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  1. I had Tavaglione that I bought used and it arrived stinking of cigarette smoke. Ugh. It was awful. I was able to reverse it with baking soda. I scattered the cards in cardboard box, about 10x10 size, and sprinkled baking soda among them so they were all mixed. Then I put it away for a while and forgot about it, for at least a few weeks. I checked it a couple of times, and if I could detect even a hint of smoke, I left it for another few weeks. Eventually the smell was completely gone. I wiped off the cards with a Swifter type dust cloth and they were good as new.
  2. It looks beautiful to me. I just had time for a quick look, haven't tried to shuffle it yet. I am happy for Marie White because her work truly deserves it.
  3. Guess what the postman brought. No time right now, but package is from Schiffer
  4. I agree, smaller readings are better especially in the beginning. And very specific questions. Welcome!
  5. Hi and welcome. Lots of us former ATers around here
  6. Hi and welcome. I'm a skeptic-magician as well!
  7. Hi and welcome! Sounds like your inner voice spoke loud and clear, and you listened!
  8. so glad! this deck really deserves it
  9. Lol I haven't seen the fedex man today...
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