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  1. Hi. Good stuff. If you're looking for channels to sell through please take a look at It's free to open a store there! Thanks website link edited out, please only promote your own site on your own thread. ~Saturn Celeste 5/10
  2. Hi, I'm Ivan Having an interest in various occult practices has led me, as a Web developer to find that there was a lack of decent places where Tarot Readers could promote and actually sell their services. Which has lead me to develop a fully functional marketplace solely for mystical goods and services. The site is fully secure using SSL, and hosted on a secure, cloud based hosting platform in a large UK datacentre. Unseen Alley is a fully functional marketplace allowing sellers to list fixed price or auction products or services. You can even open a FREE branded store there! There are no listing or selling fees. However to cover costs I have setup fees on listing enhancements such as homepage featured, and also for larger featured stores. But in effect you can sell your products or services there for free. There is currently a launch offer for sellers. Get $100 site credit to use on enhancements or larger store fees just for registering. Or Register and open a store and you will get $300 site credit, again to spend on enhancements or extra store fees! It is an international site but you can choose which currency you list in and where you sell products to. Next week there is going to be several Tarot youtubers promoting Unseen Alley so hopefully things will get really busy If anyone is interested in taking a look then please visit https://unseenalley.com Many thanks
  3. Hi All Just wondering what parts of the world are most busy with members on here?
  4. Thanks. Shall do
  5. Hey, This seems like a REALLY active forum. I'm not a Tarot reader as such but I do have an interest in the occult.
  6. Hi I'm Ivan from Unseen Alley here in the UK. Good to meet y'all
  7. Hi I'm not sure if this is allowed here but maybe it's something the members may benefit from? Ive just developed an online marketplace for Tarot and mystic stuff which can be used for free. Would it be ok to post a link here? It's a fully secure site hosted on commercial grade secure cloud servers here in the UK so no worries for spam/malware etc. Please let me know. if not I totally understand Thanks Ivan
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