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  1. I've just heard about the deck. I think it's a neat idea with all the characters and different concepts they deal with in the series; and more so now that a new season is being filmed!
  2. I take a looong break and think of doing something different with my life? Seriously, I'd ask some questions first: are you reading for yourself? how do you know they are innacurate? are you reading too often? are you asking the same questions? are you under lots of stress? Tarot cards don't lie, our interpretations are the ones that could be skewed. And whenever that happens it is important to do some reflection. @Grandma's questions would be a great starting point.
  3. This is sooo interesting! I was just thinking (and playing) on how to incorporate a dice into my readings... Thanks!
  4. I think that's different @ilweran. Sometimes our intuition calls us to do certain things, and that's fine. It happens for a reason, you are suppossed to get that information. Perhaps you won't make a bit of it, but you'll know WHEN to do it.
  5. Actually, the only thing I decide is the spread. Once the shuffling is done and the spread is laid, I "decide" to look at the shadow card. If I feel the "need" I look at it and interpret it first. Then I go over the rest of the spread. It's something I started doing quite organically actually, I didn't even know it had a name. Sometimes my intuition tells me I need that information to wrap up the reading; sometimes It's just not relevant.
  6. I do feel that sometimes when I do readings (for me or others). The shadow card can reflect the energy of the reading or some aspect about the querent that's not so clear. Whenever I feel like looking at it I do! I've seen people that do a whole separate reading just with the cards at the bottoms, but that's sort of confusing to me... One cards tends to say a lot!
  7. What an interesting question @ashwsh. I usually carry a mini RWS deck, in case I've got some free time. Sometimes I study cards, or try new spreads... a single card would be impossible, it would end up lost. I had never heard about mentally carrying a card, what is it about? Sounds interesting...
  8. Have you seen Penny Dreadful? It's a favourite of mine, and in a couple of episodes Vanessa Ives uses Tarot... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6oQEwEgKhc
  9. It does happen! But reading for others is a wonderful excercise, you'll find your style you'll see. I'm loving that part of the experience myself since I just do readings for friends and family here and the vibe is different for those. I'm learning a lot! See you around!
  10. Welcome @cyrilgreen to the forum, have fun!
  11. Welcome to the forum @Astrid’s Tarot Realm! I hope you learn loads of new things and will be able to share what you already know.
  12. I've jsut fallen in love with this deck, but have no idea which it is. Could you help me please? You all know a whole bunch... Thanks a lot!
  13. Eamane

    Note to self...

    Note to self: set boundaries, and don't allow ANYONE to cross them EVER AGAIN.
  14. I've been working with sigils in a rather "rudimentary" way, but I love the idea of using one's finger to draw the sigil on a surface and infuse it with our intention. You guys really have great ideas and and open mind about it all.
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