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  1. I don't think so. In the TdM tradition in a good measure yes, as there is a sense of liberation and gained freedom in spite of the startling and abrupt manner of operation. But this is already inherent in the card. It's sort of fundamental. I doubt that in the RWS system that the Tower has this positive connotation. It's a helluva dark card. It's 9/11. There's no soft grass to fall on here. What is that crown doing on the RWS Tower ? What does it represent according to Waite ?
  2. Also I think the Tower can be more self-inflicted. Not always - sometimes lightning does strike without warning - but I think it's also sometimes a case of "you made your bed, now you're going to have to sleep in it" (in this case, being chucked out in no uncertain terms). You post interesting stuff. I think I follow you. But I don't know how to use the Follow tool. I thought it would be sort of something automatic like a box popping up to tell me the person followed has posted.
  3. Nice post (the whole thing, not just what I quoted). So setting fire to your old life/self, and in a really tough and sad scenario, do you think this card could then be a warning that someone may be thinking of committing suicide ? Or would this be more of a Tower situation ? (of course, we're speaking of a general meaning here, because it would depend also on the surrounding cards.)
  4. There is also a darker side to crystals : https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/sep/17/healing-crystals-wellness-mining-madagascar
  5. There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy
  6. It's easier to learn to love oneself when one starts loving others actually. I think most people go around it the wrong way and that's why they find it difficult. Loving other really I mean. Like seeing them as the same essence and substance as you. It automatically rebounds on yourself. On the inner level and also the intellectual level. All the universe is made of the same substance. Why should me or the other be any different? We're not something special and different from the rest of the universe and all that it's made of.
  7. A garland of chocolate flowers then. I'm in Switzerland so it'll be of the finest Swiss quality. No seriously Grizabella, it's amazing how you actually LIVE the "love your neighbour AS yourself" which lots of people seem to think means you must love them as MUCH as yourself. But that's not what that means - it means AS yourself. Equal. The same. Of the same essence and substance as you. That's love. That's what you do.
  8. Grizabella, your post made my heart go faster or slower or maybe it even stopped for a moment. Here we are on Tarot Tea & Me and we've just received one of the the greatest lessons of love that one could ever hope to read. Who would have thought it? It has been known for thousands of years by the revelators and seers and prophets and mystics and god knows what else that only Love will heal the world. Only Love. There's nothing else. Literally I mean.... there IS nothing else. Bless you Grizabella. And thank you for your blessing that you just gave us. We should place a garland of flowers around your neck.
  9. Also consider that it is also very likely that there's nothing going on on the other party's side, and that it is your feelings, your jealousy you speak of, even guilt most likely (there's usually some guilt floating somewhere) and your difficulties that have maybe become a bit obsessive - like a hamster turning in his wheel - that are causing you to feel depleted. These kind of sentiments tend to turn against oneselves - they are like arrows that come straight back at us. And they create imbalance and fear and we look to the source of our fear and project outside instead of inside. Fear is one of the most powerful weapons we can take up to destroy ourselves. Fear is the opposite of love apparently. Out worst enemy is usually ourselves. Suddenly you hear that the other party may dabble in some sort of amateur witchcraft (you're not even sure) and your fear suddenly balloons even bigger and you give your power over to that belief. I would think your imagination has run a few kilometers in front of you. You sound more like in a state of natural anxiety than anything else. The tension and thoughts you had that built up inside you like a wall to block your energies is now having an effect because they can't stay imprisoned within you forever. My advice : find a way to move on completely from the past. To forgive the others and yourself. Or it will haunt you for a long time.
  10. Hmmm. I would really not jump to the conclusion that this is a good sign. But definitely not a bad sign either. I would say that these cards are very significant and the chances of getting them must be pretty slim (I'm not into maths so I don't know exactly). I think the cards are more NEUTRAL than either good or bad. But there are no minors here, and nothing to give them nuance - nothing to put them into motion, to give them colour and hue. I'm finding it darned difficult to put into words what I'm feeling. I'm sorry but please bear with me a little while more. They're kind of static. Like statues in a museum. Have you also given some thought to the reading itself and its significance in your life ? Without focusing on the "coincidence" of the numbers. I should if I were you. Adding the minors to the cards and following up on them would maybe be advisable. So as to soften any blows or surprises. Or even avoid them, but with Justice at the end, there's little chance of that usually. But as the cards are "static" you may very well be able to. With the help of the Minors.
  11. I agree with Grandma. Wonderful interpretation. A keeper in fact.
  12. Oops. Sorry! I only read with TdM and forget sometimes that other decks exist!! (not really but almost).
  13. Also the Cavalier (Knight) of Batons wears a hat of the same shape. Great post by the way. I don't agree with some of it but that's just down to personal viewpoints of such grave matters. In spite of some disagreements I have, it's still a great post.
  14. Of course there is a rope to take into account in the Hanged Man.
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