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  1. I'll bet there was a lot of arguments, back in the days when calendars were thought of. Egypt, hot and dry, hot and flooded. How they must have argued against 4 seasons idea. They used 10 day weeks, did you know that? Just said to say thanks for noting what her 5th season is. Do you feel the reuse of card images on different cards, rather than modified and kept the same card, clarifies anything, shows deeper thinking or growth in the deck creation? I haven't even hit the buy button and feel a bit jerked around...
  2. the study groups are here and active forever Anesiadora! So members can add bits as they go along, one of the strengths of a deck study. Jump in!
  3. It takes a community, and we have a good one. what a smart and brave young man, working to take control over his own life path. Well done, and I wish him all the best today, tomorrow, and rest of a long and healthy life.
  4. welcome to the forum, love your avatar! You don't have a decklist in your profile, do you have any other Llewellyn decks? Their cardstock is often described as thin and flippy, but I think it has more to do with the size of their cards myself. I do think you will find it wears well without chipping or fluffing at the edges and stands up to shuffling well. If you find it doesn't Llewellyn is very good about addressing customer complaints. again, welcome!
  5. when I was beginning I was just confused, I think our minds are used to going at zip speed. I'd look at the cards and because nothing came right away I didn't know what to do next. I found when I read the cards out loud it helped me slow Way down, and really put my mind in gear. All the best, and again, welcome home.
  6. I agree with all of the above. Just posting to say Hey! and welcome to the board, and your tarot home!
  7. Oh Joe...this should be on everyone's morning mirror space, in regards to the whole world. Fliz, you can get all the images on her website for free, that is the kind of person she is. Majors download https://benebellwen.com/spirit-keepers-tarot/free-major-arcana-download/ whole both deck images. https://benebellwen.com/spirit-keepers-tarot/gallery-of-all-cards/ or you can get the coloring book https://benebellwen.com/spirit-keepers-tarot/a-childs-tarot-coloring-book/ It is a hybrid that can be used out of the box. Without all the woo-woo mob mentality. You already have the same deck. In multiples
  8. since you are just beginning, when you get a deck from any source, always put them in order. Occasionally there will be a card missing. I've had two decks that had extra cards, in both cases there was a card missing. Publishers keep decks just for this, and are very good about sending a replacement card. The extra cards I used as bookmarks, I don't like to get superstitious about stuff. Welcome to the board, we love new members!
  9. that is an astute observation Katie, well done. Graves seems to have had a real ego driven agenda. I'm not conversant with astrology so simply set my seasons by the sabbats in the northern hemisphere, and in this case work that into the ancient celt calendar.
  10. I spent some time on her website today looking at the three decks and trying to work out what I was seeing, what I was being told about how she sees each card. I would certainly need a cheat sheet until I was thoroughly familiar with the deck/decks. I don't know if I have that much energy for a deck anymore, although there was a day when I would have thrown myself wholeheartedly into one as you have this one. In my early days with tarot I found animal decks were mute to me. now nearly 20 years down the road I find the animals speak with clear voices and the humans are nearly mute. What will I know and think 20 years from now? One thing, I hope you are still sharing your thoughts... thank you, Sharyn
  11. welcome home Robyn! Lots of oldie goldies here and tons of new goodies members!
  12. I've tried the 4 hares contact several times this year, no response.
  13. welcome to our forum!! We love new members! that said you need to say how you see the cards first, just do you best, this is a learning forum. you need five posts before you can ask for ideas about your spread Say hello in the introductions forum, pop in on any thread that looks interesting, ask questions there, you'll have dozens of posts before you know it. Then the mods will unlock this one. Again, Welcome so much!! Sharyn
  14. "There is probably a hidden “law of irony”" (from 'the right tarot for you) Nice start!
  15. welcome Anesiadora! I will be using Game of Thrones this week. I haven't seen the show but based on its rave reviews I listened to the first audio book. Great world building but way to many characters for me to wrap my brain around And the only characters I really liked were the dogs...the deck is great though. thanks VG!
  16. Rabbithorns has the cleverest reading site I've ever run across... I wish you great success you should add a link in your profile so it shows up when you post. @Rabbithorns you can start your own promotional thread here and make sure to give us the link! ~SC
  17. seems like a word in kickstarters ear would be in order?
  18. I think I know who you are! Welcome, and I'm so happy to see you posting, love your username!
  19. Benebell sent a recent email about the deck names because people were pestering her on what they mean. Apparently when she ran across something appropriate she noted it down to use but did not keep the definition/meaning thinking she'd remember She doesn't and suggests we do web searches, and use variation of the spelling and root. Mine is Netane which I only found in a cursory search as the name of some woman which I'm sure isn't what she meant.
  20. I didn't get a sudden urge, I found FlyLady in 2000. 15 minutes a day, one room a week. Took 9 months to go through my home and I've done it twice since. I have most assuredly downsized by half in all areas. When I started on my books I counted one shelf and multiplied it by shelves plus 50 for the ones that were stacked around the house. Figured one book a week, how many weeks would it take to read them all? It figured out to 17 years, dedicated to books I'd already read. No new ones. Yikes! So I slowly started offloading them on Ebay and Amazon marketplace account. Got rid of about 1/2. Then 4 years ago I was diagnosed with an eye disease, which has made print books harder and harder to read to at this point it is pointless to try. So this spring I had a big clear out again, sold, gifted, donated to the library sale. All gone now. Heart rending. but I lived. Decks? I had about 100 and then realized I was in the same room as counting books. Many decks unused just 'flicked through' as we say. So I started using a deck a week, rotating through them all..2+ years that first time. That process showed me what was worth keeping...so pretty much each year I inventory and have a sale. That keeps me down around 60-70, all loved favorites, and room to buy a few each year. I could go on for days how cleaning out changed my internal life, but if you do it you'll get it. And I'm on week 623 of my Deck of the Week life
  21. you could stack them going up instead of down and see the titles?
  22. well spotted Katie. I've had a few decks like that, didn't care for, wish I hadn't spent my $$, then they grew on me. I'm not sure what you mean by logged on member, but the deck of the week group doesn't have any rules. If you want to share your reading here you can.
  23. I saw them when they were there, I'm just thinking about new members reading threads from the beginning. I wonder if they were be seen in the way back machine and lifted from there?
  24. Raggydoll, the July images you posted didn't make the forum move, can you repost them?
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