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  1. Earlier in the year I was mourning a death and came on to the forum and interpreted someone's reading and I can't remember what deck they used but the Death card was in the pictures and on that card was the keyword "transition". This was a lightbulb moment for me in that sad phase of my life. Transition is a much better word to describe the Death card than renewal. A relationship ending is a transition, you will have a different type of relationship with the person in future, maybe you can be friends? maybe you can never speak to each other again? Deaths of people and animals is a transition, their form has changed, they have gone to a spirit realm according to all our different beliefs (I mean many religions believe in reincarnation), the body and ashes transition in the ground. Death is the ending of one cycle and beginning of another, the transition of a relationship which was just not going to last but you learn from it and maybe find someone better, more what you need in life. That relationship has run it's course in it's current form. But coming to the dramatic Tower, the Tower is the beginning! A Tower relationship break up is the beginning of putting you in a better place but it's going to be kind of horrible for a while. You might find out the person you are going to marry and planning your whole life with is cheating, this is different to Death. Death the relationship just runs its course, but the Tower has your whole foundation pulled from underneath you. You won't be spending the rest of your life with them but it's awful but it's a new start. The next card is the Star, hope again, when you process everything you might love being single and independent and that last person was totally wrong for you! I think both cards are events that had to happen with the majors, the cycle had to change! Thirteeen on AT used to always say that Death was a change and ending, a real one happening. But The Tower is a perception changing and the old one ending. The person in my fictional example now has a happier life without someone lying and leading them on, the tower lead them to find their independence and own happiness.
  2. On etsy I also wouldn't have a disclaimer at all, if I had my own pro website I think I would have to write one (this is something I am thinking about!). In the UK and some places on earth, you are supposed to say readings are for entertainment purposes only. This is a difficult situation, they don't like the reading but you gave them the service they paid for. Do they really not like it or are they trying to get a refund, I guess that is the question. I once read a blog from a big name pro reader who said they don't put a disclaimer about if you are not happy with the results on their page, just legal stuff, they take each customer who complains and discuss it with them privately. If the person is really unhappy, they will read for them again. In a few instances they have given money back or half back but if they do this, they will never read for that person again. The problem is if they give you a terrible etsy review but I guess it's about the averages of reviews. I think I would discuss how could this situation be resolved? if you have provided the service then no refund but maybe offer a second attempt on the same reading, if they don't like it, you tried twice. I would take out the whole disclaimer, even without the first part you are sort of saying that you cannot give absolute results on outcomes or advice. Whilst this is literally true with tarot, it means they will question what you give them, it sort of taints your readings in the wording. If you have to have one I would write, my readings do not replace free will or offer professional, medical or legal advice. Sorry you had this Vanno
  3. I remember back on AT, Sulis used to always challenge people who were pagan / wiccan / witches and bought all the items to make their spiritual altar or place of worship. I mean from some shops online you can buy a complete pack to be a wiccan but it's all Chinese made tacky stuff. It's not personal or spiritual, it's consumerism spirituality. She would always make the point that spirituality comes from the things you find and make they have a meaning to you. Do you really want a wand with made in china on the bottom, one of 10,000 mass produced that day? or do you want to have a walk in nature and pick up a (FREE) stick you find! Whatever improves or makes people feel more spiritual, I am not a moral guardian but personal things have a much more special meaning to me. Yes you can be spiritual with absolutely nothing (oooh that is very the hermit) or have everything on your altar like the magician. If we have learnt anything from all the religions over the years, money doesn't buy spirituality, it's a progress or study you work at and pay attention to.
  4. Of course this is a lot about personal opinion and how you see crystals. They are not like a human or animal, they don't live like that, they are not breathing life forms. But if people believe they have an energy that does things, where is that from? I have seen some Pagans/ Wiccans believe that everything has a spirit or deity or fairy/ faerie. Shinto beliefs from Japan believe in Animism, rocks can have spirits or anything can, natural or inanimate but it has to be a sacred place. These spirits are called Kami and can be loving or destructive, depending on the spirit. So in their beliefs, crystals could have Kami living in them if it was sacred. It's a common Western myth that I have seen Japanese people write about that we say they have a better (and more positive relationship) with robots because of the Shinto beliefs. It is a lot more complicated than robots are inanimate but could have a spirit in which is probably not true in their beliefs. Shintoism believes there is no difference between humans, a crystal gem stone, a plant, a dog or a robot, they are all equal. Their more positive view of robotics is cultural and they never had Luddite periods with people against progress and industry or Judeo-Christian beliefs of a one true God, it's a different culture and history. They would have a more animism view of crystals and rocks. Anyway slightly off tangent there but going back on topic, this depends on where you see crystals getting energy from but it's an interesting spiritual thing to think about
  5. I learnt so much from buying this course originally, it still is my basic structure for my Lenormand readings. Glad it is available to all now
  6. welcome to the forum @aquarhapsody glad you found us here
  7. When we learn tarot and study the cards, we have knowledge about that card and understanding. When it comes up in our dreams I think it's short hand, instead of producing a load of symbols, it just produces an image of a tarot card as the message that we will understand. I think this is a sweet message really, he doesn't want you to feel alone whilst he is far away, in relation to the dream question but on the other side, he wants a family, children and so there is a commitment with you, a progress. This is pretty serious in the dream. But the question I would ask is if he is there? It feels like he wants to make you the base, security and stability, a home, a family and the kids seem like a solution to leaving you alone but it's not necessarily easy if you are on your own (now with the family). I have a friend whose husband owns a shipping company and she has spent most of her life alone whilst he travels and does business. She raised her kids on her own but really she had little support and spent huge stretches on her own, it's a real challenge. The situation isn't easy but feels like he doesn't want to leave you and wants you to have support from him in this kids way That's my take. Perhaps because this is a dream, this is what you want him to say, I think you have to decide if the question is a message about him or a question as a message to you.
  8. @peacewing how wonderful you found us here! I was thinking a few months ago that I miss you in this community and so glad you found us now, this is a lovely friendly place with ATers and also new people coming to tarot. The community has continued
  9. @Anouk it's so wonderful to see you here again As part of the upgrade with new forum software, it no longer works on tapatalk I am afraid. But the website has a really snazzy mobile version you can use in browser on phones and tablets. Just go to the web address in mobile in browser. So the forum has actually been deleted on tapatalk and no longer on there, so maybe that is why you thought we were gone glad you found us again! missed you around here.
  10. Well I already know you are a great reader @Astrid’s Tarot Realm Good luck with this and branching out on to etsy! This is wonderful to see Try and get positive reviews from people who get readings to better your channel and make others want to buy your services! I know quite a few people look through this promotion area to find readers, so I am sure you will get people wanting readings from the forum
  11. oh @Nanook I'm very sorry for your loss, I lost my 15 year old Dog a few months ago and 19 year old Black Kitty, 3 years ago. Just think they couldn't had had a better life than living with you, it was wonderful you found each other Blessings and the raw missing them does get better with time, sending good wishes your way.
  12. I think gemstones and crystals could be helpful here to make you feel protected and safe. You can search google because there are loads and I think it's best to go for a stone colour you feel drawn to but a simple easy guide..... the black stones are grounding and protective, they reflect anything back at the person. People often use them in their home as like a shield, Black Tourmaline is against low frequencies, as well as people, people use it against electric in the house and radiation (say from a phone or computer if you are sensitive to that). Black Jet from emotional energies and Black Obsidian is the best for someone trying to curse or send ill wishes your way. Some people find Black Tourmaline and Black Obsidian very powerful, it affects them. I am very sensitive and I am fine with them. It's mostly rare but some people feel ill around them (the black stones seem to be super powerful for some folk) and you can buy them and then move them away from you if this happens, the lighter colours of tourmaline are good for sensitive people to this. Labradorite has pretty and mixed colours. I am hugely empathetic and just feel affected by anyone else around me and I wear a bracelet of it all the time! This was recommended by a friend in the old tarot forum before this one. It's a shield of armour over your heart chakra Blue Kyanite is for people who try to mess with your head, like manipulation and bullying, this helps with boundaries. These are just 3 simple suggestions to give you an energy boast to deal with her whatever is going on. Get a big chunk of the stones for your home (like put in the front or buy the front door) or get little tumbled stones to have in your pocket. I sometimes buy a whole lot of tumble stones and try them out, what makes me feel best when holding! Then you can pay money for a bigger version. If you know a real shop near you that sells crystals and gem stones, go and see what you feel drawn to in person, it's probably the most helpful to you at this time you can also meditation holding them and feel all protected from her. Just some ideas
  13. Traditionally you use two candles as lighting and move them around the crystal or stone you want to gaze in to, the idea is the light helps you to gaze. It's really fun to try it but it really strains your eyes and I find it exhausting. My tips are to think of this as an experiment and do it often but for short periods of time, like maybe max 15 mins a session because again about the eye strain. The idea is to gaze into it but then it becomes cloudy or misty and you almost see through it and see symbols or pictures but to do this you are adjusting your eye sight to not see directly, almost looking through it like I say. I think it's an extremely hard skill and always have a note pad and pen to hand, I have got images from crystals but it is really not the easiest divining method. I found for myself that it is easier to do a very deep meditation and to look at images in my third eye, bypassing the attempt to look into the crystal. But everyone is different and have different experiences. I've never found it hard to interpret the symbols though, I have done it for myself and for others and the symbols always have a meaning, it's just the focussing (or maybe not focussing but blurring) to get the symbols If you get symbols you can get look them up on dream and sprit guide type websites on google. I have had symbols like a roaring chariot, rainbow ankh and for other people an image that tuned out to be a gun safe and also another was a twisting constricting vine. They were quite obvious symbols which had meaning to the person. But symbol analysis is really my favourite thing Think of this as experimental though, make it work best for you and keep it short but maybe try every day, something like that
  14. The PDF you get the link to download with it is really fascinating, for each card you don't get like a meaning but questions which are really helpful. Questions to pose for it. I was really worried when I was doing your ROC reading @ashwsh that I would not get anything for you! I said I hope it gives a good reading but actually it reads so easily! The cards have things which trigger intuition but also some of them relate in a way to tarot (like strength, empress, etc). But do post here if you want to discuss any cards, it's nice to discuss this deck But I found it much easier to read than I expected, it flows beautifully and is quite different to tarot and other oracles somehow. Glad you got it @ashwsh hope you love it when it arrives, it is already one of my top oracles I had such a difficult August and needed a message which would reassure me and used the oracle and really it gave me such a positive message to trust the universe and so far it's come true
  15. I think this is because decks are really popular now, so many young people are into tarot and oracles, the mass produced sales are something like 5 times higher than ten years ago! But also it's easier than ever to market yourself and self-publish. My main way of seeing new decks is on this forum but also I follow tarot people on twitter, instagram and facebook and see if anything excites me with new decks they publish. I think a thread here talking about a deck is the fastest way to make me want to buy it, oh enabling I do think I find new exciting and independent decks mostly by word of mouth on the internet.
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