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  1. Oh! I can see all of it actually happening after your explanation. It makes perfect sense. Thanks.
  2. I agree. I was talking in context with reading tarot for others, if it had any effect as such... I am happy to see so many responses and opinions... thanks. I was just trying to understand if whatever was told to me actually had any good reason. Since i started learning tarot, I am seeing how it can be used as a tool for guidance when we are very confused. Predicting future aside, it can actually guide us in mending our ways now for the future we envision. It helps us change our perspectives and approach sometimes. What all of you have shared here is really valuable information. Thanks for understanding where i was coming from when I asked this question. All your responses makes a lot of sense.
  3. Wow! so many responses... thank you all for your valuable thoughts and opinions. They all make good sense and help me. I understand this part well. I will be as careful as I can. I want to read tarot just for myself and my husband... if needed only for a couple of friends I consider really close and who will know my limitations well. I what you said. I don't want to make this as my profession and read for money or anything... I am not even ready to read for more than 5 people in my life. Got it, thanks. Thanks, this i understand and follow... I can't bring myself to do something like that. Also, I know the eastern philosophy about karma, we literally grow up with these lectures and stories right from childhood. For us karma is just a consequence of our actions... it can happen immediately or later (like in next lives)... Good or bad is just our perception... but to me getting negative emotions into my married life is consequence of my bad actions. Oh! I agree, it crossed my mind as well. This conversation wasn't a part of my reading. It was a casual talk between the both of us before she read our cards for the second time i think. It also was a online reading. I just know she is married.. don't know here happiness levels. Ok, got it. I am very new to reading cards, like 2 months old by now... I just finished the mentor program here. I don't have a whole lot of experience reading cards ... i have just read for myself, husband and my mentor (wanderer) as of now. great! From all your responses, i understand that most of you here are happily married and reading cards... It is all about having our intentions straight when doing a reading. Reading cards with compassion and integrity is the bottom line... that is what i infer from what you all are saying so far. Posting this question has certainly helped me... I still need to think more about reading for other people (not professionally) just to help if someone asks.
  4. Yoga as you may know is not just asana, pranayama and dhyana... it is a lifestyle which leads to the ultimate goal of human life, nirvana (according to sanatana dharam, now known as hinduism... which is not a religion, it is actually a lifetyle)... As a person who is on the journey to align their soul, mind, body and actions these tools called asanas, pranayam and dhyana help them integrate all these aspects of the self to live that aligned life. I can't call myself a yogini, as i think i am not that experienced or learned. But i try to incorporate a few aspects of that lifestyle (whatever i can understand to whichever extent). It is not a smooth path, it has its own ups and downs... the deeper we dig into ourselves, the more we try to know ourselves in a sincere and honest way... journey gets harder before everything starts making sense. Before we can feel true bliss, we have to pass through some rough tests. It may mean shedding our old belief systems, being very open minded, letting go of people/places and situations which do not serve our highest good and etc.. however, if we keep at it, everything starts making sense... then trusting the process becomes much easier and it just flows... even though we may go through rough patches, we just know universe has our best interest in mind... once we "know" that, everything starts getting easier... Sorry if this was a really boring rant and slightly discouraging, but this is how yoga is actually meant to be. Yoga can be simply choosing happiness in any given circumstance and just mastering it... it is not essentially asana, dhyana or pranayama... they are just tools, but extraordinary ones.
  5. Hi all! Apologies for two things. 1. If my question is offensive to any one. 2. I did not know where else to post this question, so posted it here. I am asking with the intention to learn, not questioning anybody's beliefs or anything. so please forgive me for asking this question. Below is the reason why i am asking this question in the first place. So about 6 years ago, I had a tarot reading done. I was immediately intrigued by tarot and wanted to learn it. The lady who read our cards became sort of a friend and so I asked if it would be a good idea for me to learn tarot. For that she said, "why do you want to spoil your nice married life? reading future for others will affect marriages as it incurs bad karma...unless you get a teacher who is happily married, don't learn tarot. I am telling you this because, only people who are in stable relationships know how to overcome that karma and guide you well" . That is why i dropped that idea. I started to learn tarot to look for answers for some issues that are going on in my life... I don't see tarot as something which brings bad omen at all... her words are still stuck in my head... I am not sure if I should read for others ... so my question to you is, in your experience, is what she said even a matter of concern? am i imagining too much? your thoughts and opinions please.
  6. Hi Joy!! thank you so much. Yup, see you around.
  7. Thank you Saturn... I must thank you for your initial mentoring... I really learned a lot from you. It was so much fun learning from you. Thanks again
  8. Aww!!! thanks Mr W.... this is so cool... i am very happy to see my certificte of completion... yippppeeeeee!!! All the credit goes to you Mr W. I wouldn't have learnt anything if not for your skill in teaching and your patience with my really long stories, which were given very detailed feedback and suggestions on where and how to improve. It was a pleasure being your student. Thanks for everything
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