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  1. I also feel very grateful to meet some people whose knowledge will help all of that content and information seem a bit less overwhelming! Thank you @Night Shade, me too, feeling very warmly welcomed
  2. Thanks @Nordica De Spell ^.^ Yes it seems like the last 'spike' in popular cultural interest around occult type stuff was in the late '90s, and we're having another one now! Except this time social media and the internet are more widespread and so there are infinitely more opportunities to find information and connect with others who share an interest in these kinds of things I'm so glad I get to be a part of this ^.^
  3. Hi everybody, very pleased to have found this forum, there's so much interesting and useful stuff being said. I don't think I'm unusual here in that I don't really know anyone IRL who has more than a passing interest in tarot, so it's really lovely to have the opportunity to connect with some like-minded souls - ah the wonders of the internet! I originally became interested in tarot about twenty years ago but for various reasons it sort of disappeared from my life until a few months ago. A real shame as the last few months have shown me that it would have been a phenomenal source of support and guidance over the last two decades, but at least I've finally found my way back to it I've mostly been reading for myself in order to explore my subconscious and get a better hold on my needs, desires and purpose. I've done a little bit of reading for friends and am very excited to take this further as I learn more and become more confident. I'm usually the sort of person who likes to work everything out for themselves, alone, but tarot has me feeling that I'm missing out by not connecting with others - so here I am Please excuse my newbieness as I haven't been an active member of a forum before! Big love and gratitide, M
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