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  1. I’ve seen the 5 of swords come up for a very attractive girl who a couple guys wanted to pursue but she’s married so they walk away with a feeling of like dang she’s taken. I seen this card come up a lot to for a “it’s mine I got it before you could” type of energy. Also this card comes up for cat and mouse games, with people playing hard to get with someone or one another. Or wanting to have the upper hand in a relationship no matter what.
  2. I definitely get this card for being curious you wanna get to know everything about person or situation. Also asking a lot of questions about things but not in a spying or nosey trying to be all up in your business way, like the page of swords lol. But just asking a lot of inquisitive questions. Also I get this card for people who are also too touchy rather it’s of people or things.
  3. Hello, Would anyone like to share there meanings or experiences about the emperor rx? I really don’t know what to think of him when he’s reversed. The only think I associate him with is someone who doesn’t know how to be a man, someone who can’t step up and take charge. No backbone and weak. Also that he can’t be the man you need him. For example if your talking to a guy and you ask if he will become your boyfriend, and you get the emperor reversed that could be saying he can’t be your boyfriend he can’t fill that position in your life. The emperor rx just really gets me sometimes. So any comments would be greatly appreciated.
  4. The 4 of wands rx could mean someone breaking out of their comfort zone I’ve seen it come up that way a couple of times. But I would agree with what other’s posted and what you said about lack of commitment, problems building a foundation together, home life being uprooted by having to move as well.
  5. Thank you all for commenting. I really appreciate all the new insight you guys have given me.
  6. Wow it’s so crazy to see a comment from you and DanielJuk when I started practicing tarot last year I came across the website acelectic tarot. I read through just about all the archived forums in the using tarot section and I have read so many wonderful answers from you and DanielJuk. It’s so surreal seeing a comment from you guys.
  7. Thank you for commenting. But that must have been the case I stopped talking to him though so he’s not getting that from me lol.
  8. I feel with this combination he may not contact you or if he does it won’t be anytime soon. 4 of pentacles people are so closed off and guarded and is very comfortable with their status quo or with the way things are/is going. The high priestess is a card I get when people are retreating or being withdrawn. Just keeping to themselves basically at least for the time being.
  9. Hello, so I did a practice reading for a friend who liked this guy. She told me they would text each other a lot and talk to each other on the phone. He told her he liked her but she said he just stopped talking to her on the phone. They do work together so she sees him still and she told me he still speaks to her at work. So her question was why did he stop talking to her. I pulled 2 cards no positions and use the card at the bottom to basically sum up the other 2 cards. I got the high priestess reversed, the 3 of wands reversed and the deck’s bottom card was the 10 of cups reversed. The high priestess rx : Maybe she showed him something that he didn’t like. Like revealing who she really was, showing him her true nature. The 3 of wands rx : He couldn’t see a future with her anymore (the man is looking out onto the horizon) 10 of cups rx : He was probably disillusioned by her. Feeling she was this type of person but really she was another? any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  10. The 10 of wands is a funny card to me I use the everyday witches tarot and the face she’s making is so funny like she’s just so over carrying those 10 brooms up a hill lol. But the 10 of wands to me means holding onto something that is weighing you down. Can be some past mentally or emotionally baggage you need to let go of. It can mean carrying something physical as well like moving or carrying something really heavy. It also to me shows commitment and dedication to something no matter how hard it is. It also shows up in spreads about men or women who are very high maintenance, they’ll require a lot of work and effort to win over or need to much. This is also my your annoying card, your frustrating me card and your stressing me out card as well lol.
  11. I absolutely love the queen of wands!!! She is my signifier when pulling cards about myself and I also display a lot of her traits. The queen of wands is like a ray of sunshine (I actually have a male friend who nicknamed me sunshine lol) she’s happy, upbeat, cheerful and positive. A lot of people tell me they love being around me because they love the energy I give off and the way I act. Which is the things I mention above, she’s also really creative and passionate about things (me when I’m doing projects). She can be a social butterfly and she just attracts people without even trying like a moth to a flame. People just gravitate towards me especially men lol. My friend is also the queen of wands as well. And she is just as social, sunny, fun and happy as I am. Queen of wands people have charm and charisma which makes them attractive to people, even if they are not the most attractive man or woman. They just have an IT factor about them that draws you in. However the queen of wands does have a shadow side. She can be catty, she can gossip heavily, she can use her social status and the fact that she’s well liked to manipulate situations (can be for good or bad). But she can be very fiery and act very b*tchy. My ex use to see me as her shadow side (our relationship was not the best) and I use to definitely give a lot of cattiness and nasty niceness to him as I like to say. She also wants to be the center of attention and have all eyes on her especially from the men. She enjoys it and doesn’t want to share her spotlight with anyone else. And she can be very jealous and possessive and self-centered. But I rarely behave like her shadow side, however I’ve seen this in reading for others especially women lol. But when positive the queen of wands is a joy to be around a ray of sunshine for sure.
  12. Hello I pulled cards to ask if a guy I was interested in had any romantic feelings for me. We went out together last week and after that it’s like he just disconnected. So my question was does X have any romantic feelings for me. My cards were the ace of wands & the knight of cups reversed. There were no positions I just pulled 2 cards for the question. My guess is not romantically but definitely physically. The ace of wands he’s physically and sexually interested in me but with the knight of cups reversed he’s not trying to pursue anything beyond that. No dating and romance or developing feelings just kinda a I just want to have sex with you and that’s it kinda feeling??? So sorry just realized I posted this in the wrong section please feel free to delete it if you have too.
  13. Thank you so much for this. I never thought about it in the way of someone giving and not expecting anything back. The 6 of pentacles rx is a card I’m gonna definitely need to study lol.
  14. Hello everybody! So I wanted to know if anybody would be willing to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences with this card. I like the king of wands kinda sorta lol. But I really see him as the bachelor of the deck, he loves the ladies and the spotlight. To me he’s a cheater as well but he’s not like the knight of wands a flighty lover, no he’s the kinda of lover who’s very charming so it’s hard to want to let him go. And not to mention he’s attractive (my ex pops up as the king of wands now). But he is definitely a ladies man and he can be domineering as well as bossy. But once again he knows how to inject his charm and charisma so he doesn’t seem bossy and domineering. He’s a leader and likes to be in charge as well he takes action but idk the king of wands is any interesting card for sure lol. So if anybody wants to share their feelings, thoughts and experiences with this king. I would really appreciate it.
  15. I like this card in readings I do for myself because it always gives me the feel of you have everything you need to feel emotionally satisfied your life’s ok don’t worry however when reading for people involving relationships or people‘s intentions when it comes to me I don’t like to see this card it gives me a user feel like I’m going to soak up all the attention you give me a very smug card indeed like someone who only wants to deal with you if it’s benefiting them in some way that makes them feel emotionally good I pulled this card for an ex and indeed he used me for his gain and his pleasures but he never treated me the way I treated him he just sat there and received he never gave
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