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  1. I really LOVE the two of swords...looks like they have each others back even if neither know what they face or decision to make! Thank-you for your recommendation! Thank-you for your recommendations! I'm particularly drawn to the seven of cups, with those colour choices. What a great deck! Yes I suppose so, modern and jam-packed colorful would fit the description. I'm not a giant fan of the traditional wood cut artwork, even if I do understand the history and significance the more traditional decks have.
  2. I randomly stumbled upon this one online, shared the website with my friend and we were both in awe. I dig the alien aspect to this deck beyond words.
  3. It is very pretty and bright! Not really for me, as it isn't really illustrated, but I can't deny it doesn't have that 'sunburst' quality. Thank-you for your suggestion
  4. What is a sunburst deck? Besides a deck name I made up, it is a deck with bright, bold colours, where every card isn't just illuminated, they seem to radiate their own light. I'm very particular about the decks I buy, and am certainly drawn to illustrated decks over photoshop collage or rendered decks for the most part. I also trend towards modern art style over the more traditional like the rws or tdm wood cut look. I was looking at the Lili White originally for this style but I have since learned it has the near unforgivable sin of copyright marks. Any suggestions to help me are largely appreciated!
  5. The Dark Mansion Tarot And I got my favourite card from the deck in this 3 card spread (The Moon).
  6. Tagi

    The Lovers

    I adore this card, and more subtly in the back there the two gentlemen also dancing.
  7. I have pledged for a limited, wasnt too much more money to ship to Aus really, but the big cards are worrying me. I don't really need those, my hands are only little!
  8. I was with a group of friends and we were doing readings for each other at a cafe. We are all still practicing at this point. When we went to pay the waiter said he was happy we weren't going to contest the surcharge on the bill (due to the public holiday) because we were "obviously in to witchcraft and stuff" and he didn't want to get cursed. >_>
  9. Well, I /had/ managed to de-enable myself. If I can't get past the faces my partner will appreciate it as a gift anyway.
  10. I'm in the same boat as you. I bought the Dark Mansion moments ago because I'm in love with so many of the cards but I also have my eye on the mini Bohemian Gothic. I feel like it's FOMO that is driving my desire for this one though, and I admit I'm not sure about the human faces in the art. They seem uncanny valley to me but /so many/ praise this deck I'm of two minds.
  11. Tagi

    New Member Alert

    Thank-you for the warm welcome everyone! I would love to be apart of the study group if when I work out how to join XD
  12. Hi guys. No idea how to introduce myself so I thought I'd just give a "time line" of my history with tarot. I have been interested tarot since I was in my early teens and bought my first tarot deck when I was about 13 from my local newsagents at the time (gee that was twenty years ago now!) It was a tarot based on Shakespeare. The newsagents clerk at the time shamed me for buying it "You're too young, you shouldn't be messing with this etc" and I felt really guilted in to not doing anything with it, even though my mum bought the same deck as me. (I was a very consious teen I guess). I didn't feel any connection with the cards, and not being a giant Shakespeare buff didn't help either. Fast forward to about my early twenties and I thought, lets give this tarot thing another go shall we? I bought the Animals Divine deck because I thought the animal images were lovely but I had a lot of trouble learning with this deck and kind of...didn't persue anything further. A few years ago my mother was moving house and she gave me four of her tarot decks to hold on to while she was sorting out space. They were the Haindl, Rider-Waite-Snith, Spiral and a mini deck that had very simple images. I hardly looked at them, but I had a custom wooden tarot box I had found in a savers and decided to keep the Rider-Waite smith in it on display, it seemed like they were supposed to be in there somehow? Fast forward to a few months ago and my friend gave a marceille tarot to her boyfriend as birthday present, and I mentioned how I always liked tarot, they seemed cool but I had no idea how to use them or anything. He gave me a link to little red tarot and that is where I saw the prisma visions deck and I knew I was gonna buy it XD. When it arrived I was enchanted by it, the art is so ethereal and love the idea of an extra card to make decks more "unique". I am reading some people don't like it but *shrugs* I do me. I'm determined to learn tarot this time. It only took what, twenty years to get to this point? Im going to also use my raider-white to help teach me, it has the most even and nuetral feel to it. I have also bought the marigold tarot but I feel it is slightly too advanced for me yet. As for the other three my mother gave me, I ended up giving them back...I disliked the way the mini tarot felt in my hands, I could not get passed the purple borders on the spiral and the Haindl...repulsed me. Its odd but it made my stomach churn, it was odd. I bought a tarot 101 book for myself, but I gave it to my mother because like me she has had decks for years and doesn't really know card meanings. She is not internet savvy so it will be better off with her. So this is why I'm here, to learn. I'm also a collector of things so I'll probably also stumble on some decks reccomend here I really like. Anyways, tltr, Hi!
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