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  1. Oh, that's so great! I like the tea with lemons. It sounds great!
  2. Oh nice! What kind of tea?
  3. Sometimes it's better to NOT make a career out of your passion Because then your passion will turn into WORK, and you might find yourself hating something you used to love. For some people, it's better to find a job they can stand that also leaves enough free time for them to pursue their passions on the side. Hmm... interesting this is something that my family always says.
  4. I'm so happy for you that you're starting to understand the Wands!
  5. Congrats on getting another deck! You'll have to tell us how you end up liking and working with it!
  6. Personally, I haven't just because I feel that every reading is different. My personal belief is that you'll be pulling from different things all the time and thus asking "who" wouldn't really work because the Tarot cards couldn't tell you enough people! What about you? Are you going to try to do it?! I'd be curious to know the answer!
  7. So this isn't really cooking... HOWEVER, I absolutely love to bake and this is one of my favorite recipes with this glaze. We have a dairy problem in my house so for the bund't cake I replace sour cream with a 3/4 a cup of lactose free milk and it tastes exactly the same!
  8. You got 6 out of 10 right! Okay, you kind of have great vision! Let me just say, you probably did better on this quiz than me. You can tell the differences between most colors, though the ones with just a small adjustment may trip you up. Go on and take the quiz again, I know you can ace it!
  9. You spent $4,257 Eh, it's a pretty big day, so I'm going to overlook the fact that you went a little bit over the budget. You were still able to throw a pretty cheap wedding without spending a ton of money. Nice!
  10. You got: You lost You spent way less than $100,000. It's just pretend money! No need to be so frugal!
  11. You're meant to inspire a generation of leaders. Your demeanor and constant sense of optimism inspire all those around you, including the next generation who will one day become thought leaders and culture shifters. Your words have power, and you are meant to use that power to lift others up. Don't be afraid of your purpose, you were made for such a time as this. hmm... I dunno about that.
  12. Hello Anastasia! I love that name. Welcome to the forum, it's a great place to be!
  13. Hi, so I know this is an older post, but saw it and thought I'd go ahead and post what I use: Confusing Dream Spread (5 cards) .......1...... 2............3 4.....5 1: Why am I having this dream? 2: What is this dream trying to tell me? 3: What is the hidden message? 4: Is there a lesson that needs to be learned? 5: How do I apply the lesson?
  14. You got: You value the happiness of your friends and your family even more than your own happiness. Despite your many successes and the boatload of support that people throw your way, you often second-guess your instincts and have a hard time believing in yourself. You love focusing on the needs of others but sometimes you forget about yourself in the process. Remember what your friends and family love most about you and prioritize yourself too! I have to say... this is pretty true.
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