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  1. I AM a podcast listener! I've never thought about there being podcasts on tarot - now you've got me super excited! Definitely going to give it a listen, thank you!
  2. I'm REALLY liking the idea behind this. Going to give it a shot later Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, I recently met with a reader in my city for a workshop that was all about the basics of tarot & toward the end of the workshop she pulled a Celtic Cross spread for me so we could apply everything discussed to the reading. One of the cards pulled was the Queen of Wands. I expressed my frustration with this card as I had been pulling her A LOT recently & couldn't figure her out. I really liked her explanation & would love to hear what others have to say about this mysterious lady! We used the Rider-Waite deck. When I said I couldn't figure this particular Queen out (I've most often identified as the Queen of Swords over all others), this reader said you're not really SUPPOSED to figure her out, she's more a woman of mystery who will reveal what she wants to reveal when she wants to reveal it. She pointed out the cat sitting in front of the queen & said this queen is very much like that cat. I really liked her analogy: Imagine you go over to your friend's for a group dinner. You get there earlier than everyone else. Your friend has both a dog & a cat. You try to get the cat to come over to you, but it completely ignores you while the dog is ready & waiting to give you all the attention all the time. So you start helping to set things up & you're focused on setting places at the table, helping to make a salad, etc., when the cat finally decides to come over & rub all over your legs. It's only really interested in you when you're busy & don't necessarily give it your full attention. The cat (or queen) will come to you when it feels like it. I know it's kind of a broad explanation & this queen can of course stand for more specific things, but I would love to know others' thoughts on this one!
  4. I've taken my cards with me to the coast & recently pulled cards for someone while at a wine bar - both readings were some of the most accurate I've ever pulled. I think being in public really helps me to focus in on the deck & what I'm seeing whereas when at home there's nothing to really keep my thought process on track, I'm sort of free to think about whatever I want at any given moment. Honestly this could all just be based off of how each person focuses best - I've always been the type to be able to focus in a crowd. I will say, too, I live in a very forward-thinking city & tarot is a pretty common thing to come across here, so it's not an oddity to see anyone whip out a deck.
  5. jrv1269


    Thank you so much everyone for all of the warm welcomes & already helpful tips! <3 I'm already loving this forum.
  6. Hi everyone! My name is Jessica (she/her) & I am VERY new to tarot. I've had 2 readings done over the past couple of years by someone who is actually qualified to interpret a reading & both were so accurate that they took me by surprise - my most recent reading having been so eerie that even my reader said it reached a depth level she had yet to experience in the several years she had been conducting readings (I would be more than happy to share this experience with anyone that would like to read about it & would love to hear what others think about it). After some difficult situations popping up in my life recently I decided to buy my own Rider-Waite deck to try & gain a little bit of clarity for myself. I bought a deck mid-January of this year & have been pulling cards/readings for myself on almost a weekly basis since then. I'm really looking for a space where I can discuss the ways a card's meaning may change/apply based on the situation being asked about, tarot spreads, & ESPECIALLY how different cards play off of one another/effect other cards' meanings in a reading (I've been trying & trying to check out books about tarot basics from my local library but they're always checked out & your girl's on an insanely tight budget right now! I did buy "The Only Tarot Book You'll Ever Need" by Skye Alexander when I picked my deck up, which has been super helpful but can only take me so far). I don't think I am in any way qualified to do any sort of reading for anyone else, but if anyone would love to let me practice I'd be more than happy to do so! I really hope I get to chat with many of you soon!
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