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  1. It would help me out when posting in the Library if you could also post somewhere in the Decks of 2019 Forum here: https://www.thetarotforum.com/forums/forum/127-decks-of-2019/ It could be in the thread for that week. I am compiling a list off-line to use later for us to cast votes.
  2. I have kiki boots on and a cute hat, too. But more important--a message for you!
  3. 5 of Swords, and his smirkiness... Makes you wanna smack it off his face
  4. Ok, so I know you don't want the ability for us to have ALL CAPS IN THREAD TITLES and have this disabled, but couldn't we just have a rule that this isn't allowed unless necessary? We're all grownups here... There are times where we actually need consecutive CAPS in titles, such as with XVIII. Moon, for instance. Sorry if this issue has been visited before. I'm not even sure if it can be changed with this software. It just bugs me a tiny bit
  5. Did I kick these over or were they like that when I got here? IDK I'll just stand here and pout and let you figure it out. Naw, that's not passive-aggressive at all...
  6. Buy a magic tiara with roses all over it, and with an ouroboros thing that will float off your skull to help you remember stuff. If that doesn't work, look inside your cat's mouth. There may be something there. What will help me pass my CDL driver's permit written test Monday, since I really don't feel like reading?
  7. I use elemental dignities, so three is the perfect number for me. Any more than that confuses me.
  8. I'm the same here. I'll do three cards with no spread, with general questions. For specific, more involved situations that I want more details with I will do a Celtic Cross. It's what I learned on and it's my go-to spread. I usually will not do a CC on someone else. This is a personal choice spread I use for only me.
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