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  1. @Carol92 and @Grandma. Thanks for all the positive vibes!!
  2. @Carol92He is closed off. My ex ghosted me, his probably resentful since I told him off at the ending. In my readings, it does show something in the air for several months, like my ex wants me in his life but in the sidelines. There is are more details that fully explain the situation in the last post. Thanks again. I remember you from the last, I extremely grateful because you went over and looked at old readings to help me better intrepret this sitaution.
  3. @Ruby Jewel sorry!!! I got sidetracked by this post, decided to do a reading on myself and look at past readings. Based on the information, it does show him making an appearance because he can't stand being separated from me any longer. He does want a happy family relationship, but doesn't want one for a while because it shows him concentrating on getting his life together. So I can see where he'll want sex with benefits type thing. He pretty much just wants me their until his ready to comminemt. Once he is established, he'll be able to fulfil his wish of having a relationship with me. But, I could be wrong!! The King of Cups RX can indicated narcissism, but he's definitely emotionally unstable. The reason why he broke up with me is because some abuse resurface from his past and he wasn't able to deal with it emotionally. It was really bad. The abuse consumed him, I saw him deteriorate quite quickly, panic attacks all the time and lost a lot of weight. He ended moving closer to family members, he couldn't mentally be in a relationship, but the way he ended things was definitely unpleasant and hurtful. He pushed me away. I think that the King of Cups Rx means that he hasn't fully recovered emotionally. As you said before the Devil part is disastrous, I've been dealing with major depression disorder and anxiety since the beginning of the year. I ended being in residential and was Baker Act about a month ago from withdrawal symptoms from changing medication. I'm too fragile, my moods are not stable and I still found haven't found the perfect medications for me. So two emotionally unstable people can will create the Devil and an atomic bomb. Thanks again!!! For being concerned about me and taking the time to analyze both readings.
  4. Thank you!!! As I mentioned in the advice position I got the Sun and Ace of Swords. This is true because in relationships my emotions usually get me into trouble and I ignore the red flags. Thanks again
  5. @Awkward.turtle91 and @Ruby Jewel Thank you guys so much!!!! For encouraging me and giving me hope! I feel so grateful!!
  6. Thank you for sharing your story with me, I'm so happy everything worked out of you. It gives me hope. This is interpretation is interesting as well. This was a weekly reading in June but it sounds like the same recurring theme in my love life for the next few months. I keep on getting cards that my ex will return and want a romantic relationship with me again. If I go straight into a relationship/dating I will be running into the Devil's arms, he won't commitment to me and by September I will have a Three of Swords moment (Break up with me again or tell me he doesn't want to commitment). But, if I wait and just stay friends with him until October or November there will be commitment and happy ending. For the creativity part, like I was telling @Awkward.turtle91 I created a tarot business. I only made 1 sale in 2 weeks but I should be going to the farmer's market on the 20th to gain some clients. If this business grows, I will be content about not being to attend next semester.
  7. Thank you for your compassion! It's hard to find a job right now because I have diffculty walking and my grandfather can't co-sign a loan for me this semester. But after all the crying, I've accepted that I might not go and God put me through all this crap for months to have a spiritual awaken. I just started a tarot card business and it's really exciting to create, but I think God wants me to start using my lightworking skills to heal people.
  8. @Awkward.turtle91 Just wanted to update you. You were right about accepting things. I found out that I might not be able to finish my last semester because of my finances. I'm devastated about it, I was hoping to complete my Bachelors degree this year so it can help build my self-esteem. Most importantly, I'm tired of suffering and it will bring more opportunities to help ease it.
  9. " home life being upooted by having to move as well", I had this outcome appear for a women I was doing a readng for, I warned her and she moved just in time before this went downhill. Thank you
  10. Thank you. I'm currently single at the moment and I was asking about my love life. I didn't feel warm and fuzzy about the 4 of Wands RX being in there.
  11. Thank you. Interesting, fixing a house as a meaning, never thought of that.
  12. Thank you!! This part makes a lot sense,"this small measure of satisfaction out of reach". The Four of Wands Rx, the foundation isn't fully supported which can come tumbling down at any time, the person either has to learn from their mistakes before building a new structure to avoid a recurrence. To be honest, I posted this on another blog site, another person mentioned the same interpretation for your second post that the 4 of Wands could represent fear or nervousness because everything may look good on paper but they may have "a little bit doubt".
  13. Hello There, I would like a deeper understanding for the Four of Wands RX, I know some readers believe that it is a positive card even though it’s in reverse. Throughout the years, I've had a little difficulty interpreting this card especially in a love reading. For me, the 4 of Wands RX can either mean that something is unstable or there is drama within the family or the home. In love readings, a reunion could be postponed reunion for a couple, a lack of commitment, relationship starts off unstable or that something joyful might happen. For an example, Ace of Pentacles Ace of Cups Four of Wands Rx I think this combination in a love reading can indicate that a person will offer the querent some type of relationship, that lacks commitment or is like The Sun Rx where they get 80% of want you wanted. In a general reading, a person might be offered the opportunity to move back home or place but it won't be a stable environment or won't enjoy it at all. May I please hear another person’s interpretation?
  14. Thank you!! This makes a lot of sense. In the advice position, I had the Ace of Swords and The Sun. Your interpretation definitely compliments this combination. Question?? Does it involve me and another person because there are two court cards in the outcome position!?
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