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  1. lol. it's not draining. I usually get drained by the 3rd reading.
  2. Vanno317


    Hello, Hey I'm Vanno!! I've been studying tarot for the 2 years and I'm still learning more information. I took a break from my spirituality and it's time for me to comeback out of hiding because there are some major changes on in my life. I thought that this would be a good place to help me to get back intouch and continuing learning.
  3. I just started a small garden in my porch about two weeks ago. I live in Florida, I'm worried that a rabbit or deer might eat them. So far I've planted roma tomatoes, lettuce, green onion , red and white strawberries. I never knew they had white strawberries that taste like pineapples. I can't wait for them to bear fruit!
  4. I used to work in an office where my colleagues caused me anxiety, depression and sucked my energy. There was an employee who had a black aura and sometimes I would see another person coming out of her aura/ energy field. I used Black Kyanite Black Tourmaline Citrine (To help me to have more energy from the bloodsuckers) Amethyst I also had to mediate 2x a day just to stay a float. Thank god I left that place.
  5. When I do a reading I usually go for 5 card spread. 1) Situation 2) Challenge 3) Advice 4) Unknown Influences ( For love readings I use two cards, one represents the querent and the second is about an unknown influence that is affecting the relationship on their partner's side) 5) Outcome ( For love readings I sometimes pull 3 cards, one to represent the relationship as a whole, the outcome for the querent and an outcome for their partner. It helps you figure out if the relationship is balance, if one person is benefitting from the relationship than the other or if someone is getting played)
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