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  1. Thank you so much for this. I never thought about it in the way of someone giving and not expecting anything back. The 6 of pentacles rx is a card I’m gonna definitely need to study lol.
  2. Hello everybody! So I wanted to know if anybody would be willing to share their thoughts, feelings and experiences with this card. I like the king of wands kinda sorta lol. But I really see him as the bachelor of the deck, he loves the ladies and the spotlight. To me he’s a cheater as well but he’s not like the knight of wands a flighty lover, no he’s the kinda of lover who’s very charming so it’s hard to want to let him go. And not to mention he’s attractive (my ex pops up as the king of wands now). But he is definitely a ladies man and he can be domineering as well as bossy. But once again he knows how to inject his charm and charisma so he doesn’t seem bossy and domineering. He’s a leader and likes to be in charge as well he takes action but idk the king of wands is any interesting card for sure lol. So if anybody wants to share their feelings, thoughts and experiences with this king. I would really appreciate it.
  3. I like this card in readings I do for myself because it always gives me the feel of you have everything you need to feel emotionally satisfied your life’s ok don’t worry however when reading for people involving relationships or people‘s intentions when it comes to me I don’t like to see this card it gives me a user feel like I’m going to soak up all the attention you give me a very smug card indeed like someone who only wants to deal with you if it’s benefiting them in some way that makes them feel emotionally good I pulled this card for an ex and indeed he used me for his gain and his pleasures but he never treated me the way I treated him he just sat there and received he never gave
  4. So about a week ago I asked one of my coworkers if I could pull cards for him. I told him that I had been studying Tarot and would like to practice with him, he didn’t say no. But he didn’t say yes all he said was he had never gotten a Tarot reading done before. He went off to do some work and while he was gone I went and asked my cards if he would let me pull for him. I got the hermit, after almost an hour later he came back and asked me if I would pull cards for him. I agreed but I was shocked, because when I pulled the hermit I instantly thought no he wasn’t going to let me pull for him. The hermit to me is about isolation, withdrawal, retreating, and separating yourself from something. So I was surprised that he came back and asked me to pull cards. Does anybody have any insight on this card and what it could have been saying?
  5. Hello I'm TekkieTarot I have been practicing tarot for about a year and I have been looking for a forum like this so excited to be here I can't wait to learn even more about tarot
  6. Hello I wanted to know if anybody could share any experiences they have had with this card. Whenever I see this card reversed it always remind me of a someone who’s selfish not willing to give I hate to only see this card rx as that so I would appreciate any answers.
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