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  1. This is the best forum software I have ever used on mobile. There are a few tiny annoyances – namely not being able to get back to the top of the forum via a button on black bar at the top. I wish they had a simple up arrow icon. I know I can click on the “Menu > Forums > Forums”, but this can be aggravating as that is three taps. Just a bit earlier, I found myself stuck on the opening page — with absolutely no way to get to the actual forums without doing the “Menu > Forums > Forums”. This forum software is awesome – perhaps somewhere in the settings there is a way to get to the top of the forms via the black bar?
  2. Thank you very much for the tutorial! I have been going through the forum looking for posts I would like to follow. Tedious, but not very hard because I am a new member!
  3. I am having trouble finding posts I have posted in. I am also having trouble finding posts I have created. Typically, when a post I create or participate in, it is followed. Typically when I would visit the site, I would click these two links at the top near my avatar which allowed me to sort out these two categories of posts. “Unread posts since last visit“ I can manage. “Currently followed posts“ I cannot find. Is it possible that the posts I was following did not transfer to the new system? If that is the case, I will try to follow them again. If I can remember them all , lol!
  4. You got: Curiosity You are very open to new experiences and perspectives. You tend to be creative and seek out engaging art, intellectual stimulation, and opportunities to travel. You are more likely to take risks than most people.
  5. My giving love language is Gift Giving, and my receiving love language is Physical Touch.
  6. Ha. I see. The first time I looked, I only had the option of no avatar, or a select number of images. But it is normal now! Thank you!
  7. I found this forum after finally reading the message at the bottom saying it was closed. For months I searched for ways to join, but only read the message today, lol.
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