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  1. I'd love to get back into this, now that I have time.
  2. I just finished a reading for a friend and it was powerful, to say the least. The energy that I was getting from the cards had my hands shaking, and it was good energy. I have never experienced a reading that powerful or that clear before. I can't disclose any info on the reading itself out of courtesy to them, but wow. Has anyone else had readings like that? A reading where you could honestly almost see the energy the cards were throwing off and have them speak to you so clearly and so loudly it was as if they had become part of you?
  3. @AnomalyTempest, thank you so much for the advice, I will try mixing some healthy things in for sure rather than just changing a whole meal.
  4. Day 1: New moon Theme: Planning and Planting (intention Setting) Deck Used: Shadowscapes 1. The preparations required for me to make room for the new (= the thing I want to manifest) - Page of Pentacles The thing that I want to manifest this cycle is the motivation needed to complete a goal in my life. That being note it could b about my physical health, which is actually something wanted to work on. In fact I actually finished making up a plan of how I will lose weight and begin making a healthier lifestyle possible. 2. What I must do or prioritize for this seed to take root - Ten of Wands I need to prioritize the extra 'burden' that comes with the goal I have in mind, that being losing weight. The burden I believe this is referring to is that of the meal planning, meal tracking, and calorie counting that comes with losing weight. 3. What I may need to forsake or put on the back burner to get the results I want - King of Cups The thing that I need to place on the back burner this month is my want to 'master' my creative side. I have wanted to get back into drawing and photography to the point of beginning to master it so I could possibly profit from it. I feel that this is saying no to focus on that this month but rather focus on my physical health and journey. I really feel like this reading is strengthening my thoughts on working on my health and losing weight. That idea of becoming healthier and focusing on that. I am at risk of becoming obese so I need to get that possibility gone. I am looking forward to the rest of the readings for sure as well as losing weight.
  5. So I am once again trying to lose weight, based on the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute BMI calculator my BMI should be between 18.5–24.9 but mine is 29.6. I am aiming for a BMI of 23.0 and a weight of 130 lbs which is my goal BMI exactly. Currently, I am 167 lbs. So I have 37 lbs to go. I am working on cutting out soda and getting outside and going on walks, which is the extent of exercise I can do right now beside riding a bike, which I have to relearn to do, they say you never forget how to ride one but I have, I guess I'm special. Anyway! I was wondering if anyone out there has any tips on watching what I eat when my family tends to eat unhealthily and not like it when I cook healthy. I am the cook in the house, but if I cook healthy all the time they get mad. Tips on anything would be appreciated!
  6. hello and welcome to the forum!
  7. Thank you so much @Raggydoll. Alright so I am not sure which deck I will be using, I may end up switching decks as I go. I know I am going to stay with Tarot decks and not Oracle for this. That is where I need to work so I feel this is the month for that to happen. A little list of which decks I may use, Illuminati Wooden Hanson Roberts The Good Tarot Wild Unknown Shadowscapes Sante Muerte
  8. Yup, it is just a little PT to get movement back due to being in an immobilizer for a while.
  9. Would it be okay if you would set up a thread for me for this month @Raggydoll, I would love to give this a go this month. Please and thank you.
  10. Good news, it was just a very badly pulled muscle, the ER dr was wrong. Which makes me incredibly happy.
  11. Good luck, hon and please let us know how it goes!! <3 Will do!
  12. Thanks everyone! I go in tomorrow to the ortho for x-rays and an mri.
  13. Thank you all! I'll try them out.
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