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  1. Since it’s the first day of gemini season... and because I’m a gemini... I tried a gemini themed spread. I found it on labyrinthos. The sky is overcast.
  2. Wow, how does anyone spend so much on a wedding. You Got: You only spent $552,900 on your wedding! Not only did you not spend $1 million, you didn't even spend as much as Madison did at her luxurious wedding! She's never going to let you forget this, because she'll always describe your wedding as "quaint." On the bright side, at least you and your new spouse have some money leftover for a kickass honeymoon.
  3. xD You Got: $5,160.68 in your cart! You did it! You won Supermarket Sweep! Now all you need is a worthy teammate. Good luck to you!
  4. I saw this deck on Kickstarter! It’s so gorgeous and definitely a deck that I can’t afford. Maybe one day if there’s a second printing or something...
  5. Ace of Wands- An invisible vampire slapped everyone with a wooden rod. Buffy could not slay him. Q: How will the dog get out of the yard?
  6. I've seen the beginning bits of s1ep1. There's too much gore for me and the incest is not great. I hear the story is good, though, so I'd rather read the books when I have a chance.
  7. Welcome to the family! I’m also a beginning reader. Nice to meet you
  8. ashjey


    Welcome, @Marigold nice to meet you.
  9. I would like to say, there is a button labeled condense near the top of the activity page. It only shows titles and names, I think. That feature may benefit you @HOLMES.
  10. Welcome @Tagi. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!
  11. Wheel of Fortune- They will test some hydrants for spinning capabilities. What is the best way to dance?
  12. I would like to sign up please
  13. ashjey

    Hi There

    welcome to the family!
  14. San Francisco, California (USA)
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