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  1. My Totals Major Sword Wand Cups Pentacles Major 26 The Fool 3 Ace 1 Ace 1 Ace 1 Ace 0 Swords 12 The Magician 1 Two 1 Two 0 Two 1 Two 1 Wands 16 The High Priestess 1 Three 0 Three 1 Three 0 Three 2 Cups 22 The Empress 1 Four 0 Four 1 Four 2 Four 1 Pentacles 14 The Emperor 0 Five 0 Five 1 Five 2 Five 2 The Hierophant 3 Six 0 Six 1 Six 3 Six 1 Ace 3 The Lovers 0 Seven 1 Seven 0 Seven 0 Seven 1 Two 3 The Chariot 0 Eight 1 Eight 0 Eight 3 Eight 2 Three 3 Strength 1 Nine 5 Nine 3 Nine 3 Nine 0 Four 4 The Hermit 2 Ten 1 Ten 1 Ten 2 Ten 3 Five 5 The Wheel of Fortune 0 Page 0 Page 2 Page 1 Page 0 Six 5 Justice 2 Knight 0 Knight 3 Knight 1 Knight 0 Seven 2 The Hanged Man 1 Queen 0 Queen 1 Queen 1 Queen 0 Eight 6 Death 2 King 2 King 1 King 2 King 1 Nine 11 Temperance 1 Ten 7 The Devil 1 The Tower 0 Page 3 The Star 1 Knight 4 The Moon 2 Queen 2 The Sun 3 King 6 Judgement 0 The World 1 Total 90 26 12 16 22 14 Okay, I got my numbers done and I am immediately noticing that I was so focused on the nines that I didn't realize how many times cups turned up. Almost 1/3 were Majors, Cups were almost 1/3 and there were almost twice as many nines as any other number. Evey single King came up too. Out of twelve swords total, the Nine turned up five times. I have no idea what any of this means ultimately but it is food for thought.
  2. Well, as I was getting ready to post the numbers and types of cards and repeat cards, I realized I was missing three. Then I remembered a spreadsheet I found a while back that had been made a research librarian. It was made to record daily draws but I was working to to modify it for three card draws as well, but got stuck on a certain formula. I decided I would just enter my cards as dailies in order to get a quick and easy total and test what I have so far. Then I realized I was filling in my template instead of making a copy! I duplicated that sheet immediately and named the new copy for this experiment. I'm planning to finish inserting the data this evening but if you would like to see the Google spreadsheet, it is here, but I will be posting the numbers here as well when I finish.
  3. I thought I had been keeping track of the cards drawn but I only have 83 of 90 recorded so I need to go through my notes and figure out which cards I forgot. I did manage to keep up with draws over a long vacation even if I didn't keep up with posting them so I have that to be proud of. I'm a little sorry it's over. I really found myself looking forward to doing this every morning. That time now seems to be missing something. Tomorrow morning I will see about getting my numbers up.
  4. DAY 30 – WANING/DARK MOON Theme: Rest & Replenishing 1. Why I need to make sleep and rest a priority right now 2. What will be able to manifest when I am replenished 3. Something I have felt pressured or stressed by that I would benefit from putting on the back-burner right now 1. The Hermit This is not surprise to me. I almost always prefer to b alone. I need time to reflect on my actions and consider where/what I did/handled well and where I need improvement. This is especially true when I have been around high drama people. 2. Four of Cups When I am well-rested I am able to deal with others in a better way. I can sit and listen to others talk through there issues better when I take the time I need for myself. Otherwise, I am just waiting for the exchange to be over. How long before I can politely withdraw? 3. The Fool I am stressed by other people's crap. I am not here to save the world or anyone it from themselves. YOu want to walk up to a dragon don't cry to me if it eats your hand. Some people can only learn the hard way. It might hurt to watch them struggle, but do I really want the drama that comes with "saving" them repeatedly? I'm beginning to really see the wisdom of the ancient tradition of becoming responsible for someone once you save their life. When I decided to take on the drama of another I should consider whether the person is really wanting help or if they just want a place to keep dumping the drama caused in their lives by repeatedly making poor decisions.
  5. DAY 29 – WANING/DARK MOON Theme: Cleansing & Clearing 1. Steps to cleanse and rejuvenate myself so that I honor my sacred physical temple 2. What I need to clear out from my mental space (attitudes, thought patterns, stress..) 3. How to transform or cleanse my home so that it nourishes me (even further) 1. Nine of Spears I need to protect my boundaries and personal space. I need a lot of alone time to be at my best. I am not the designated driver nor babysitter of anyone else's life. If someone chooses to disrespect my boundaries I am the only one who can put a stop to it, but I have to actually do it. 2. Seven of Coins I tend to give people too many chances. It may look like I have the patience of a saint when dealing with over dramatic people but underneath it drives me crazy. I just disappear into my head and tune it out. Mentally I'm deciding just how long it will be before they see me again. I give people plenty of chances to mature but at some point you have to prune away the poor fruit that does nothing but steal nutrients from the healthy plant. 3. Queen of Cups I need to nurture and protect my solitude and peace. quiet contemplation is important to me. I need a lot of alone time to keep my zen going.
  6. DAY 28 – WANING/DARK MOON Theme: Shedding & Banishing 1. What is no longing serving me well 2. The best approach to gently and effectively release and banish this from my life 3. Something wonderful and nourishing to evoke in its place 1. Eight of Coins Repetitive schedules. I have a tendency to become too regimented. My schedule is not exactly based on time but more of first I do this, then this no matter how long each thing takes. I am free to work in any order I choose. Every day does not need to be the same. I don't need to force myself into anyone else's mold. 2. Knight of Cups Rx I need to remember to love. Love myself through the changes I need to make and to love others as they react to those changes. I need to be loving all around for love's sake. 3. Two of Cups Rx The release of societal expectations that don't fit who I am. Most people I know talk about the tings they "have" to do as those these things are forced onto them. The idea that they are free to make their own choices and for the most part have chosen to make their lives whatever they are to them seems to very upsetting to them. None of us have to live up to the expectations of others. Society is a choice. We need to stop allowing They to choose it for us. We can free ourselves from the traditions and roles that no longer fit or serve us.
  7. DAY 27 – WANING CRESCENT Theme: Higher purpose & Divine nature 1. Something I need to know about my higher purpose 2. What makes me truly unique and invaluable to the rest of creation 3. A message from the higher unconscious (or spirit guides) 1. King of Swords My mind is my power. I have the ability to cut through the BS and say things as they really are. I am not easily deceived. On the other hand, I must also be wary of turning cruel. Because I see things clearly, I can easily push buttons and devolve into an "Oh well, truth hurts.", type of mindset that I consider using my power unfairly. I can end conflicts or escalate them. I'm not quite sure if this is a shadow deck for me or it's just warning me my shadow is prominent. Maybe it's just what I need to know now but I keep drawing cards that seem to relate me to the darker figures of this world. Could I be a Ramsey? A Night King? A caged wolf? Am I dangerous? Then Fahrenheit 451 comes to mind. Particularly the quote, "A book is a loaded gun in the house next door. Burn it. Take the shot from the weapon." My mind is a weapon and has a lot of ammo. I need to be careful where I aim it. 2. Page of Cups The ability to go inside myself and process all the information I accumulate and the find the patterns and processes that allow me to put my knowledge to practical use is my gift. I am often sitting on the sidelines (by choice) absorbing everything. When I am able to return to my metaphorical Godswood, I spend long hours inside myself just processing and planning. Looking for all the potential outcomes. Like Bran, while I know I am loved, I am also seen as different, weird, and a little scary at times. 3. Ten of Cups All is well. Events unfold as they should. People may panic and feel the end is nigh but they have done so since the beginning of time. Let it happen. Address what is before you and take joy in the knowledge that everything is going as it should. We are all going to be okay.
  8. DAY 26 – WANING CRESCENT Theme: Forgiveness & Release 1. Something that I am done processing and ready to let go 2. What I need more time to grieve or accept 3. The key for me to extend loving acceptance and forgiveness toward myself 1. Death I look at this card and think, "Stick 'em with the pointy end." I think it is referring to my sarcastic attitude, especially where I think I perceive a lack of common sense. I am often easily frustrated when watching those I love pretend ignorance, or otherwise use less than their full potential. It's like I am in a battle with myself where I want to let people do as they please even when they making life harder on themselves than it has to be while fighting a real urge to help. This inner turmoil then causes me to lash out with something sarcastic. I am also reminded of a poem (I couldn't find the source): It's the little things that test us and put us on the rack. You can sit upon a mountain but you can't sit on a tack. Another reference to the pointy end. 2. King of Spears When I see Ned Stark I think, "He who passes the sentence must swing the sword." It also brings to mind, "Do your own dirty work." and "Don't expect someone else to do something you are not willing to do." Combined with Death, I am reminded that Ned was also merciful. Just because we have the power to swing the sword, doesn't mean we should. Ned's mercy, though, also got him killed in the end. So how does one know when mercy is indeed the way to go and the sword must be swung? 3. The Moon The Moon has been all over my life, lately. Perhaps it's a message to let things wash over me like the tides. It is all changeable and none of it more than illusory. This card has been on my mind a lot the past few months. I don't think I've scratched the surface of what it is trying to tell me.
  9. DAY 25 – WANING CRESCENT Theme: Reverence & Bliss 1. How I can bring in a greater sense of gratitude and reverence toward life 2. A way for me to strengthen my connection with the divine (or my divine nature) 3. A practical step that will help me further my spiritual practice (or strive toward my metaphysical goals) 1. Two of Swords Rx I need to think for myself. Don't let the thoughts and opinions of others cloud the issue. We are allowed to follow our own path. 2. Six of Cups Rx Spend time remembering the good things. Nothing replaces time together. Without spending time with someone you can never know them. You can't have a connection to something you don't know. 3. The Fool Rx Jump right in! Just do it. Be careful not to let idealism lead to rash decisions. Like the Two of Swords it tells me to consider all the options.
  10. I'm just not feeling typing up the rest of these today. The readings are done. I've taken counts of the cards drawn (A lot of nines) and I am looking forward to really expanding on some of the things I learned about here. I guess I'm still having a bit of a vacation hangover. I'll get the rest up in the next day or two and I'm deciding on some method of going back and taking a deeper look at this.
  11. I have always wanted a set. I have no idea how to play but the game looks fascinating. The closest I've gotten is those solitaire games that aren't really mah-jong but I like seeing all the different kinds of tiles people come up with.
  12. DAY 24 – WANING CRESCENT Theme: Joy & Celebration 1. Something that truly sparks joy to me (or ways in which to achieve this) 2. How to make more room for fun and laughter in my life 3. A nice thing I have to look forward to and to celebrate in the near future 1. Five of Spears Rx I love games and competitions. I especially enjoy playing against people who are better than me I am often criticized for giving strategy tips to opposing teams but I like it best when the competition is close. Winning against someone who doesn't understand the rules or is new to the game isn't fun. I like real competition. 2. Ten of Cups Rx Invite people over more. One of the things I miss about being close to friends and family are the gatherings. Almost everyone plays at least one instrument. They all live in the country or near lakes so homes are perfect for get-togethers with plenty of room for people to spend the night. There are indoor and outdoor games. Someone is always grilling. Living in a tiny apartment in the city is not at all the same nor conducive to things like that. 3. Strength Rx I am thinking this must relate to my communication methods. I will be getting better at being less sarcastic in my approach and learn to catch those pesky flies with honey instead. I might to find some bees first though.
  13. This card for some reason has always had undertones of being trapped in paradise. Not only does the wall keep danger out, she's locked in. She could just as easily be a possession of the Garden's owner as the owner herself. She's looking at that bird as though she wishes she could fly as it does.
  14. Oh, what simple and concise explanations. Thank you for sharing that.
  15. I know nothing at all about this system but I'm game to learn! I haven't really delved beyond the numerological stuff. I've been meaning to learn more about how astrology links in with Tarot. I don't even know what this means.
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