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  1. Love the wooden cabinet, @Raggydoll ! That display makes me want to go deck shopping.
  2. Thank you @Madame Squee! Wow, I haven't heard of the Playing Card Oracles in a while. Let us know how you get on with it if you can.
  3. This week I'll be using the Granny Jones Australian Tarot, created by Granny Jones and published by Kangaroo Press. Along with it, I'll be drawing from the Button Oracle, a set I made myself from a collection of buttons. Today's draws are the High Priestess and the Ram: Granny seems to have pulled out every divination tool she has, including a familiar and two dragon spirits. But how do we know any information that comes to us is from our luminous mind rather than the egoic mind? There are certain 'tells' of the ego: The ego's main purpose to protect me physically, emotionally and mentally. It looks to benefit me only, not caring about anyone else (unless caring for them benefits me). The ego wants me to be in control of things and likes to stay in its comfort zone. If it's not pleasurable, then it's not worth doing. The ego is an expert at justifying and rationalizing by pointing out external causes and fixes rather than internal ones. The ego's logic is often based on emotion or opinion, rarely reality. It prefers to see reality from one small angle rather than viewing the whole. Bighorn sheep (like the one on the Ram button) have split hooves with rough bottoms that can firmly grip two-inch ledges on a mountain. They don't fear steep climbing because they know they can do it. The Ram's advice is to follow the wisdom of the luminous mind, even when it requires us to move out of complacency mode and onto ledges of the unknown.
  4. I'm in this week with the Granny Jones Tarot paired with the Button Oracle. Thanks for keeping us rolling, VG.
  5. I like how the bottom of the High Priestess's gown looks like rivulets of water. I also like the crown over the path and between the two mountains on Temperance - it reminds me of the Middle Way.
  6. What decks did they use? I noticed on a recent episode of "The In Between" they used the Giant Rider Waite.
  7. This week I'll be using the Dark Goddess Tarot, a deck created by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince and published by Arnell's Art. Along with it, I'll be using a set of Tattwas Cards. Today's draws are the Amazon of Earth (Page of Pentacles) and 'Air - Seed of Water:' Artemis, called "She of the Wild" by Homer, was known as a huntress, protector of the young, and a guardian of the forests. She chose to remain chaste and had a bevy of priestesses who vowed to do the same. But Artemis, like many in the first flush of learning, saw in black and white. She had a concept (chastity/purity) that was held in such esteem, she couldn't see any other options. After her hunting attendant Callisto gave birth to a son (with Zeus as his father), Artemis attempted to turn them both into a bear. Zeus instead turned them into the constellations Ursa Minor and Ursa Major. The keyword for Air: Seed of Water is 'stagnation.' Together with the Page, it warns of reifying concepts - making them concrete and inflexible. There is a Buddhist slogan that says, "Self-liberate even the antidote." Basically, it tells us not to try to use one idea as a catch-all for everything. Life is complicated, and it requires a wide perspective rather than a narrow one if we are to see it clearly. So whenever you come up with a solid conclusion, let the rug be pulled out. You can pull out your own rug, and you can also let life pull it out for you. ~ Pema Chodron
  8. @Katie those Royal Mischief cards are wild! @Mi-Shell the Bird cards are lovely!
  9. I'm in with the Dark Goddess Tarot paired with the Tattwa Cards - thanks VG!
  10. I love seeing all the individuality reflected in everyone's spaces!@ilweran and @Katie, your secretary desks remind me of my much beloved granddad. @Wanderer, that box is lovely!
  11. Surprised to see they were going to discontinue the Tarot of the Master, but I suppose they have put out several reproductions lately...
  12. From the Buckland Romani Tarot, the Page of Cups/Koros; from the Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards, 'Motion:' This young lass has had little worldly experience, so each new emotion she feels with her tender heart is like a new color from the giant-size Crayola box. She's not yet learned to harden her heart or detach from drama, so she's open to every relationship. She is like her cousins (the Pages of other Suits) - every encounter is seen with fresh eyes and an uncluttered mind. On the downside, her sensitivity can be a bit much for older adults. But it won't last for long, as the Motion card implies. Everything created or born is always changing. Hopefully, her gentleness won't completely disappear but will be given some balance with discernment. Such tender hearts are what often remind the curmudgeons that life still has some kindness left in it. When death comes it is never our tenderness that we repent from, but our severity. ~George Eliot
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