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  1. There is an ongoing English translation of Paul Marteau's main Tarot book online, here: https://smallcabin.org/le-tarot-de-marseilles-by-paul-marteau/
  2. Could any of the collectors on the forum confirm whether the content of the pictured LWBs matches the ones linked to above, or not?
  3. Thanks for reposting this Devin. I have been able to check my copies of the earlier booklet by Paul Marteau, and it turns out that the later English LWB reproduced above (the 1969-1970 one) is in fact its approximate translation. I will note that the 1980 deck with the Jodorowsky-penned booklet pictured above is absent from the otherwise comprehensive thread on AeT found here, as is the one with the English version of Tchalaï’s booklet.
  4. This stuck in my mind as I found Van Rijnberk's work one of the most comprehensive at the time, and there were not many people on the English-language tarot forums who were conversant with the French Tarot classics...
  5. It is quite likely that the Emperor and Pope - in the "real world" as in the Tarot - would have been understood, at the time of the inception of the Tarot - along the lines expounded by Dante, in his treatise 'De Monarchia' (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Monarchia). The entire work is available in English translation, here: https://oll.libertyfund.org/titles/alighieri-de-monarchia Also, hello Diana, I remember your informative posts from AeT, way back when, although I did not post at the time. I seem to recall you had a fondness for Van Rijnberk's work.
  6. Meng Xiaojing, mentioned in this thread, is the founder/director of the Tarot Museum (and store) in Taipei. He is also the author of a popular Tarot book in Chinese, but he is not the creator of this deck. The museum website is here: http://www.looktarot.com/
  7. The name of this deck, in traditional Chinese, is: 破碎鏡像塔羅. The English name is Broken Mirror Tarot. The artist is one 毛团团 (a pseudonym?), who self-publishes the deck under the imprint 海妖的风笛, ’Siren’s Bagpipe’, and whose personal blog is here: https://www.weibo.com/u/1646421310 A couple of video reviews (in Chinese) may be seen here: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av49567753/ https://www.bilibili.com/video/av28554573/ There have been 3 different editions so far, with different colouration.
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