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  1. I could... but im a bit iffy about it, similar to @gregory I would say.
  2. @PageOfCups wow.. crazy. Do you do post to youtube or anything like that?
  3. agreed, deck creators (and other creators) should to migrate to a new platform... there isn't really much competition in platforms that are as good for campaigning for projects as kickstarter though.
  4. I saw this tweet today. https://twitter.com/taylordotbiz/status/1172257828473573377?s=21 And here is Kickstarter’s response (open the thread for the full): I wouldn’t like to use Kickstarter anymore, but there are lots of nice kickstarter decks out there... thoughts?
  5. Ooo I googled genmaicha and I love that too! I tried that when my art teacher brought some in for the class once! It’s really good as well. @Czenzi
  6. My current favorite is this kind of toasted rice tea! It's not really rice, but more of a grain. You toast it until your desired toastiness (like how you toast sesame)(usually more toasted the better, but don't burn, yknow), and then you just put a spoonful or two in hot water and let it steep! Also you can store it for however long you want after toasting! Side benefit: if you don't mind the heat, you can actually eat the grains after they fluff up like popcorn! Don't know what it is called in english, but from chinese it directly translates into toasted rice tea XD.
  7. Hello! Welcome to the forum
  8. ashjey


    Welcome to the forum!
  9. welcome to the forum @Lucifall !
  10. Nice to meet you @elevenstrikes
  11. Welcome to the forum!
  12. How have I never thought of this before! This sounds like just the thing i'm looking for. Although i'm sure this type of reading would not be very accurate It would be fun to try!
  13. That would be fine for some people, but I am not looking on insight for anything about myself right now. I feel if I wanted to ask that kind of question, I would use a bigger, tailored spread.
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