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  1. The Druid Plant Oracle and the Druid Animal Oracle go really nicely with the DruidCraft tarot. Same authors/artist/themes.
  2. A ring binder might be fun. Then you could add or replace pages, use dividers, and so on.
  3. You'll probably end up with more than one of these journals, so you can try different things. One idea is to have a two-page for each major arcana and fill it in over time using keywords, symbols, etc as you discover more about each card. For the minor arcana, you could put, for example, all the fours on a two-page spread, and write about 4s in general and each 4 specifically. That would be 22 + 14 = 37 page spreads for the cards. You could also add a two-page spread for each suit, and do same for other aspects that interest you. Just add to it over time as cards come up.
  4. McFaire

    Hi Y'all!

    Hi and Welcome, from another former ATer. Lots showing up here recently!
  5. It might be helpful to get familiar with the Rider-Waite (or RWS as it is often called, for Rider-Waiter-Smith) because so many books, conversations, decks, etc, are based on it. I've never had a duplicate card myself. I find it quite incredible that @gregory has never had a duplicate, given her massive collection! And you got one on your first deck. It's kind of like getting a golden ticket on your first Willy Wonka chocolate bar. I take it no other card was missing?
  6. Hi and Welcome (I didn't see, whatever it was!)
  7. That's a very interesting way of explaining it. Especially considering that on the science side, space-time is a sort of a 3D web. Thanks for your views. it's very interesting.
  8. Good idea. The one I started was for in-print RWS decks that handle well, the kind you don't have to worry about replacing if needed (I needed several). But none of us can resist talking about our favorite vintage versions!
  9. I tend to agree. I'm not really concerned about the specific accusation. I was just curious about magical theory and practice in general. So I'm not linking here but you can find out more about it in the SKT thread if you like. I think that just getting attention was the purpose of the vid, so I'm not facilitating that.
  10. Hmm interesting. This makes sense. Art is so powerful. Does the process of anointing will oil enhance the magic in some way? (thanks! I'm a very curious person!)
  11. That makes sense. So here's a question: would the power in the artwork have the same effect whether you had an actual deck or had just downloaded the free images for coloring? I think so. I agree 100% about the archetypal/ primal forces having a very deep influence. So, just to put some terminology to it, I'll refer to that as magical potential built into the deck. To me, this power is available through the imagery and structure of the deck, regardless of the whether the copy of the deck you have was ever handled by its creator. For example, my first copy of the Greenwood was homemade (from the images that are publicly available with permission). For me, this copy of the deck held all the power that would have "come with" the commercially available deck and perhaps more, since I made it myself. This type of power seems like a separate power from something like enchanting a specific physical object to a specific purpose.
  12. This topic relates to one that @Nordica De Spell mentioned in another thread. Someone on YouTube implied that a certain tarot deck creator wove some unwholesome magic into her decks and sent them out into the world to serve her magical purposes. It’s not this specific case that I wanted to discuss (that could be another thread if folks want to discuss but I’m inclined not to give the YouTuber accuser that kind of power here) but rather the magical theory and practice involved, as it’s not my area of expertise. I’m curious about what is possible for an experienced practitioner, and what the repercussions would be on the practitioner. That cards can have power, I don’t doubt, based on direct personal experience. But there is a big difference between the magical potential built into a deck and tapped into by a user versus enchanting a specific object to have a desired effect on a certain individual. And a much bigger difference still (I would think, as a novice) to enchant thousands of decks to have specific effects on thousands of random strangers. Yes, we’re talking about the deck that was anointed with a consecrated oil by its creator. This brings up a whole bunch of questions in my magically untrained mind. Is it theoretically possible to enchant thousands of decks with the metaphorical wave of a magic wand? And cause those decks to continue to do your bidding out in the world? In a sense, open thousands of channels and keep them open and use them? Could such a thing be accomplished simply by touching the shrink wrap briefly with an oil roller? What happens to the magic when customers remove and discard the shrink wrap? By what mechanism would such power be managed? If we are talking about contacts or entities, well, they sure would be busy monitoring thousands of channels. What effects would such a scenario have on the practitioner. Wouldn’t it be a tremendous drain? There are other questions/issues, but these are a start. It seems like an interesting case for discussing some aspects of magical objects. Thank you
  13. I think this is a really interesting topic. Maybe a separate thread or threads? Decks like the SKT, and others, definitely have power. But it's a different kind of power than what the guy talks about in the video. (I think he is just looking for something to yak about in a video, or he is very misguided and fearful, and I don't think he himself deserves anymore of our thoughts.) There is a big difference between the magical potential built into a deck versus enchanting specific objects to have specific effects on individuals. I think most magical people would agree that an object that has been heavily worked on magically can be effective for an intended purpose. But is it possible to enchant thousands of decks with a metaphorical wave of wand to affect thousands of total strangers? I doubt it. And even if you could, it seems the blow back would be crippling. But I really don't think it is humanly possible. Is it? This question is entirely separate from the question of what kind of person so-and-so is and whether they would attempt such a thing.
  14. Hi Chronata -- Nice to see you here. I have one of your decks:)
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