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  1. What is so intimidating about it? I love astrology too so I know this deck has those elements in it too. I just feel like wouldn't t be hard to learn the thoth deck after you've gotten so used to the others?
  2. Personally, I love it because its straight forward. It is a great go to deck for quick and general messages. I haven't connected with them just yet but I sort of get them. I'm not sure if that makes 100% sense.
  3. It is the only card I know like the back of my hand and one I identify with on a personal level. I am a scorpio rising and venus so transformation is definitely my thing. Though I like it because I know it, I hate the after math of it. It is usually accompanied by hurt or loss as that is when I have to transform the situation and myself. I have to rebuild from the beginning, did I mention I had scorpio placements? I HATE letting go lol
  4. Hey! I am Athena and I am an aspiring tarot reader. What are some tips that helped you learn tarot?
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