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  1. @Night Shade I am so happy my reading was so spot on for you!! I took a couple risks that I normally wouldn't have like telling you that you're unbalanced because some people either are in denial or simply lie and say they're a perfectly balanced person. Thanks so much for letting me read for you!
  2. That a cool way to look at it! I hear that spread is very popular, but it's always so much information for me.
  3. @stephanelli and @fire cat pickles That's really cool that you don't really use a spread in your readings! How do you know when you've pulled enough cards? Is it always 3 cards? I personally I feel when I do readings that a spread helps people relate to what I'm telling them.
  4. Oh wow! I can't imagine how draining doing a 5 card spread every time you do readings is.
  5. Take your time @Night Shade, I'm happy you can relate to it.
  6. I didn't do a super big spread for you so hopefully that is OK. If you need additional information, please let me know and I will make sure to do an extra spread. Question: What is the next step in Nigh Shade's spiritual quest?" The Spread I used for you is: Card #1: You Card #2: Your Path Card #3: Your Potential Card #4: The Base Card aka the Root of it All So then the cards you got in each placement would be (See Photo) Card #1: Balancing Act ~You Card #2: Mountain ~Your Path Card #3: Gentle Gardener ~ Your Potential Card #4: Talisman ~ The Root of Everything Card #1: Balancing Act So this placement card is all about you, it could be the present, the future, the past even. There is no time frame on this card like there is in a past, present, future spread. In this card, there is a woman holding a rope, watching with interest and caution, but she is not frightened. On this rope, there is a ship on a wheel trying to get across the rope to the other end. If you look below that ship, there are things falling out while it tips in each direction to try to stay on. Oracle Message: "You are calm within, no matter the fluctuation of outer conditions." I believe you've been feeling a bit unsure of your balance in life. That your footing isn't quite right, and may cause you to fall off the tight rope. This card is giving you a message to find your priorities, you don't have to juggle everything at once. If you find a balance that works for you, then everything else will fall into place nicely. With this relating to your question, I'd say you probably need to decide if you are going to continue going on this path, or if it's time to change it. It almost seems like you're trying to have too many paths at once. Card #2: Mountain This placement is supposed to be about your path that you're on now. If you don't make any changes, what it might turn out to be. Now, I'm not a fortune teller, so I can never tell you for sure. However, I can give you an idea. In the Mountain card, the sun is shining on a mountain when it is dark and cloudy. Oracle Message: "You have the capacity to flow around any obstacle. This is a time to adapt." With a mountain in your way, you have two options. You can climb to the top of the mountain and realize it will be a hard journey or you can go around the mountain and take the easy way around. If you do feel you have to go up and over the mountain, realize you need to put one foot in front of the other and not to stop. In general this card is about adapting to the situation, and making it your own. Making sure you get what you need, and no matter what the situation is don't forget about your self. With this being in the "your path" placement I would assume you are feeling blocked? Like you don't know what direction to take next, and you need someone to tell you. However, that's not really true. It's your story, not anyone else's. Card #3: Gentle Gardner This placement is all about your potential, it gives you an insight to see just how much you are capable of, no matter if you consciously know it or not. Somewhere in you, you already know the answer that will show up in this card. On this card, there are three eggs with fairies poking out from them in a grass field with someone looking over them all. This person is helping them grow and continue to blossom. Oracle Message: "Be your own person. Be a conscious co-creator." This card is explaining, that your thoughts and feelings are what your experiences in life are going to be. If you are being a miserable person, your luck and experiences will follow that. If you stay positive you are going to have an amazing journey ahead. Your garden has all the potential of being a beautiful thing. With relating to the position of the spreads, I would say that your potential is limitless. Your mind creates the edges of what you can do. If you stay open to the idea of growing and continue hoping and dreaming, then your life and journey will follow that. You create your own barriers, not anyone else. Card #4: Talisman I added to the original spread for this question, because I felt that you needed something that related to your roots and your beliefs. So this card, is at the bottom of the deck flipped over to represent that. In this card, there is a woman holding a glowing disk away from her, her back is facing us so we cannot see what her facial expressions are and can only assume. Also, if you notice towards her right leg, there is a yin-yang sign on the ground/ in her dress. Oracle Message: "A lesson truly learned us a crystallized as earned wisdom. You have all you need for success you seek." Wisdom is very helpful for many reasons, it helps you learn the roads and paths you want to walk, it also helps you learn who to avoid. However, having the wisdom of someone else near you is also very helpful because you can ask and seek their advice on specific topics. With this being the roots card, I would have to assume you got lots of support when you started your spiritual path. Nobody really told you that you couldn't do it. This Oracle deck wants to remind you that you still have support on this path. Even if you don't see it, people you love are always going to support you through your tall mountain and your balancing job. They can help you grow as a person as you continue this journey. I used lava rocks to give courage and strength I also used crystals to give clarity. Let me know if you have any additional questions and/or followups. ~Pixie
  7. Hi! I will get your reading done now, and it'll be all typed up by the end of the day.
  8. I'm still taking sitters if anyone would like to sit!
  9. I've gotten this message before the upgrade and this one now. It comes up about once a day still.. Like @DownUnderNZer said the site is slow to load, but I experienced that before the update. I'm not really sure how to fix either.
  10. Oh my gosh... This deck is AMAZING. I'm envious, but it's way out of my price range.
  11. @KaiNO Thanks so much, this defiantly relates to a lot of things going on in my life. I will be back with a more detailed feedback.
  12. I'm curious what everyone's go to spread is: whether you read Oracle, Kipper, Tarot, etc. Do you prefer long spread or short to the point spreads? Or do you use a spread or do you keep pulling cards until you get a feeling to stop? Comment and let us know!
  13. @gregory and @DanielJUK It might be a subscriber perk, I don't have an change option next to Display Name. Only on password and email.
  14. Yeah, you definitely can see a difference depending on the culture. I've never had tea with honey, I might just have to try that.
  15. Ah, so I take it you must like the coffee and chocolate combination in deserts?
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