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  1. I always love the idea of bullet journals, but I am just not the kind of person that can organize and do this kind of thing! I just have a notebook where I write down readings that I felt were particularly important. It does have card meanings in the front couple pages, though. And in the back I draw the interesting spreads I've found. It's mostly freeform. I have a love hate relationship with indexes. On one hand they are amazing when you want to find something fast. But on the other, they are a pain to fill and I never know if I've left enough pages for it
  2. I use the Hindu shuffling and riffle shuffling when I am using a deck of regular playing cards. For tarot cards, I shuffle with an adjusted version of the overhand shuffle. I don't riffle shuffle tarot cards (most of the time I can't anyway, because the deck is too big for my hands) I have very small hands, so I struggle with most (all) shuffling methods, and more when the deck is large(78 cards in tarot decks vs 56 in playing cards, and tarot deck cards are often bigger as well). tldr: small hands are a struggle when it comes to anything involving cards.
  3. @EtherealMoonRose I've followed you on insta! Can't wait to see more posts from you.
  4. Nice to see you @Chronata
  5. ashjey


    Welcome to the forum @Annee81
  6. I hope everyone begins to be mindful of their quoting!
  7. Yes @Grandma I agree with that. (See what I did there) I don’t do this personally, but I guess some people do. I think it’s unnecessary and it’s a whole other topic we could get into.
  8. I think on other forums *trying to recall what other forums I’ve been on* the replies have sub replies. Kind of like twitter where each reply can have people reply to that specific reply. But on this forum every post only has one big chain of replies.
  9. Wow! That was fast! Thanks @Little Fang
  10. I’ve noticed that a lot of forum members like to quote long paragraphs in replies. I was thinking that it’s kind of repetitive. (Don’t get me wrong, I think the quoting is a great feature. ) Could we implement a thing where you can quote a long paragraph, but it shortens it to a box where you can press expand to see more? Especially when people quote replies with pictures in them. That means the computer has to load them multiple times and it just makes everything slower. Just a suggestion from me.
  11. ashjey


    Welcome to the forum @Asra! Nice to have you here !
  12. hello @Rabbithorns welcome to the forum
  13. Happy Birthday to the forum! Thanks to everyone for being a part of it!
  14. Welcome @tarot_readings_from_a_bitc! XD
  15. Welcome to the forum @georgiebandit It is exciting to learn something new. If your deck came with a little white book, you should read it. I'm assuming the deck you bought is not exactly a Rider Waite Smith deck, so it might be more difficult to learn on as well. There is a mentor program here on the forum that you can join. I'm in it too, and it's really great.
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