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  1. To me, I get the ”cosmic cycles” part to be that we follow a few people through the deck, in their ups and downs and events through life. I don’t think that it is that we’re supposed to see cosmic stuff in the individual cards (well, save for The Star card.) But, I’m not the deck creator and that’s just my feeling or guess, looking at it.
  2. Hi, @LauraKai! I wasn’t a poster on the AT, but it’s nice to meet you!
  3. Nordica De Spell


    Hi, @Lefty28! Love your birds & cat! Nice to meet you!
  4. Hi! I wasn’t a poster on AT, but nice to meet you!
  5. Hi, @FullMoonSilverEyes! Nice to meet you!
  6. Hi, @Sion! Nice to meet you!
  7. Hi, @Crystal! Nice to meet you!
  8. Unfortunately, I live outside of the US too. If I didn’t, I’d happily buy it for you and send it labelled an inexpensive gift. It really sucks.
  9. They say golf is expensive, but if tarot doesn’t cost more than golf does, you’re doing it wrong.
  10. Mine are in two cabinets in the bookshelf, originally made for liquor and glasses. One of them has glass doors, so if visitors really looked they’d know they were there. My collection is private, but not a secret. I have considered getting a few coffee table tarots, for guests!
  11. Ha, tell me about it! Due to a bigger, planned purchase with the bank involved, it just doesn’t make sense for me to NOT save my money this year and invest them in the bigger picture! But I keep on looking at tarots! I should just head on over to the de-enable thread (without de-pledging this one, of course... can’t do that!)
  12. Dear rixis, I’m happy to let you know I’ve watched a Ducktales movie now! I haven’t found the series yet, but it’s a good start.
  13. There’s a project on Kickstarter called the Cosmic Cycles Tarot. I love it, and just thought I’d share.
  14. To me, The Wildwood is a deep deck with a primordial connection. I didn’t choose it, it was The Wildwood itself that mimicked me, and in so doing was very obviously interested in being with me. I love my Wildwood, and I’d never know whether it’s a jealous deck because to me there’s nowhere near any competition ever. It’s my first, my last, my forever. In that place of collective subconscious archetype, where the spirit walks the world on a road of personal myth; The Wildwood is my one and only card companion. When I say that I love The Wildwood; that’s what it is. It isn’t: ”Oh, Nice Cards.” That said; yeah I love many decks to pieces, because I’m really passionate about the tarot! Those are decks I could write 300-pages of lovesong for, and I don’t think that I love those any less than the one whom loves them the most! AND I rarely use my Wildwood. (I don’t pull it out of my cabinet just to find out whether to choose this-or-that in the daily workings of life, nor do I read for or about other people with it.) But I’m a Wildwooder; and because it’s so immensely personal to my core; sometimes I actually wonder whether this deck is made for other people at all. I know that it is, and that it’s forest is crowded, actually. But somehow it relates Just You And Me. I’d say though, to anyone whom wonders whether to get this deck: For me; I knew right away. If you don’t and you feel hesitant, well some people can’t read with this deck at all and don’t like it; and that’s a possibility that that could happen. I guess I’m saying that it talked with me just looking at the cards over the internet; and it was never gonna be not readable because it read from the moment I gazed the first card. Not just read; it was an open gateway of massive two-way communication that knew me already; and to be abundantly clear; I already knew The Wildwood too! It’s my dear dear companion, and no, I don’t think from your description that it relates the same with us all... But for all of us whom have received personal invitations; it’s just not a shallow acquaintance. Thank goodness for The Wildwood! You know, you can take my collection; but you can never take my Wildwood — as it grows within and without everything, myself included. I can’t write a love song about it, because it goes beyond words.
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