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  1. Thank you Supporter - appreciate your honesty and support. I can see how you could give up if you feel the way I do and keep trying to see something in the cards that is not apparent when first learning.
  2. So are you saying that you don't need to understand what the suits represent - what the numerology represents in the card? Just look at the picture and give the card any meaning that you feel from it? Or do you need to have some kind of understanding of the basics?
  3. Please sign me up for this - I am so pleased with this site!!
  4. OK so I now have 5 posts but am still not sure where this section is - can you please guide me - Thanks
  5. I am curious how the energy works in the cards when you are reading for someone else and you are the one doing the shuffling. How does the energy of that person work? Would it not be your energy or do you think about what the person is asking as you are shuffling the deck? I know this might sound ridiculous but it is something that I am a little confused about as a beginner?
  6. Hi Everyone - My name is Gayle and I have never done any tarot reading before. I am now retired and find myself looking for a passion - and Tarot came up. I hope to communicate with everyone as time goes by. So glad I found this site!!
  7. I just joined this forum today and on the Internet it said that you can use this forum to read cards for others? Is this true and if so where do you find the link to do so? I am not ready to do this yet but was hoping it was still available?
  8. I am new to Tarot and am taking an online course. Through the first parts of the course I am finding it very frustrating because I am asked to look at a card (without any prior knowledge of what that card means) and come up with what I think the card means. Also exercises like laying all the pentacles out in order and finding a flow - again without knowing anything about the card meanings. It seems to me that you need to learn the cards first through methods such as flash cards. Am I wrong? I don't see how you can find meanings in the cards without understanding what the card is depicting. Please let me know what you think.
  9. Hello - I am taking my first course in reading the tarot cards - what I am finding very confusing and frustrating is when I am asked to determine what a tarot card means (ex six of pentacles) without previously learning the meaning of the card... in other words using my intuition. This seems like a backward way of trying to learn tarot as I believe you need to learn the meanings of the cards first and then add the intuition in after that. I have tried to lay out all the major arcana and see a flow between cards but I don't see anything as I do not know what the cards represent. Am I right to want to learn the meanings first? I have talked to a couple of people who are seasoned readers and they say they learned the meanings first through things like flash cards... please let me know your thoughts on this
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