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  1. haha!! I got You got: A, B, W, U, L, or J You love a partner who encourages and empowers you to take action. Now, it's time to take a look around and see who in your circle has any of these letters as their first initial. If you can't think of anyone in particular, don't fret — your Mr. or Mrs. Right is on their way. My ex hubby's name started with an L.
  2. That is also one of my favorite cards too! I'd also like to remind everyone our Card Favorites section is still open as well if you'd like to contribute to that!
  3. Well I had 21 out of 50. Not quite 50%. I bet @gregory has almost all of them!!
  4. Ok guys! This is Saturn and you should have the Upload button now!
  5. My mom kept a golf club in the corner in her bedroom.
  6. I've been binge watching ER lately. Going back to the beginning. I'm into season 3 and am getting bored already lolol Never did watch 'soaps.'
  7. Supplying all of these links was very kind of you gregory!
  8. For stickies, just PM the moderators or Saturn until we get it sorted out, please.
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