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  1. don't know that she has been here but I'd love to see what taroty things Chronata Robyn Tisch Hollister is up to these days.
  2. I cycle my entire collection one week at a time. It began as a way to justify what I'd spent but has turned out to be a way to weed the gold from the dross. Using the deck for everything and every situation during the week pushes me to be open and pushes the deck to earn its keep. If I choose decks for specific reasons I'd never know what it's real worth was. Or how to read any deck in any situation.
  3. the only way I can get into the zone is yoga breath. And overall I work hard to be of the world but not in the world, by limiting my exposure to it via technology of all kinds.
  4. we'll be strong together. I just had an update from Dinosaures de Marseille Tarot Deck, today was the kick off! Who knew, anyway, it is up to nearly 80 backers and 4/5 funded. Lovely when an artist get momentum. I'm enjoying the idea of french titles, it makes me think rather than flip to keywords.
  5. when the deck first came out the author was very active on the deck threads at AT, I'm betting you would find some good leads there, maybe someone can narrow down and link to them. Benebell Wen did a comprehensive review which may give you some leads. https://benebellwen.com/2015/03/20/review-of-tarot-of-the-holy-light/ and for those who see your thread but don't know the deck this link is to the author's university https://www.tarotuniversity.com/2016/09/tarot-of-the-holy-light-deck.html Happy studies, it is way above my brain's pay grade but I admire the knowledge and effort that went into it.
  6. I know many are hesitant to start a deck study group, don't be! YOU don't have to do it all, but once a deck is started people will add to it over the years, one of the great strengths and pleasures and a great way to support a forum and give it depth of use and knowledge.
  7. well Cosita, I backed it! thank you for pointing it out. Such expressive faces there is a Low Riders based on a brown and black doxie dog pair, I have a pair like it and feel a little guilted to back it, but it just isn't cutting it as tarot for me. I hate the way kickstarter brings back results, even though I have the sorting methods saved, lots of stuff that isn't tarot, stuff that has long been funded, etc. No doubt why I don't bother to look for myself, and appreciate when members point out new decks. Thanks!
  8. I've never found a way to ignore subforums here either. I'm grateful that most of my ignored ones made the crossover to the new forum. For me 'just scroll past' isn't the big thing, it is my online time limits and aversion to what I personally consider clutter My problem and something that might be addressed down the road. Little Fang can't know what we want if we don't bring it up?
  9. welcome to the forum, I'm glad to see you've jumped right in! I started like you are, using Joan Bunnings course. Later on I wished I hadn't learned keywords because people who I thought knew much more than me said "you don't need books, the only book required has 78 pages, read the cards not the books" yadayada and I was embarrassed. Nothing ever jumps into my brain re: symbology, I'm always amazed at what my friend Bev pulls out of cards. Over time I've come to revalue my studies, and accept I just learn differently. and intuition isn't one of them. I also like to use elements, there are only four...does water put out fire etc. And look at the way the figures in a spread are facing...away, toward each other etc. Timing I don't much do but use looking left is looking at the past, right is looking toward the future. My feeling on the suits is Swords are discovery, Cups are thinking about that discovery, Wands is action on that discovery, and Coins results of that discovery. I do think about what the various artists have done with each card. Otherwise why have a good number of decks, one would suffice. All that said to say, our learning curve builds and changes directions over the years, all in a good way. Tarot is a huge subject and no way can we all learn the same way and all be on the same path. again, welcome to the forum.
  10. I'll be using my "frankendecken" organized as a group project on AT some years ago, each card from a different deck. thanks VG
  11. thanks! just wanted to know if it was me. Happening to everyone, no problem Slow I wouldn't really know, we are on the far end of tower reach, so sometimes I don't get service at all or it is very spotty. Still better than dial up though.
  12. I've gotten this notice opening threads about 10 times, starting during the switchover, the last time this morning. -------------------------------- Insufficient Storage The method could not be performed on the resource because the server is unable to store the representation needed to successfully complete the request. There is insufficient free space left in your storage allocation. Additionally, a 507 Insufficient Storage error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request --------------------------- Win 10/Chrome/ATT A refresh or page back usually clears it, sometimes it takes two times, but it is odd. I have Acres of computer space so shouldn't be something on my end?
  13. a strict framework is the death of free thought and action. Worrying about rules someone one else made limits the scope of your life. When we let go of one religion we often rush to another to fill in the space. When you design your own spirituality you may take what you want from everything, add your own necessities, and fly free. The idea of angels makes me fall down laughing but I talk to trees and greet and say goodby to my house all the time. Set your own path, you will be so much happier and more fulfilled and confident in your own decisions.
  14. I'll bet she is smiling like mad! You are a good friend, thanks for updating!
  15. Lee, your wreath is wonderful. I've observed as time goes on, most people don't much care what someone else does unless in their face. In the years I was seriously studying, there were tarot and other esoteric books all over the house, every room where I might have a couple minutes to pick one up. The decks and companion books have always been in the open in the office though, where I use them, and like to have everything in handy reach. I've had very christian focused cousins, and friends who are Jehovah Witness all sleep in the office, no one has left in the middle of the night, or expressed interest of any kind. Probably because I'm respectful to them of what they believe although I personally think they are unhinged ...
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