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  1. cripes. de enabling is not permitted here, only nod nod wink wink? You are welcome to it then.
  2. John, what I've decided over the years about timing and what facing left means and if swords are fire or air, is choose what feels best to me, and then Be Consistent. We can be swayed by many reasonable arguments about all of it. Do what feels right, seems a good idea, and use that method all the time.
  3. the periodic tables require thinking. This is a thinking person's deck. Think about it. Think about buying a deck covered with keywords instead.
  4. hi guys! Rogue Tarot for me again. Because this deck was made up with the help of friends, many of the cards are from decks I don't have. Today's draw was the 7 of swords from the New Era Elements by ellegator from deviantart. It shows the fallout from a nest thief, the little bird mother stuck with a giant baby... interesting. A cowbird can lay 40 eggs over a two month period, slipped one at a time into the unsuspecting foster mother's nest. 7 of swords indeed.
  5. there are a whole herd of angel decks listed here http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/angel.shtml and christian in general decks listed here http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/christian.shtml
  6. they were funded in three hours! But if my first Uusi deck was anything to go by their quality is very high, and they are doing something here in publishing I don't think has been tried before in decks anyway.
  7. my chrome was translating for me, here it is in english https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1244376122/materia-prima?ref=section-homepage-projectcollection-3-staff-picks-newest I think....
  8. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1244376122/materia-prima?ref=section-homepage-projectcollection-3-staff-picks-newest oddly enough I just read a book about the periodic tables...I'm all over this! I only see the extra cards that make up the whole table, but I'm think this would make a great oracle. I look forward to what they come up with for the standard deck.
  9. no good luck getting that... I seldom fool with youtube, iffy connections, so can't respond to that, but the only way you and the querent can ever know if your response is correct is if it is about themselves. it's all bullshit otherwise.
  10. when I was in hairdressing I ran an ad for $5.00 haircuts. I didn't get any returnees, it was all people looking for $5.00 haircuts and I ran myself ragged doing them. Being the cynic I am, if someone was selling me a $5.00 reading I would believe they were running over to one of the many free reading sites and copying off what came up there. And you'd be hard pressed to convince me they were doing otherwise. Buyer Beware, in many things in life you get what you pay for.
  11. welcome home NeptuneBloom!
  12. AJ-ish/Sharyn


    welcome home Gazelle!
  13. good morning WooMonkey, I've not tried genmaicha yet, I kind of got green teed out about 10 years ago, I should try it again. Daniel, I've tried everything you mentioned and like them all, except I haven't had an opportunity to try/see the pearls. I'd like to thank you for mentioning reddit. Crazy I know, but I thought reddit was a sort of semi-dark-web place that was mostly porn and pain. the tea subreddit is wonderful and I've seen photos of the pearls filling the cups! Very informative and in its own way restful. If we have time to make a cup of tea we have time to think. If we are zooming down the highway with a bucket of store made coffee we aren't thinking... We are on the road for a couple of months and last week I thought I spotted a tea shop. Went in and what they had was a small display of teas. You know, organized as one brand with fancy containers, all matched...erm, no. Probably been there for three years, dusted weekly Did buy some fudge though, fresh made and cut to order. Ate the last pinch last night after dinner.
  14. you must not have cats or dogs. This would be open invitation for a skidfest at my house. Looks like 13 decks? You are drawn to blue. Keep that in mind if you become purchase obsessed with an orange deck.
  15. I got my Stolen Child cards the day before we left, love the cardstock, looking forward to using them when we return. To avoid packing a dozen decks for travel, Bev and I and a few others created my Rogue Tarot deck...78 cards from 78 different decks, plus I have my Frankendecken, same idea from and old AT joint project. Easy peasy. So Rogue Tarot for me, thanks VG
  16. I always keep them, #1 because if you are selling decks on you can always get a better price for a complete package.
  17. Is it actually there? I know, when you are really new who knows what you want...but here is a little secret. There are a number of us here who give decks away occasionally. If you have a wish list in your profile we can get an idea of your vibe It would help to include what country you are living in too...just saying
  18. back-up decks were quite the rage a few years ago. If I were to limit myself to just two or three absolute favorite decks, I'd probably maybe possibly get backups. But decks are incredibly sturdy in actuality and a well worn deck shows the love. Clean hands, clean reading space are more important I think?
  19. you can use any deck you like Katie! Also dice, runes, and toothpicks if they come up in your deck rotation I'll be switching to Oracle of the Radiant Sun tomorrow, the Cathars have wrung me out this week. We will be leaving for three months on Wednesday when I'll be switching to my Rogue Tarot deck, made up with the help of a few friends!
  20. we had our Whole pet family to the doctor this week... so this image says the Doctor is in
  21. My boss asked me to read for her. I sweat bullets and thought I was going to faint. I still remember the subject and some of the cards though. My biggest lesson was reading out loud is a whole different thing from sitting at a table and thinking about them. Saying what we are thinking out loud is a serious part of reading the cards. I practiced on my cat...
  22. welcome to the journey djellyfish! Benebell Wen just started a series on each card, she has now done Ace and Two. I'd highly recommend them https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxy7GWlYL8RSb2JwJrzh8PA
  23. the $25.00 Amazon gift certificate I won a few days ago from American Tarot Association http://www.ata-tarot.com/reflections/
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