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  1. Thanks @joy! Of course, I'd love to keep you posted :) What/where is the best way to do that? We are indeed going into production starting August 16. So excited!!!
  2. It depends on the question that I'm looking at! Sometimes it can feel "just right", almost obvious. There are times when I don't like the answer, though, even though I get that it's "right" so then I get annoyed until I try to turn it around to figure out how I could learn from the situation, or find an intuitive best course of action :)
  3. Thank you, Saturn Celeste! Can't wait to share it with you. I should draw a few cards about whether we will hit our target to fund by Thursday, but I'm a little nervous to do so :)
  4. Thank you, DanielJUK! People around the world are falling in love with her :) We are so close to funding this project...
  5. Thank you everyone!! I posted about my film over in Promote Yourself - it's going to be so much fun <3 <3 <3 https://www.thetarotforum.com/promote-yourself/
  6. Thank you PageOfCups[/member]! It will be. As soon as we are funded, we are ready to go into production in June. Every contribution helps get us that much closer :heartz: Can't wait to share it with you!!! <3 <3 <3
  7. I'll have to try that Wanderer[/member]! Always open to new insights :) That's interesting, Dr. Penelope[/member]. I do much the same, but usually draw a first card to represent the person within the situation, rather than the situation itself - it seems to tie them more closely into the spread that way.
  8. ;;) This one has it all! An intelligent comedy about Julia, a psychology graduate student :rolleyes: who finds an unexpected mentor in a psychic puppet <3 in the form of Dr. Penelope ;;) who helps her uncover her own truth and authenticity with the help of a diverse cast of characters and a tarot deck or two! :-[ Help us get this project made :) Check us out and contribute: at www.psychicologistmovie.com!
  9. Hi everyone! I'm new here, but have been using the Tarot and astrology for longer than I care to remember, not to mention other forms of spiritual connection. I've been sensitive for as long as I can remember, and I know that I'm overdoing things when my intuition disappears. Now I'm channeling that energy into filmmaking where my stories always seem to have a connection with that side of me. I use several decks (and some oracle cards) that I rotate until I get to a point where I just have to let everything be for a while to let things settle before I can read again. Most of the readings that I do are for myself, although I'm more than able to read for others (or so they say). I'm just cautious about showing people a way that they might not be ready for since I often have premonitions of what is to come if they go one direction or another... So I write about it more than I read :) Oh, and not to promote, but to check in authentically - Dr. Penelope is the name of a psychic puppet in a film that I'm working on.
  10. It feels very Jungian to me. Carl Jung was interested in the spiritual realm (mostly astrology, I think), and there are Jungian therapists that use tarot and other cards as sort of Rorschach inspiration. Love it!
  11. This is great! What deck do you use for it?
  12. I use this one a lot, sometimes with an added grounding card that looks at the whole situation as an overview. I'm surprised at how clear things become.
  13. I am also a Scorpio and I can totally relate. For me, the Death card usually indicates that the worst is over and it's time to resurrect. To appreciate letting go of something and to be reborn, but not without the past.
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