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  1. I can understand the need to not want to fit by accident any old habits and meanings onto a new system. When one learns a new system or follows new teachings, it's wise not to mix them up too much in the beginning. Afterwards, when one is comfortable, if one feels there are things which can be crossed over, there's no harm. It's better to first separate, then combine. Like in spagyry.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spagyric
  2. On the French speaking tarot discussion forms I peruse very occasionally and which, being French, discuss mostly if not exclusively about the TdM, there is definitely esoteric stuff being discussed. Very much part and parcel of the whole business.
  3. That's a very nice way of expressing it. Thank you so much !! I've noticed that when people read the RWS type deck, that each card tends to be interpreted individually before looking at the big picture. (Correct me please if I'm wrong, but this is what I have noticed.) I think with the Tarot of Marseilles (this is my experience anyway), one tends to see the whole picture first and only then look at the details if this is even necessary. Sometimes the picture that appears like a tapestry is sufficient. I did a reading for a friend the other day. I pulled five cards. I didn't even read them individually. I just took one look at the cards and told her to get the hell out of her job and find another one double quick.
  4. Oh, we always saw eye to eye you and I. Just in different ways !! Steak ? Well, if it means so much to you, ok !
  5. You know, I could kick myself for having posted something so brief when I said I'd donated. Because what I really wanted to say was that here we have a wonderful opportunity to help a young person find their rightful place in this world and to acquire some measure of peace. The damn UK Medical Council (pompous and unpleasant beasts they must be) may not care, but we as fellow human beings, we HAVE to care. We should care more about this than ordering our next Tarot deck on our wishlist. That can wait. This young lad cannot. I also wanted to say this to members here who are perhaps more new to the world of Tarot, or Tarot boards, that gregory has served the Tarot community for a long long time now. She's been a part of the decor since forever. And all she's ever done for the community has been done with integrity, generosity, kindness, wisdom and an incredible sense of humour. Of course, when we donate what we can, and share this message on social media websites, we're doing it for her grandson. But we're also doing it for gregory - and this way we can return a bit to her what she has given to the Tarot and the Tarot community which is priceless. I look forward to the good new that her grandson has achieved his goal.
  6. I donated 50 pounds sterling. Can't afford more right now
  7. How interesting !! Seems right, but I think there'd be quite a bit of static with a 9 of Swords. But that is maybe to be expected when dabbling in telepathy. Even in the Tarot of Marseille tradition this would make sense. (This is really smart, JohnLetter. You've made my day 'cos it's so sort of original your spread.
  8. I really need to discuss something with Jean-Michel David about something Tarot related. I no longer have his email address in my contacts, due to numerous migrations from address to address. And I'm very frustrated that I can't find a contact for him anywhere. Does someone know how I could contact him, preferably an email address ? If so, could you PM it to me please ?`He won't mind if you give it to me I'm sure. We knew each other "well" at one time.
  9. Just to say that I heavily edited the above post. I'd had to interrupt writing it for an urgency and it wouldn't have made sense if I hadn't rewritten it. Sorry if this causes/ed any confusion.
  10. In the Tarot of Marseille tradition, Justice has as one function "Adjustment". (the first four letters are even found in the middle of this word). There’s nothing to be adjusted anymore when we reach Judgment. All has been done that was done. This is the final call. So there’s no need any more even to worry or to have hope. The decision has been made. Some people see Justice as karma. Not only of the reincarnation type, but also of the more down to earth "you reap what you sow" type in this present life. If the card is interpreted like this, it would seem to imply that we're speaking here not of legal justice, not the justice of man meted out to other men, but are in the realm of cosmic law. Now with Judgment, we have moved out here of cosmic law and now find ourselves in the realm of spiritual law. We’re in a whole new universe here. Here we’re in the absolute. We’re one step away from complete realisation. (so like in a very practical sense now, because Tarot must of course also be practical, one could say that, for instance, the project we are working on has the definite potential to become something concrete.) Others say that Justice is completely neutral. She doesn't judge if something is bad or good. That's not what she's hired to do. She just weighs the whole matter on her scales and she voices the verdict that the scales inform her of. One mustn't hold this against her. Don't shoot the messenger. The angel that sounds the trumpet has a much more fun job than lady Justice. He has no verdict to give, just news. But it’s not the angel who awakens you fully from your slumber. And contrary to Justice, it is you yourself this time who decide your own fate. Will you awake ? If so, open your ears and listen to the trumpet sound. If not, go back to your slumber until you meet again. (This also has a practical application – all this stuff I’m commenting on has a practical application.) Again in the Tarot of Marseilles, Justice more often than not has her left elbow resting ever so gently on the top of the left scale. She does occasionally show forgiveness and can tip the scale a wee bit in your favour. At least, this is often spoken of in TdM circles. This is similar to the “adjustment” comment further up. We’re past the stage of tweaking. She is perhaps also forewarning us of something with her sword and piercing look. This too, is justice. That we be informed and instructed in the ways of the world. She may be reminding us that "the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart." The comment I would make about Judgment is exactly the same as the one just above about Justice, with an addition of a clear message of love and peace. I’m not going to try and rival with it or rather dare, so let’s just stick here to a practical application. Firstly, don’t get all hung up and obsessed about two-edged swords piercing one’s soul and body. What it’s saying to you in this practical application is that, for instance, you have turned to the Tarot to assist you, or to accompany you. Trust it. Don’t doubt and do dozens of readings on the same subject, modifying SLIGHTLY the question in order to try and get a different answer and therefore pretend that you're not doing EXACTLY the same reading. If you had done your reading correctly, in quietness and in peace, the Tarot will have discerned what you are seeking.
  11. Well, I think joy may be on the right track here. Anyway, I also thought this. But the new ways must be full of lightheartedness. Page of Cups is fun to be with and is a lovely person to have around. Perhaps you should try to design a resume which is a bit "different". An example. I once worked as admin assistant in a Human Resources department (god, what a horrible term. Human resources. Now humans are resources. There's a new term that is used in these circles which is "Human Capital". Even worse. But now I'm going off topic. Sorry. Just had to rant a bit.) Anyway, when I worked in this department, we once received an application from a guy. When we opened the envelope, little pieces of paper fell out of the envelope. They had been his resume and application letter. He had included also a proper resume and application. The letter started by saying "I imagine that my application will end up in the dustbin, so I tore it up for you to save time. But just in case you're still interested, I'm sending you my application in the usual way.". We called the guy for an interview because we thought this so funny and cool. He didn't get the job, because we found someone with better qualifications. But we congratulated him on his unusual way of applying. Some people now make videos instead of resumes and attach them to their email application. That way people can really see who you are and you're not just a name amongst dozens of others.
  12. What if the title of the thread was changed to "off-topic thread which seems to elicit a lot of different interpretations of the subject." Just kidding. No, I'm really not trying to annoy the moderators here. I promise ! Cross my heart. I just find this thread delightful and passionate and funny and interesting.
  13. I don't want to take a dig at the moderators either. I was a moderator for some time at Aeclectic many many years ago (when I was known as Diana). It's a lot of work and they have to please everybody and that's not possible. And they want to keep the boards tidy. Tidyness is next to godliness, no ? But I do love off-topic myself....
  14. Crowley was a genius. A mad genius. Can't stand the guy and particularly his political ideology which I find hugely disturbing, but he was still a genius. I'm glad he switched Justice back to 8. But although I'm grateful for that, I'm really glad his vision of world governance didn't materialise. (Am going off topic again I suppose. I never know when we're on or off topic in a thread. I see a thread as something that evolves. And if we're talking about different decks and their interpretations, how can we avoid talking about the intentions behind the decks and the beliefs of their creators.)
  15. Another major irreconcilable change. Card 6. The GD called it The Lovers (plural). In the older tradition, the card was L'Amoureux "The Lover" (singular). Again, another one of the GD's ideas (I would assume). They really did have some interesting nectars to drink. I wonder what they put in them. Can't have been LSD - that wasn't invented at the time. But they'd probably have come up with a lot more interesting stuff if they had taken a little trip to psychedelia land. (I'm going to stop my arguments now in this thread because I sense that I'm going to start getting really pissed off with the Golden Dawn and it wouldn't be fair to to share my bad mood with you all.)
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