and is only temporary in it's action. Here we have fertility, femininity and abundance. This person loves themselves and so gives off positive and love to all, rather than negative emotions with the 3 of Swords before. There is an open and honesty here, openly communicating and expressing yourself but always from a place of love and compassion. So in your situation, it's important to realise you are perhaps expressing your emotional pain and hurt or acting out negatively on the situation and is not in yours or the other two people's best interests. It just causes you more pain in the end. Try to come from a place of love and compassion in how you treat everyone, easier said than done. Express yourself but be mature and respectful in how things are. Try to see the other 2 people's sides and their pain in the situation. The Empress reflects very much on the love you give out to the world which will come back to you. Perhaps try to act more like the Empress in this situation, respect, empathise, have compassion
  11. I always keep them in their boxes with LWB and everything. It is so much easier to store them like that! I have a few decks that I have bags for and my oldest RWS deck had a box that fell apart and lives in a bag now. I hate it when I buy a self published deck which does not have a box for it, that is rare now, most of them do come with boxes. I find it much easier to pack it all away in it's original box
  12. This dream is really interesting Fliz because they are all recommended psychological techniques here that you have inadvertently done to process the childhood nightmares and fears You had this fear which gave you nightmares which is really common with children and young people. Some people repeat nightmares all their lives and traumatic conscious moments and one technique for dealing with it in dreams is to change the dream. Normally the dream is the same every time, it's an anxiety dream where the person loses control in some form. But you changed it in the dream and it went from nightmare to a nice dream, almost a fantasy! Perhaps this changes your dream association to positive, nice (like they do in hypnotherapy). Something you desire rather than something you fear. Another way of dealing with nightmares and trauma is they ask people (under supervision) to go back over the situation but look at it as an observer, this changes the whole viewpoint of the situation. I have done this myself with a therapy professional with a technique for a situation in my life and we observed it overhead and saw it in colour and black and white and rewound it and fast forwarded it, it is playing with the associations of the burnt in memory. It was really fascinating and helped me process it and let it go. It's looking at a different view of it, challenging it like the first dream. Both these methods, changing in the dream (Facing the fears in the dream) and becoming an observer and not from your viewpoint are ways of dealing with it and letting it go
  13. I changed themes to test and had them! I then realised, I have Chameleon with a dark purple background, it hides the arrow! But now I can see it on another theme, I have found it's location phew thanks all
  14. Happy Birthday Noella, hope you are having a wonderful day!
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