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  1. round deck huh! interesting. yeah, what you said also makes sense, being in between positive and negative.
  2. Thanks Jewel, your explanation makes a lot of sense. I will try and adapt your method and see how it goes for me.
  3. Rose quartz would be good for your anxiety with the relationship. Rose quartz helps with enabling self love and brings calmness in your heart chakra. Also amethyst, will help with any trust issues you maybe having. Black tourmaline can shield you from absorbing negative energies into your aura. Hope you find some peace soon, take care.
  4. Thank you for taking the time out to teach tarot. I would like to sign up as well.
  5. Happy birthday @FoxyRoxy Have a great year ahead. Stay blessed.
  6. Hi Tagi, Nice to meet another newbie to tarot like me. I am here to learn as well. have found some awesome people helping out here. I have been told by a tarot reader that, learning any divination will affect our romantic relationships in a bad way, so i just never touched a tarot deck until recently when circumstances pushed me to order a tarot deck and an oracle deck to ask the questions myself for my peace of mind.... I can relate a little on how you may have felt about tarot all these years.
  7. Thanks you Firecat pickles, Joe, Holmes and DanielJUK... thank you all very much for your response. I learned a lot. I will got by what my intuition says at that point then, hope it is a right way to do it.
  8. Hi everyone, My question my sound stupid, please forgive me. I am very new into tarot, so please help me out. When i was shuffling the cards, the magician card popped out and fell horizontally on the ground. I dont know if I have to take it upright or in reversed . I have watched a few youtube videos where readers lay a card horizontally and read it. How to interpret a horizontal card? Thanks for all your time and help, Much appreciate it.
  9. thanks night shade and joy!
  10. study group??? i will look into it. thanks.
  11. Thank you Thoughtful and Nordica De Spell.
  12. Thank you wanderer, really appreciate your detailed reply and you feedback on the wild wood tarot. I think i will stick with Rider-Waite for now and see how well i can do with it. Thanks for time and patience.
  13. Hi supporter, Thanks for the guidance. Really appreciate it. I sort of know their thoughts and feeling, but i do not know if it is true as there is no contact and they don't live anywhere near me. I was wondering about the accuracy of the cards i pull for the readings as well. Just want to know how much of it i can relay upon to understand and make peace with my situation. Also i would appreciate it if you could tell me how to pull/pick cards from a deck for a reading? do we pick them after we shuffle and cut, or pick only the jumping cards, or do we pick the cards that flip during shuffling? what is a good way to get cards for a reading. Thanks for all the help.
  14. Hi all, Can someone tell me if the wildwood tarot is a good deck for a newbie.
  15. Hi all, Hope you all are doing great. i am looking for a simple spread to understand someones thoughts and feelings towards me. Could you please suggest one for an absolute newbie to tarot?
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