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  1. Hi Friends, I have recently started creating some delightful downloadable PDF templates to use when you are conducting readings. These templates are a great way to streamline and beautify your record keeping if you regularly read for yourself or others. I usually print and fill in the blanks by hand when doing a reading for someone, which leaves them with a personalised record and momento of their experience during the reading. I also use them when conducting online readings as well. All templates are only $5NZD each and once purchased can be printed as many times as you like! The range will be expanding over the coming weeks with some of my personally created tarot spreads as well. let me know what you think or if there is any particular spread you would like to be seen made into a template Many thanks!
  2. Hi Friends, I have been involved in a few discussions lately about what exactly it means to be psychic.. turns out it is a difficult term to define. I know for some, being psychic is something to be proud of and utilized at all times. For others being psychic sparks fear because of personal conditioning or religious beliefs. And for some it is a term avoided all together, no matter what their ability, in order to dodge criticism and ridicule in the modern materialistic world. I am interested to know your thoughts on how you personally define the word PSYCHIC Many thanks
  3. Hi Friends, Does anyone use templates when they do a reading, as way of recording the reading for themselves or others? Or do you use templates when journalling or studying the Tarot? As someone that likes aesthetics and uniformity in my notes, I find templates a good way to streamline the design of my study. Making them look beautiful really draws me back to my notes time and again. It's a step up from the old highlighters and jelly pens from my school days! Haha.
  4. Hi Friends, I am keen to start an open discussion on the topic of Out of Body Experiences or OBE's. These types of events can feel very spiritual in nature, and I believe we can only begin to understand them, and our encompassing spiritual nature, if we can openly discuss them. The more I dive into this topic this more I realise that the commonality of this type of experience is unprecedented. Have you had an OBE or know someone close to you that has? Has this had an effect on your spiritual beliefs? The first time I experienced being out of my body, it happened while I had a deck of Tarot cards in my hand. While getting acquainted with my (then new) Tarot deck on night, I stepped outside onto the balcony for a bit of fresh air and to escape the commotion going on in the living room. I sat down, closed my eyes, took a deep breath and began to shuffle the cards. With my eyes closed I seemed to notice a point, at the top of my head, that felt 'lit up' in some way. Still with my eyes closed I tilted my head back, as if to look up to the sky. It was with great surprise that I noticed, metaphysically, a thin golden thread, attached to that point on my head and heading straight on up into the darkness of the night sky. A simple thought of "I wonder where that goes" and I was out. In confusion I then realised I was suspended somewhere above my physical body. I noticed that I was looking down on myself sitting on the step, the cards still in my hands. Curious still at the golden thread, I ascended, following the lead it's lead up into the night. I began to see a birdseye view of my property, then the street, then the neighbourhood and the city, the shape of the coastline where it met the ocean, all unfolding as I rose higher and higher. The feeling accelerated and I soon found myself looking down at our little earth which was serenely floating away into the distance. A mass shot by my side and then the moon was also diminishing in size. The entire time I was looking back towards my starting point, rather than in the direction I was heading, but I knew the direction was paved in a straight line by that golden thread. Before I knew it planetary bodies were swooping past me as I was drawn closer to the edge of the solar system. Our sun, in the distance, was growing fainter, the space around me darker. In a instant of slight panic I thought "Woah, maybe that's far enough now" and Bang. I opened my eyes and looked around at the balcony I was sitting on, the street below, and the Tarot cards in my hand. Back in my body. Has anyone every experienced anything like this? Thank you for taking the time to read my story and helping me in the quest of unlocking the metaphysical mysteries of our Spirituality.
  5. Hey Crystal_Ashes (cool name) Welcome :) I am new here too. Also set to do the Biddy webinar, tomorrow actually! I am currently about 1/3 of the way through Brigit's podcast library. She is great, grounded and authentic. Are you part of the Biddy Tarot Community? I've only seen the waiting list.
  6. Hiya Dev! I am new here too.. I just posted in a different introduction thread about how long it has been since I have used a forum like this.. I didn't mention it but all I could think of was Neopats :party: I can relate to liking minimalist design in concept haha.. I also collect pretty things much to the dismay of my analytical OCD brain. I also collect tarot decks and I have some rune dice. Crystals as well, and books books books. The Seventh Sphere deck is so beautiful! And thank you for mentioning the Children of Litha deck.. I am IN LONE! What part of the world are you from? ^-^
  7. Aww thank you so much everyone! I feel very welcomed indeed ^-^ I look forward to participating in discussions through different threads. If I am honest, I haven't used a forum like this one since the days of dial up internet! It is so nice to see the strength of this online community :) I would love to hear how you all got started in tarot? And where you're all from? Are those better questions for this introductions thread?
  8. Hi Friends, I am so glad to find this forum as it can be difficult finding tarot sisters (and brothers) out there. My sister in law gave me my first reading 12 years ago, and can you believe it.. at the end of the session she handed me the tarot deck! She wouldn't take no for an answer and I have been (forever gratefully) reading ever since. I have read for myself consistently over the years, deepening my knowledge of the cards as I went. I received (and released) a number of decks during that time and currently hold my favourite Connolly Tarot deck and Titania's Lenormand deck, both of which are almost falling to pieces. I have also read for friends, family and strangers, always free of charge, but feel I am ready to take my skills to the next level and read professionally. My approach to reading is a modern mix of intuition and intellect. I am also interested in metaphysics, quantum theory, parapsychology, numerology, symbolism, esoteric and occult philosophy, NDE and OBE research, the Mind-Body connection and ecological impact on wellness. Are there any fellow New Zealanders here? Any deck recommendations? (as I mentioned, mine are almost in pieces) Tips for finding tarot work online? (my website is a work in progress and will also be conducting face to face readings, but just wondered if anyone had any wisdom to share) Many thanks for having me here, I am excited to learn and share what I can x
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